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  1. Could someone kindly provide the link to the actual form that must be completed to request the shareholder benefit. I have the email address to send it to, but am having difficulty locating the form on their Investor Relations website. Thank you very much.
  2. I am an IT professional, so I knew to log out and log back in when having extended periods of difficulty. The bandwidth and repeater infrastructure (probably amongst other things) is/was appalling - circa 2000-2005 cruising. I booked a Concierge level suite to enjoy 4 login connections if so desired. Ha! Ha! Ha! What a joke that marketing is!
  3. We just disembarked from the Voyager today (thanks so much flossie for your fantastic commentary... I don’t know how you did it given the HORRENDOUS internet connectivity on board!!). As I wrote in my mid-cruise and final surveys, I will NEVER sail on Regent again until they make the proper IT infrastructure investments to provide adequate internet service. I felt like I was cruising in 2000 or thereabouts, it was that bad for most of the cruise. Really caused me a lot of angst due to not being able to keep reliably in touch (I’m talking basic, text-only messaging) with family back home. The internet service and on board “manager” is contracted out to a third party and Regent is obviously doing it all on the cheap!
  4. Hello- any reports from cruisers on board regarding how the renovations look? Thanks.
  5. I see tensions in this region are heating up again. Ugh. Definitely makes me feel more than a little bit uneasy. With a still sold out sailing, I wonder what alternative options are under consideration by Regent, if any (other than those already mentioned here in the thread, that is).
  6. Forgot to mention it was $35US per person.
  7. On the Quest this past Wednesday in Tokyo, it was 1:30pm. You had to disembark by 9:15am latest with everyone else, claim your bags, pass through customs, leave your bags with the port agent or store them in a locker in the terminal, then re-join the ship as a guest until 1:30pm latest. That was the full procedure.
  8. Hi Ken - some of the big box agencies have some very attractive pricing on O, quite a bit less than what you see online. I have a C1 *with OLife* for 7,600 and change, total for two. That's a pretty attractive price I think. Definitely leaning towards O - and some better news tonight... someone must have canceled in 7007 (one of the larger/extended outsides), and I was able to snag it with no increase in price since it's the same C1 category. Thanks very much for taking the time to share your thoughts on Princess vs. HAL. Interesting.
  9. Thanks so much for all the input thus far! Never sailed on O before but really like Azamara (same superstructure as Regatta). Also have done HAL Neptune Suite before but it’s been probably 15 years. We are also big fans of Seabourn but not crazy about itinerary early next year (or their sky high pricing!). Casino, shows, nightlife are not important... so right now, leaning towards giving O a try on this port-intensive route.
  10. So, looking for some advice. Two similiar 14 night port-intensive itineraries to New Zealand in Jan 2020. Two (what will be) refreshed/renovated ships - Regatta and Noordam. Noordam is about 1K more expensive with no additional benefits other than their standard Suite amenities. Oceania includes the OLife choice, but in an Outside cabin with picture window only. I know HAL and O are VERY different in most aspects, but still debating which to choose? Is the Neptune Suite experience really worth it vs. the overall Oceania experience? Thanks for your thoughts.
  11. BTW, sorry for misspelling “Strait” in the original title of this thread. 😲
  12. Interesting article yesterday from Middle East Logistics, noting that Royal Caribbean does not currently see a threat to cruise ships visiting or sailing from the Arabian Gulf. I’m quite surprised, actually. See: https://www.logisticsmiddleeast.com/transport/maritime/33435-iran-crisis-not-currently-a-threat-to-cruise-shipping-in-dubai-says-royal-caribbean
  13. Thanks everyone for all the great information & possible alternatives - if we can’t pass through the Hormuz Straight. Looks like it’s not going to be a serious inconvenience if tensions in that region remain at high levels.
  14. Good point. We did book our own flights. But hopefully if there is a new disembarkation port in this general area of the world, it will be easy enough to purchase a one way ticket from the new port to Dubai - so that we can stick to our original long-haul flights home. Oman Air and Emirates (and flydubai) seem to have lots of options in the region.
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