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  1. IHG Platinum Elite (roughly 95k points in the account atm) matched to MSC Silver. Took two calendar weeks exactly (so 10 business days not counting s/s)
  2. It's one of the two pick up locations that the twizy rental places lists. They do not mention anything on their website about being able to rent/return right at the wharf. Hamilton Princess is a hotel/resort (one of two listed on their site) that apparently you can pick up the Twizy from; again based on doing a booking on the website. DH and I were toying with renting one but not knowing how easy it would be to get to either location I haven't cemented anything as of yet.
  3. TMLA, Can you give a synopsis of just how you got to the Hamilton Princess on drop off/pick up? I'm considering renting a Twizy for the three days in port, but not sure if we'd take the ferry to the location or a bus or what? Thanks!
  4. D'Oh! Why didn't I think of that? LOL Good idea! Thanks!
  5. I did. Like said I was hoping for a just in case back up. First time on Anthem- not royal- so wasn’t 100% sure if it was available. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. So if I am on Anthem out of Bayonne- what do I do for an electronic set sail pass? I don’t see a way to use IQ at home- it’s just advising me to use ship WiFi. And regular Royal can look up my cruise but says it’s not supported. i just wanted the digital copy as a just in case. Never forgotten passports or boarding passes *knocks on wood* yet but thought a backup might be nice.
  7. Yeah, I understood why people made a big deal out of it, but while I can't speak for ATV (I have used one in hotels but don't own one) the FireStick that I have has not been an issue even with captive log in screen. I can think of 5 places off the top of my head (one being a cruise ship- though not Carnival) where I had to enter that kind of info and a browser window of some sorts popped up. I was able to log on just fine. More of a POS is the need to have a universal remote (didn't work on Princess though they had Samsung TV's, which we have at home but I wasn't chancing bringing ours and losing it on the flights to Athens, cruise, and back) with you to change the inputs if the TV is locked or doesn't recognize the device. Granted, I've never bought my gaming systems with me- but could see the need or desire if I had kids with me. But I've always been curious if that too, could be done. Mostly, I asked the question because I was curious whether those services would be blocked the way they say they block Netflix, Hulu, etc. I didn't want to bother taking FireStick or TV with me if I wouldn't be able to stream the satellite apps (HBO and the like). I was curious if Netflix and YT would be blocked through those means as well, which it looks like they aren't. I'm very grateful that someone took time out of their trip to experiment and let me know, so thanks again Hans!
  8. Thank you! I really appreciate the description! Everyone was so negative and it can’t be done and you need a web browser etc. I was pretty confident that it may not be as simple as at home but that there must be a way to do it. Again, we don’t plan on spending a whole lot of time in front of the TV, but there are times where maybe you want to watch something. What if we have bad weather, or one of us isn’t feeling well etc. I just like knowing that the option is there. Sounds like bringing the router is the way to go. Did you end up disconnecting it and hiding it when you were out of the cabin so the state room attendant wouldn’t see or did you leave it in plain sight?
  9. LOL Okay, you have a point. But seriously? It's not that. I don't want a wall, I just want what I paid for. To relax in an area that is reserved (until 7pm anyway) for only those staying in that immediate area. If people can get up in arms about the mere thought that someone would *gasp, the horror* share a beverage package? I don't think it's too much to ask that just anybody not be allowed back in Havana when that's not what the rules state. Personally, I would never dare try to sneak in there if I wasn't staying there, but that's me.
  10. LOL good point. Guess I will be notifying staff when I see people without wrist bands on. Not that it will help, I guess.
  11. I hope they were thoroughly embarrassed when no one let them in. This is the one thing I am most worried about – are they going to stick to monitoring for wristbands and keep the people who aren’t in Havana cabins out of the Havana area? Chair hogs I can deal with, we were fortunate enough to be able to splurge on a wraparound balcony so if need be we can always go back to our cabin on six. And if we didn’t have that wraparound? I have no qualms with moving stuff if it’s obvious that people are cheer hogging. But if the area is flooded with a bunch of people who don’t belong back there in the first place? That’s a dealbreaker. I’m sure getting away from the crowds is why most of us booked back there in Havana in the first place. Why pay the premium price if they are not going to be strict and making it so only Havana people are back there during the day?
  12. I also will echo the sentiment that it depends on what ship you're on. I've never had luck asking on the Oasis, always been told no. Even though both times a large portion of the crew was SE Asian. I say that because I'm sure the crew dining room had plenty of curries and such done. But no luck getting it in the MDR. On the flip side, I had luck getting it on a Celebrity sailing (forget if it was Reflection or Escape) which was surprising because there was not as much SE Asian representation in the crew but the buffet had lots of curries so maybe that's why. Princess, I do believe I was also able to get a curry dish one night. But, on a whole, we do not do a lot of MDR dining so that may also be why we could not get dishes as I think maybe if you can form a rapport with the wait staff you might have better luck. On a 7N cruise we may only eat 1-2 meals if that in the MDR.
  13. Legit. BBQ is dangerous territory because it's VERY regional. Sauce vs no Sauce, sweet vs savory, vinegar based or no, slaw or not. While accepting of other regions' idea of BBQ, most of us have a way that we prefer and think of that as 'what BBQ is'. For example, I grew up in Southern VA, so for me, BBQ is pulled pork, red sauce (that is sweet leaning with a hint of that vinegar twang), slaw on side. Travel 1-2 hours south of where I grew up, and BBQ is pulled pork, completely vinegar based sauce or mustard based vinegar sauce and slaw on top. Ribs are served with sauce where I grew up, but go out TN, KC, and I believe they do a dry rub with no sauce. And then there's TX. There's nothing in the world like TX brisket. And let's not start the biscuit discussion. lol
  14. That's because the thread started six years ago. OP probably doesn't have them hosted online anymore....
  15. Which is exactly what I said. If A is set to go to different decks (3,7, and 10 In my example) and you need 8 and just get on A randomly- there is no way to guarantee you’ll get a stop at that deck. You might get lucky and someone on 8 is getting on and told to use A; but there is no way to later select where the elevator goes once inside. My response was to reaffirm the consensus that the new programming doesn’t make that (getting on an up when you need down or VV) easily feasible.
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