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  1. Is the Latitude Party is held on the Friday Afternoon Cruise of the Napali Coast, then?
  2. Thanks for validating my thoughts and concerns about the window of opportunity in scheduling the M&G on the NCL Pride of America. Your negative feedback is real and it is what I am looking for. I'll let our roll call know the challenge of getting it scheduled on day 1 sometime around the Safety DRill, Sail Away Activities, Welcome Aboard Variety Show, and Dinner.
  3. Thanks for the relevant information. You confirmed the problem of finding a time slot to hold a Meet and Greet on a Hawaiian cruise. From the itinerary below, the possibilities are late afternoon/evening on departure day, or evening on day 4 or 5. Not good on a short 7 day cruise... Day Land Tours And Cruise Ports Arrive Depart Sat Honolulu, Oahu --- 7:00 PM Sun Kahului, Maui 8:00 AM --- Mon Kahului, Maui --- 6:00 PM Tue Hilo, Hawaii 8:00 AM 6:00 PM Wed Kona, Hawaii 7:00 AM 5:30 PM Thu Nawiliwili, Kauai 8:00 AM --- Fri Nawiliwili, Kauai --- 2:00 PM Afternoon Cruise of the Napali Coast --- Overnight Sat Honolulu, Oahu (Flight Departure) 7:00 AM --- Anyone else have first hand experience with a Meet and Greet on a Hawaiian cruise?
  4. Does anyone have recent knowledge on the Pride of America on these subjects: Do Cruise Critic Meet and Greets work on this port intensive itinerary? If so, when is the best time to schedule one? When is the Latitude Exclusive Cocktail Party scheduled? Is there a Behind-The-Scenes Ship Tour for Latitude Platinum members? When is it scheduled? Thanks for any insight you can share...
  5. In May 2018, aboard the Jewel on a 20 day Trans-Pacific cruise I experienced a diverticulitis flare up causing me to be admitted to the Jewel's Medical Center Clinic five times for IV antibiotic treatment. I really got to know the two doctors from Columbia and the three nurses from the Philippines. My onboard account was charged over $10,000 for my treatment. I was responsible for paying this debt prior to leaving the ship. Once I was home, I submitted all my medical bills to my primary insurance who reimbursed me for the treatment less my standard co-pay for a visit to the ER in the USA. Once my primary insurance was completed, I submitted copies of the processed claim from my insurance company plus the medical records to my TRAVEL INSURANCE company and they reimbursed me the balance of my out of pocket expenses. In Japan, I was sent by ambulance from the ship to the hospital for a CT scan. In the ER, I was swarmed by flock of non-English speaking medical folks who poked and prodded me everywhere. Communication was done using a translation app on a phone. My visit included the ER visit, x-ray, CT scan, and meds resulting a total bill of $570 paid on my credit card. My primary insurance picked up this bill at 100%. I am lucky I purchased travel insurance for this adventure. I booked a Hawaii cruise for this Fall and I purchased travel insurance shortly thereafter (not from a travel agent). BTW, we signed up for the NCL Mastercard onboard and used it to pay the medical bill. We were able to acquire more than the 30,000 points needed to get a cabin upgrade from an OV to a Balcony on the Hawaii cruise.
  6. I know all about being an Aloha shirt snob. Got a closet full of Hawaiian made Aloha shirts. In Honolulu, you may want to try the Iolani Store at 1234 Kona Street 2nd Floor -- https://iolani.com/pages/store If you are on Oahu on Wednesday, Saturday, or Sunday, you could visit the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet where virtually anything is available. Here are a couple of good links: http://alohastadiumswapmeet.net/content/home.aspx https://www.wunderground.com/weather/us/or/albany/KORALBAN48
  7. I would second this idea to check out the Thrift Stores in Oahu. The Goodwill store I stopped at had a rack full of 2XL+ Hawaiian shirts. I ended up buying four Hawaiian made 2XL shirts which were in like new condition Most authentic Hawaiian shirts have a pocket where the pattern matches the shirt pattern. Plus, the tag says made in Hawaii.
  8. NCL's Access Desk is now including this statement in their emails starting in the Fall of 2017: "Guests can obtain an extension cord at the Guest Services Desk. Guests are no longer allowed to bring extension cords and power strips on board." Checking NCL's Prohibited Items list at https://www.ncl.com/prohibited-items, neither extension cords or plug strips are listed. Not list either are Surge Protectors which are a known fire hazard onboard, and have not allowed for years. Has anyone in recent history (since September 2017) had a non-surge protected extension cord or plug strip confiscated during the boarding process or onboard?
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