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  1. "I watch you when you're sleeping, mhua ha ha"
  2. What a wonderful trip to share with us! You've succeeded in nudging an Alaskan cruise up the want to do list. Thank you.
  3. Thank you for your Curacao review and photos. Not being big shoppers ourselves, we're going to have to find a little more to do there. We can only look at colorful buildings for so long.
  4. I'm a member and could not find any Carnival cards on the site 🙁
  5. I loved your story telling! I was waiting for you to end up with a couple of coconuts strapped to your chest as the most primitive floatation devise
  6. You know they'll probably fawn all over you 😍
  7. My local Walgreens scans your id EVERY TIME
  8. You know some of us will need a 12 step for SID ADDICTION someday
  9. I ask for twice a day. We shower in the mornings (Force of habit), and after ports before dinner. I'm sure everyone is different. It just works for us.
  10. Enjoyed reading this. Aruba and Curacao are new ports to us, so it's fun to see what others thought of them.
  11. I keep checking back to your review! Waiting to find out what the "yellow stuff" was lol!
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