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  1. I was on the shuttle at 9:00 AM and had time for lunch at the airport before a 12:30 departure on a flight to Canada. There were no delays or accidents on the freeway, but I understand that there was some construction planned for the summer months so a local can probably give you more timely information.
  2. I don't know where you get your information, but Canadian medical does not cover costs in the USA. And we don't need to go to the US for operations, we do just fine here and never have to go bankrupt for a simple operation.
  3. I was wondering if there was free wi-fi at the San Pedro Cruise Terminal.
  4. We are on the same upcoming cruise on the Ruby and I was looking for some drink ideas too so I'm glad you posted this question. I really like cosmopolitans 🙂
  5. Are you able to obtain multiple bottled waters when going on a shore excursion? I seem to recall that there were buckets of cold beverages as you exit the ship that were available for sale. Would this be covered under the PBP?
  6. I always board at my assigned boarding time and have never had a problem getting to my cabin that way.
  7. Princess usually has the cabins ready when you board, so you can drop off any carry-on before you go to lunch. The first night in MDR is very casual.
  8. UPDATE: Well I'm glad I called! When I went in to my reservation with the airline just so I'd have something on the screen to refer to when I made my call to Princess, I noticed that one leg of my return flight had mysteriously disappeared. I made the call and explained the issue to Lisa at Princess who was very professional and assured me she would look into things right away and to hold the line for a short while. Five minutes later she came back and explained that the carrier had oversold the flight and so she would need to find another carrier unless I was ok with an overnight stay. I asked her to please look into another carrier. Five minutes later, she had my return flight (2 legs) booked with someone else, arriving at close to the time I wanted with even better connections (being an international flight this was important). No additional charges even though it was less than 45 days until the cruise but because it was the airlines issue for cancelling one of the routes they would change things free of charge. I am very happy with EZ Air - just hope the airlines don't mess with routes or schedules again! I will be diligent about checking often that's for sure.
  9. Thanks for all the responses. I will give Princess a call tomorrow.
  10. I was checked to see if there were any deals for my booked EZ Air flights and to my surprise when I logged in to check, I got a message that my flights could not be accessed as there was a schedule change. I went directly to the airline website and discovered that my return flight had been re-routed. The airline had discontinued that particular route, so they changed to something else (turns out it is actually better - so not worried about that). My issue is that the Princess site still has my old flights listed. It's been about two weeks now. Should I call Princess? So far, there has been no extra charges on my credit card. I think that because the airline cancelled the route, they have made the change without any additional charges. Of course during that two week time frame, the 45 days has now passed so I wasn't able to see if any cheaper flights were available. As long as there are no additional charges, I'm okay with the price but it would be nice to know that Princess has the new flight details for my return flight.
  11. I will be returning from our cruise with a scheduled time of 6:30 AM - allowing for time to clear the ship and get through customs and wanting to book a shuttle to LAX for a 12:15 International Departure, what time should I book the shuttle?
  12. I believe that the only restriction is a weight restriction. I think that an 8 and 10 year old would be just fine. There is a railing that is put up by the Steward so that no one falls out if the seas get rough.
  13. I believe your TA is correct in regards to the Alcohol package, but I thought that the Soda package would still be available. You may need to wait until you board to see if either is available. We have taken that three day cruise several times and have enjoyed it very much but have never even tried to purchase a drink package so can't give you any advise. We did purchase a coffee card under the old rules because we knew we had another cruise booked and could finish using the punches then - I wouldn't bother now that you have to use all of your punches on the cruise it is purchased on.
  14. I will be doing this cruise itinerary but on the Ruby in April. Looking forward to reading about your experiences.
  15. I didn't realize Princess did that - I was wondering how I could safely get my purchases home as they will have to go in my checked luggage.
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