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  1. WOW!!!! So cool, and such amazing photos! Thank you for sharing!!!
  2. Some food for thought. Hold tight people. https://seekingalpha.com/article/4332075-hold-your-nose-and-buy-norwegian
  3. This doesn't effect me, I have my cruise booked in May.
  4. Because three days after implementing the FCC offer, they are offering a cash refund? Why not?
  5. I (apprehensively) agree with you, but it's something they should do. But up to 90 days for refund reimbursement...sheesh. Definitely going to have a cash flow problem.
  6. They better do the right thing by those that have already canceled and got the "Peace of Mind" FCC for cruises during this time, ie: 125% FCC or revoke the FCC and give a cash refund. I love NCL, but I am totally nervous about the future of this company with the US Senate letter, and now this.
  7. Maybe it depends on the situation regarding Jones' Act? When we were on the Pearl a couple of weeks ago for Key West and Great Stirrup Cay, we couldn't tender because of weather so we just had a sea day and went back to Miami - no foreign port stop. Maybe they got an exemption for that?
  8. Flew to and from Fort Lauderdale last week (Flew in Wednesday 2/26, flew out Sunday 3/1), and both flights were full. We were on the NCL Pearl during that time for our bachelor party cruise, and there weren't any additional protocols that were being conducted other than additional washy washy. We only went to the buffet twice for breakfast, and both times we were able to serve ourselves. No coughing or anything of the sort that we noticed. We did have our passports thoroughly flipped through at check-in, and had to fill out a questionnaire related to Coronavirus. Other than that -- business as usual.
  9. Us too, for our honeymoon. We leave for Rome the day after our wedding, and catch the cruise on May 18. Slightly freaking out, but we did take out insurance (not CFAR though, as we got the insurance way after the 21 day window). We aren't planning on canceling ourselves though. The only way we won't go is if there are travel restrictions that prevent us. Slightly nervous about catching the virus, but (luckily) we are overall pretty healthy, so we would just quarantine ourselves and take whatever measures we would have to to prevent spreading to others. I do, however, worry about being quarantined in Italy, so far from home. We have just over two months - selfishly, I hope this gets under control in time for us to enjoy our honeymoon with no hiccups. Overall, I hope and pray that this gets eradicated for those with compromised immune systems that could fall extremely ill to this virus.
  10. Exactly. What a toolbag. All of them should be banned from cruising indefinitely.
  11. We try to be one of the first groups on the ship, not for any specific reason other than excitement and having ants in our pants! We get to the port basically as soon as security opens, and usually end up between the first to the third group to board. A few more cruises and we'll be Platinum, so we'll be able to bypass that (I think?!). If it's a ship we've been on, we'll also go to O'Sheehans for lunch and a drink (usually a Bloody Mary). Then we'll quickly drop our carry on off in our room and change into our bathing suits, grab a second drink (usually a Moscow Mule), and head right into the hot tubs until muster drill! IMO, it's the best way to start vacation this way you avoid the hustle of everyone boarding. If it's a ship we've never been on, we'll do exactly what MeHeartCruising does - just in reverse haha. We'll start with the lower decks, and explore each deck until we reach the top.
  12. I absolutely loved Moderno! 1. Cagney's 2. Moderno 3. Teppanyaki 4. La Cucina My SO and I don't eat fish, so we haven't been to Ocean Blue...we also haven't been to Le Bistro, but think we're going to try it on our Greek cruise on the Getaway in three months.
  13. Sweet!!!!! I look forward to seeing everyone who booked the May 2021 ABC Island cruise on the Breakaway!
  14. I'm booked on a 9 day southern Caribbean r/t from Miami for May 2021 on the Breakaway. Although they're few and far between, they do exist on the mega ships. FWIW, the itinerary is Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, and Puerto Plata (DR). IMO it's the perfect blend of sea days and port days, with really good times at port: Fri Miami, Florida --- 4:00 PM 0 Sat At Sea --- --- 0 Sun At Sea --- --- 0 Mon Oranjestad, Aruba 8:00 AM 8:00 PM 0 Tue Willemstad, Curaçao 8:00 AM 8:00 PM 0 Wed Kralendijk, Bonaire 7:00 AM 4:00 PM 0 Thu At Sea --- --- 0 Fri Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic 7:00 AM 5:00 PM 0 Sat At Sea --- --- 0 Sun Miami, Florida (Flight Departure) 7:00 AM --- 0
  15. Thank you Dont-use-real-name! This is the smallest NCL ship I've ever been on, so I'm looking forward to the more intimate feeling. Thank you everyone who contributed!
