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  1. Fauci says that a vaccine that is 50% effective maybe all we can count on. What's plan B?
  2. Considering the disproportionate number of CV deaths from those over 80 a/o living in nursing homes, it's not clear how that cleanses the gene pool. Considering the possibility that there may not be a vaccine, those who do not practice the CV protocols may be the path to herd immunity.
  3. Your hopes are all based upon a vaccine which may or may not happen. What's plan B?
  4. google 'fauci vaccine effectiveness' and you'll find multiple articles covering his statement. In essence, he said not to expect a vaccine that will give complete and long lasting coverage. IIRC, he said 60% is more reasonable and that it may require renewals. But, he did say he was optimistic we would get a vaccine with at least 50% effectiveness. (I believe a vaccine that is 50% effective would only protect half the people who get it.) He did say it was very unreasonable to expect the CV vaccine would provide as much protection as the measles vaccine (98%). He also said that we might have to continue the "public health approach" (whatever that means, hopefully he's not talking about masks forever.)
  5. Eurodam has approximately 3000 passengers and crew. A 65% effectivity would mean about a thousand would not be protected. An effective treatment maybe more likely than an effective vaccine.
  6. We've been told to wear a mask because of pre- and asymptomatic people may spread the virus. It follows then, that anywhere you've been told to wear a mask is too dangerous.
  7. I only wear a mask where it is strictly required as a matter of law. I avoid all places, whenever possible, that require a mask. Mask are only required in my state when inside where 'social distancing' is not possible. I put the mask on when I enter the building and I take it off as soon as I exit.
  8. If it's so dangerous that masks are required, then it's too dangerous to be there.
  9. So, you will be just fine with it if Fauci decries that everyone over 70 must provide a doctor's assessment of their health and that those with coronavirus comorbidities would not be allowed to cruise?
  10. Actually, Fauci said: "When asked if we may end up getting to a point where doing so will be recommended, Fauci responded, “It might, if you really want perfect protection of the mucosal surfaces.” IOW, wearing eye protection may become required just like masks are today. One wonders how long Fauci is considered an expert if, when, Fauci is asked the question: 'Should those over a certain age with certain physical conditions must have a note from their doctor before they can board a cruise ship' and he answers says they should?
  11. Have you ordered your goggles yet? “If you have goggles or an eye shield, you should use it,” Fauci told ABC News Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton. When asked if we may end up getting to a point where doing so will be recommended, Fauci responded, “It might, if you really want perfect protection of the mucosal surfaces.”
  12. Happens all the time: HCQ Off-label use: Rheumatoid arthritis, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, primary Sjögren’s Syndrome (extraglandular manifestations), inflammatory osteoarthritis. https://www.rheumtutor.com/medications/hydroxychloroquine-plaquenil/ Have you heard any complaints about using HCQ for lupus or arthritis.
  13. I was surprised to learn of malaria in Korea when I got there too. The HCQ was on the tables and we were required to take it. The reason you weren't required to be immunized is that the malaria vaccine was only approved in 2015. According to wikipedia it is of low efficacy. My point about HCQ wasn't about it's effectiveness as a treatment for CV but only wanted to show how ridiculous some of the reactions to HCQ have been. This is just one example of how so much of our response to CV has become too politicized.
  14. Good points. Actually, I'm looking forward to the release of studies maybe three years from now, after action reports, that address what we did right and what we did wrong. BTW, have you ever looked at the prediction tracks for hurricanes? Seven or eight models with often widely differing predictions of the tracks. By the time the models converge, you can get as accurate a prediction looking out your window. Another BTW, my experience with local weathermen, all meteorologist, does not give me confidence. We had one here who was censored by the weather bureau for his off the wall statements. Another one was often drunk by the time of the 10 O'clock news.
  15. The problem with 'sticking with experts' is this. Their opinions change and they are not always in agreement. So which experts and which of their opinions?
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