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  1. Always contact the TA first to see what they will offer.
  2. I've even seen a few comments advising people not to purchase a certain bag because it's too big, it will be overweight. JMPO, but if you need an expandable bag, you're packing too much stuff. Make up your mind and leave some of that stuff you'll never use behind. BTW, some of the luggage on Amazon now includes a luggage scale.
  3. Thank you. I find it amusing that many reviewers complain or ask about whether the bag meets airline size restrictions, then insist on expandable luggage.
  4. Any suggestions for a non-expandable hardsided luggage? I don't need expansion and I'm not fond of zippers.
  5. Question: Can you use the VIP Luggage Direct (To your stateroom) if you're flying in the day before the cruise? We can live out of a carry-on until boarding.
  6. Some plans allow you to take out insurance for the amount of the initial down payment ($50) and then increase the value at final payment or when other non-refundable charges are incurred. Suggest you talk to the insurance companies. Or, call https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2441-qa-cruise-insurance-w-steve-dasseos-of-the-tripinsurancestorecom/
  7. Now, if you want the true value, ask him how much he will pay you for the jewelry.
  8. http://halfacts.com/vista-class/5191-zuiderdam-s/
  9. Need to replace our travel luggage. We had some cheapo walmart softsided but now want to go hardsided. Any ideas on very good hardsided luggage suit friendly? Planning on getting one carry on and one for checked for each of us. All with 4 rollers. All hardsided.
  10. Anyone who wishes can tip extra to supplement the crew wage.
  11. As of a report in 2016, there was one HoJo's still open in Lake George, NY. Loved their all you could eat Clam Dinner on Friday nights. It was one of the few things we could afford.
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