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  1. IHG Platinum Elite (roughly 95k points in the account atm) matched to MSC Silver. Took two calendar weeks exactly (so 10 business days not counting s/s)
  2. It's one of the two pick up locations that the twizy rental places lists. They do not mention anything on their website about being able to rent/return right at the wharf. Hamilton Princess is a hotel/resort (one of two listed on their site) that apparently you can pick up the Twizy from; again based on doing a booking on the website. DH and I were toying with renting one but not knowing how easy it would be to get to either location I haven't cemented anything as of yet.
  3. TMLA, Can you give a synopsis of just how you got to the Hamilton Princess on drop off/pick up? I'm considering renting a Twizy for the three days in port, but not sure if we'd take the ferry to the location or a bus or what? Thanks!
  4. D'Oh! Why didn't I think of that? LOL Good idea! Thanks!
  5. I did. Like said I was hoping for a just in case back up. First time on Anthem- not royal- so wasn’t 100% sure if it was available. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. So if I am on Anthem out of Bayonne- what do I do for an electronic set sail pass? I don’t see a way to use IQ at home- it’s just advising me to use ship WiFi. And regular Royal can look up my cruise but says it’s not supported. i just wanted the digital copy as a just in case. Never forgotten passports or boarding passes *knocks on wood* yet but thought a backup might be nice.
  7. Thinking of getting the Internet package and I happened to notice that all of the packages specifically state that streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu are blocked. Does that mean that you cannot use an Apple TV or Fire TV too? This will be our first cruise with Carnival, I know that on other lines we’ve used our fire TV without a problem, but I don’t want to bring it if we will not be able to use it. Thanks in advance!
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