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  1. Hello- any reports from cruisers on board regarding how the renovations look? Thanks.
  2. I see tensions in this region are heating up again. Ugh. Definitely makes me feel more than a little bit uneasy. With a still sold out sailing, I wonder what alternative options are under consideration by Regent, if any (other than those already mentioned here in the thread, that is).
  3. Forgot to mention it was $35US per person.
  4. On the Quest this past Wednesday in Tokyo, it was 1:30pm. You had to disembark by 9:15am latest with everyone else, claim your bags, pass through customs, leave your bags with the port agent or store them in a locker in the terminal, then re-join the ship as a guest until 1:30pm latest. That was the full procedure.
  5. Hi Ken - some of the big box agencies have some very attractive pricing on O, quite a bit less than what you see online. I have a C1 *with OLife* for 7,600 and change, total for two. That's a pretty attractive price I think. Definitely leaning towards O - and some better news tonight... someone must have canceled in 7007 (one of the larger/extended outsides), and I was able to snag it with no increase in price since it's the same C1 category. Thanks very much for taking the time to share your thoughts on Princess vs. HAL. Interesting.
  6. Thanks so much for all the input thus far! Never sailed on O before but really like Azamara (same superstructure as Regatta). Also have done HAL Neptune Suite before but it’s been probably 15 years. We are also big fans of Seabourn but not crazy about itinerary early next year (or their sky high pricing!). Casino, shows, nightlife are not important... so right now, leaning towards giving O a try on this port-intensive route.
  7. So, looking for some advice. Two similiar 14 night port-intensive itineraries to New Zealand in Jan 2020. Two (what will be) refreshed/renovated ships - Regatta and Noordam. Noordam is about 1K more expensive with no additional benefits other than their standard Suite amenities. Oceania includes the OLife choice, but in an Outside cabin with picture window only. I know HAL and O are VERY different in most aspects, but still debating which to choose? Is the Neptune Suite experience really worth it vs. the overall Oceania experience? Thanks for your thoughts.
  8. BTW, sorry for misspelling “Strait” in the original title of this thread. 😲
  9. Interesting article yesterday from Middle East Logistics, noting that Royal Caribbean does not currently see a threat to cruise ships visiting or sailing from the Arabian Gulf. I’m quite surprised, actually. See: https://www.logisticsmiddleeast.com/transport/maritime/33435-iran-crisis-not-currently-a-threat-to-cruise-shipping-in-dubai-says-royal-caribbean
  10. Thanks everyone for all the great information & possible alternatives - if we can’t pass through the Hormuz Straight. Looks like it’s not going to be a serious inconvenience if tensions in that region remain at high levels.
  11. Good point. We did book our own flights. But hopefully if there is a new disembarkation port in this general area of the world, it will be easy enough to purchase a one way ticket from the new port to Dubai - so that we can stick to our original long-haul flights home. Oman Air and Emirates (and flydubai) seem to have lots of options in the region.
  12. Hi all, any comments on what Regent might do on their Barcelona to Dubai leg this year - in the event tensions continue to escalate in that region? I know it’s still several months away, but I’m getting more than a little concerned about safety and security given all the recent issues (with more to come unfortunately, I’m sure). I doubt things will calm down by October. Thank you.
  13. Thank you VERY much, Taba, for posting this. Got an additional $600 OBC to Australia in January 2020.
  14. 1020 is not tiny at all. I found it more than adequate for a 14 day voyage with storage space to spare. The only thing it didn’t have was the AQ special shower. Other than that, it was excellent all around.
  15. Stayed in 1020 in April this year. No noise from above. Some crew doors are nearby and they auto close very hard, so you will hear those from time to time while the room stewards are hard at work. The balcony cover is just the standard cover from the deck above. No overhang. Great location too next to the T-pool, spa cafe, and across the hall from the larger showers in the locker room. Would book this cabin again with ZERO hesitation.
  16. Yes, they had Mexican and Indian stations/sections pretty much every day. BTW, I LOVED the refurbed Millennium. Just about every aspect was wonderful IMHO (room, food, service, decor, improvements etc.) except for the longer than usual waits and flustered service in Blu. You can find out more on that in the thread about the new AQ cabins on Deck 10. No need to re-hash that all here.
  17. After waiting over an hour one night for a table in Blu (as the time approached 8:45pm), our party of 4 got comp’d a meal on Sushi on 5. It was very good. We did not experience a wait longer than 30-40 minutes after that night. But service inside Blu was still flustered at times throughout the cruise. I think those additional cabins on Deck 10 really hit them hard. That said, we did enjoy Blu and have booked it again on Constellation.
  18. I LOVED 1020! It was so great to be near the Spa cafe, T-pool etc. Heard zero noise and felt no vibrations. The only exception is that there are crew doors nearby that occasionally slam shut, and you do hear that sometimes. But never interrupted sleep or anything like that. I wanted 1020 again when I booked another cruise (on the Constellation) on board - and it was then that they told me no more new AQ cabins on Deck 10 on the Constellation.
  19. Having just disembarked the Millennium on April 27th - and hearing reports of noise/vibration in the front half of the new Deck 10 AQ cabins (I was in 1020) and personally experiencing occasional long wait times and flustered service in Blu... I bet this is the beginning of X figuring out the process of how to downgrade these new AQ cabins to something else. Also, as I posted in another thread, a reliable source on board told me that X will NOT be adding these AQ Deck 10 cabins on the Constellation, and in fact may not be adding these cabins at all on Deck 10 on that ship due to the disruptions/complaints from Cosmos above.
  20. Just off Millennium and agree with the above. Check out this recent thread with more info on the new Deck 10 AQ cabins). Hope this link works:
  21. The ceilings in the new Deck 10 AQ "wing" are not any taller than other cabins. They merely removed the spa facilities (e.g., treatment rooms etc.) in that area and added in the new cabins.
  22. Several people in those forward cabins told me it was more vibration (from the audio equipment) than noise. But still potentially an issue. The cruise was truly wonderful overall, so try to go in with an open mind and enjoy. A good lesson for you though... ALWAYS check what is above and below you when selecting cabins. FYI - Antoinette was the name of the Guest Relations Director - so seek her out at the first sign of any problem.
  23. I don’t recall how many plugs/ports, but there were many - incl at desk and at both bedsides. Always had 4 or 5 things charging simultaneously. The balcony was fine. Standard size with new chairs (that recline a little if you want) and small round table. Nice shade/weather cover from deck above but no large overhang. All totally adequate.
  24. The New Deck 10 AQ cabins are exactly the same as all of the others, minus the special shower. Just a normal shower. I looked into a bunch of balcony cabins on other decks and our Deck 10 AQ cabin looked identical. Loved the new decor and we still had empty drawers to fill after unpacking for our 14 night voyage. I would not go as far forward as 1008 because of noise/vibrations from above in Cosmos late at night. If you’re night owls, then maybe not so much of an issue? There is a post somewhere that depicts where the cabins begin to be underneath Cosmos. But I do not have access to that right now. I think the graphic is in Jim Ian’s long thread on the newly Revolutionzed Millennium. It’s really chock full of useful information. I really don’t know what was going on in Blu with the waits and, at times, flustered staff. The Hostesses at the front desk were lovely and seemed very organized, so maybe it was just an odd demographic or other situations beyond their control (like two many new AQ cabins!).
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