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  1. That's very helpful. Our next cruise will be interesting. I had weight loss surgery a week ago today. Losing about a pound a day. Typical meal is about a 1/4 cup but really not hungry. You said the W/J was especially good on Harmony. Is it better that the other ships? That might work better since I'm suppose to be eating multiple small amounts.
  2. I agree completely. We avoid the Royal/Regal class specifically because of the miniscule balconies. It's an engineering tradeoff that Princess has chosen to sacrifice balcony size to increase interior space available for other purposes.
  3. Adding two feet to the width of the ship would be a major big deal affecting almost everything. The only choice would be to remove space from the interior to make room for the extra balconies. That would reduce the number of cabins and public spaces. There are multiple comments that many don't mind the smaller balconies. A typical quote: "We only use the balcony for a quick cup of coffee while we stand at the rail. Not a problem." Goodwill loses to revenue every time.
  4. I would appreciate that. Haven't been on RCI in a couple of years and are considering returning. We weren't all that impressed with the Harvest/Vineyard menus on our last cruise. It would be nice to see how that's changed. Thanks again.
  5. Be aware that most balconies on the Royal Class ships are approximately 40 inches deep. A few exceptions. But, many have reported their knees touch the balcony railings when facing outboard. The lack of depth in these balconies may negate the overhead cover depending upon the winds.
  6. Sure can. In fact, several companies (IIRC Travelguard incl) have told me to buy the insurance when I make the deposit and insure the trip for only the amount of the deposit. This ensures you have pre-existing coverage. Then, when you incur additional non-refundable items, increase the amount of coverage.
  7. It's commonly known that those dispensers were ineffective in controlling viruses (noro). In fact, their presence encourages people to avoid those measures that do control viruses, ie, washing with soap.
  8. This is exactly why I have always said the best place to get advice on how to avoid charges while on a cruise ship is to contact your service provider. There are too many 'experts' who, while trying to be helpful, are often misleading. Verizon sent me a detailed set of instructions on how to set up my phone. Followed them and never had an issue. It's better to go to the source rather than take chances.
  9. If you're cruising on a Regal Class ship, you have a choice to make. You can book an aft suite and you might have soot issues but you will have a balcony sufficiently large to be usable. You can book a suite on the side and ensure that you won't have soot but you will have a balcony to small to be usable.
  10. That's good to know. And, we've found you get better service from an independent agency. We talk to the same person every time we call. They call us by name we they answer the phone. I would never book direct again.
  11. Most passengers do not consider themselves to be part of the entertainment. Princess has formal nights for those who wish to dress formally. Yet they allow less than formal wear for those who do not wish to dress formally. This is the best of both worlds. If most passengers wanted a dress code like Cunard, then one would see more formal dress on Princess.
  12. Thank you. We could live with that. I'm assuming the balconies vary in size. Perhaps the Dolphin are the biggest? Do wish they had more over head cover.
  13. How about the balcony? Was it large and comfortable?
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