  16. Thank you - I'm requesting current names/locations of O'Sheehan's and Sugarcane, as I am making an itinerary for our group.
  17. Thank you both! Although the information is opposite haha... Can someone please confirm that has been on the Pearl recently where Sugarcane Mojito Bar is? Also, have they changed O'Sheehan's to The Local? I want to be sure I have everything correct on the itinerary I'm putting together. I'd be quite embarrassed if it's wrong! We have a lot of new cruisers coming along with us, so we have to make it as fool proof as possible lol. Thank you again in advance!
  18. Hi All, I'm in the middle of creating a welcome aboard itinerary for our group that will be on the Pearl February 27 - March 1st. For those that have been on the ship recently, could you please confirm where the Sugarcane Mojito bar is? On NCL, the deck plans say that it's still a part of Moderno's on Deck 13, but the details of where the bars and lounges are say it's on Deck 8...so I'm totally confused! Thank you in advance.
  19. On port days, my friends were able to get a day pass for the thermal spa on the Bliss. I think it depends on how many weekly passes are sold. They also do a tour on embarkation day trying to sell the weekly thermal spa pass to you, so if you're completely on the fence it's worth taking the tour to see if you'd want to use it even for the day. I don't think they offer the daily pass during sea days, though. As for the Vibe, no day passes, and I don't think they do a tour of the Vibe. Edit: for what it's worth, the thermal spa is AMAZING and never felt the obligation of using it every day...we wanted to use it every day, even if just for an hour or two before/after dinner. IMO, it's SO worth it.
  20. Haven't cruised many NCL ships, but have cruise many times on the same! With that said, here's my ranking: 1. Getaway. Although the sister ship to Breakaway, it has a slight edge over the Breakaway for me, but to be honest I can't really pinpoint why (perhaps the memories?). Will be sailing on this ship for a third time in May 2020 for my honeymoon cruise! 2. Breakaway. The first ship I've ever cruised on EVER! Fond memories, and it still had that new ship smell. Will be sailing on her again in May 2021 for, also, the third time haha. 3. Bliss. Gorgeous ship, but just not for me with the laser tag/go-karts. At least it still has Spice H20 (for now). Will be sailing on the Pearl in February for our bachelor party cruise! We'll see how it stacks up. We're big fans of the megaships, as long as they have the things that we enjoy doing (ropes course, thermal spa, slides, and plentiful deck space). We also absolutely love the waterfront.
  21. Ditto - that alone is worth all the money of the monthly subscription price! I make so many playlists (premade and my own) available offline and listen (quietly!) on my balcony or when getting ready for dinner. Totally recommend this approach instead of paying for the (outrageously priced) internet on the ship. If you don't have Spotify premium, usually they'll give you a free month trial. Maybe just sign up for the one month, and cancel if you don't like the services after the monthly trial (or even just pay the $9.99 for the one month - still ends up cheaper than the cruise internet!).
  22. Beautiful looking amusement pa...ship. It truly is gorgeous, but it definitely has elements that do not interest me in the least while cruising (but that's not to say that it wouldn't interest a ton of other people!) I wish NCL nothing but success with the Encore!
  23. LOL - that's great!! Yes, I LOVE it there on the last night. The songs they do trigger some amazing (and sometimes sad) emotions that literally last a lifetime (when they do it right, without the comic relief - because like you said, the singalongs are what make that show). I'm very happy to know that they're still on the ship. One of the sailings I was on was one of the performers last sailings after being on the ship for (I think) four or five months. Anyway, you would have loved it - on the very last night, a lot of band members from Rock of Ages joined on the stage and they went full out. It was such an amazing experience.
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