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  1. When RCCI uses this type of sales promotions (BOGOHO) all the time, I see no reason to blame OP. In fact, there are multiple threads on RCCI board where posters raise the same question raised by OP. Fine, if you want to blame OP, but he is not the first, nor will he be the last, who is confused by RCCI and the BOGOHO promotions. BTW, the very next post following my explanation is a "Thank You" posted by OP.
  2. Nothing, but it would be a great place to convert to suites only dining and lounge. RCCI, X, NCL all offer suites only dining and lounges. HAL needs to upgrade to match.
  3. You want a bunch of people who've never owned a boat to discuss how to run a cruise line? People who've never managed a business or had to meet payroll? Good Luck.
  4. JMHO, but many of the complaints I've seen are from 4* & 5* Mariners who don't think they're getting enough respect from Ashford.
  5. I prefer port days because port days are far less crowded and we can enjoy the ship. We have nothing against sea days, they're rather nice, but too many people on the ship. BTW, we seldom do excursions because we enjoy the almost empty ship.
  6. My brother married a Canadian. She faced endless delays in obtaining a passport despite providing all the requested documentation. My brother informed my mother that it was uncertain they could make their flight scheduled in a few days because they might not have the passport. My mother called our representative's office. Two days before the flight, State Department called brother and told him and his wife to get on the flight regardless of whether they had received the passport, that they would be met in Denver by a State Department representative who would ensure they were allowed into the country. All went well. BTW, his wife's passport was 'flagged'. When immigration scans her passport, they have a very startled look, they eyes get very large, and they become very polite. No issues with entry but she finds it amusing. Evidently, her passport is 'flagged' to say "Very Important Person, be very polite". BTW, the representative at the time was the Speaker of the House, Carl Albert, of Oklahoma. This happened many years ago but she still gets the same reaction. Mom used to pass out campaign literature for the Speaker. Other than that she was just a grocery store employee.
  7. Some cabins are considered superior to others. Funneling passengers into guarantees allows HAL to preserve those superior cabins for those willing to pay an upcharge for the privilege.
  8. Wife and I are trying to figure out how to reconfigure our house without bathtubs.
  9. It's very clear what happened if you take the time to read my post above where I used actual numbers from RCCI website. OP confirmed that's what happened as well.
  10. OP provided more than enough information to answer his question. All he had to say was I booked on Royal Caribbean. RCCI is notorious for playing games with pricing as described by OP.
  11. No doubt that some prefer a bath. However, I would bet that far more would prefer a much larger shower in lieu of a tub.
  12. I had never tried Flight Ease. Up until this year, we always drove to the port. About 15 hours each way. We're retired and had the time. Now, we're older and simply do not wish to drive so we've started flying. My TA told me she'd never seen a Flight Ease increase in over 15 years. So, I could book Flight Ease several months out and pretty much know I'd locked in a price. If I found better prices, I could cancel with flight ease and go elsewhere. But the thing is, I found price drops of about a third on Flight Ease. And, that was on Flights from Alabama to Vancouver. Our next cruise, after this one, is on Zweiderdam in December 20. I intend to book flights on flight ease as soon as they open and keep checking prices.
  13. You can cancel and rebook anytime prior to final payment. Remember, you don't have to make a deposit at the time of booking, you pay for the whole reservation at final payment. I cancelled and rebooked twice on my flights leaving this weekend. All done on line. This is just my opinion but I think when they say the price may increase, they are talking about the price of flights not already booked. I did see that. One day a flight might be $2000. A few days later, the identical same flight might be $2500. A week later, it might be $2200. I booked my flights back in April. I rebooked the same flights in May when the price went down. I rebooked again a month later when a better flight had a price drop which made it competitive with the flights booked in May.
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