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  1. Looks lovely Mr. Silver! A terrific time to be aboard. Savor every moment!
  2. Remember psittacosis…another one of those we saw back in the day
  3. Lois: ? toxoplasmosis from the cat? Mysty love the wine tasting journey!
  4. Yes there are more, but alas we never play them. i remember way back when I saved my allowance and babysitting money to buy an album. Some of the “records” on those shelves are from my husband’s era, and they are not vinyl! I am one of those people who save stuff. Not quite a hoarder, although I must confess that my mother called me that when she found my stash of year old Hallowe’en candy that I was secreting in a drawer to keep it away from my sister.
  5. And we have some too. A collection from long ago, see the charlottes web reading, and other prehistoric stuff… And some 45s
  6. Hope you are enjoying it all! Nice to know you can wear long sleeves. Here is ridiculous hot and humid.
  7. Yum, yum and more yum. Brings back memories from June and July which now seems a lifetime ago. Thanks so much for taking the time to post all of those drool provoking photos.
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