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  1. The level of the wages on those ships really isn't relevant to the level of service provided and whether this service was a factor in reflagging these ships. Union shops are not well known for cheerful service. There was a reason those ships were not profitable and competition forced their reflagging. Even from your account, it would be reasonable to conclude that crew wages was a cause (along with service).
  2. It also has to do with Union wages. If registered in US, then must pay union scale. There used to be three ships but complaints over service caused a reduction. (Or so it was reported.)
  3. You do realize that 'tax paying Americans' are the passengers on these ships? You do realize that 'shore based business', ie, hotels, airlines, restaurants, etc., would be affected by the loss of revenue without aid to the cruise lines?
  4. Flying from Vancouver was difficult since any flight meeting the cruise line restrictions, no flights before a certain time, meant over night flights. We rented a day room. We didn't arrive home until next day.
  5. I needed a way to celebrate my retirement. Arranged retirement date so I would also celebrate my birthdate while on the cruise. Worked well because employer wanted me to work a "few more months". Told them I couldn't because I couldn't cancel the cruise.
  6. Why wait. You do not have to pay until final payment date for your cruise. You can cancel prior to final payment date without penalty. You can change your reservation should you find a better or cheaper flight. I travelled to Vancouver last September. I changed flights twice for lower prices and once for a better connection.
  7. I've got a December 2020 cruise booked. Fully refundable. I've only two FCC at risk. We'll see what happens but I'm not feeling any stress.
  8. You gain nothing for being just a shareholder, you have to be a passenger too. It functions as a loyalty discount. I doubt there will be prohibition on providing discounts for booking customers.
  9. My sincerest sympathies. Reminds me of some of my 'experiences'.
  10. Agreed. My point was that cruise ships could be used, not as a substitute for intensive care, but as 'dorms' for mild cases. Hotels would work as well. Here's a link explaining what Korea did. https://www.wsj.com/articles/how-south-korea-solved-its-acute-hospital-bed-shortage-11584874801?mod=hp_lead_pos10 The reason either hotel or ships or dorms would work is that it allows the authorities to 'isolate' those who are infected but with mild symptoms curtailing the spread of the virus while making hospital beds available to those truly in need. Personally, I would prefer the hotel/ship option since the travel industry could use the help while the heavily endowed universities probably don't.
  11. Every one seems to be assuming these ships would be used for critical care. South Korea implemented a policy where those who were infected but did not need critical care were housed in facilities that were commonly used for off site training sessions (BTW, my guard unit stayed in one during a couple of exercises. Very simple facilities. Bare rooms. No kitchens. We brought our own.). This reserved hospitals for those in dire need and quarantined those who could have spread the disease but did not need respirators, etc,. It's my understanding that the cruise lines are proposing a similar solution. In South Korea, these facilities required on 200 medical personnel for a 1000 bed facility.
  12. Don't forget, there are two types of bankruptcies. The first is the one most are familiar with where the company closes down and assets are sold to pay creditors. The second is one where the courts suspend the ability of creditors to force the companies to close down while they restructure and continue to operate.
  13. The fact that you're being adversely affected doesn't change the fact that your own definition allows for different treatment when that difference can be traced to 'individual merit'.
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