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  1. Was on Explorer two months ago, she has a little bit of 'wear and tear' here and there if you go looking for it, but nothing that is likely to spoil your vacation.
  2. Yes, the quality of the food is, apparently, the waiters responsibility. I've been told that several times and my reply was: You didn't cook it, so why should you be expected to take responsibility for it? We bring more until you are happy.
  3. A '10 draft beer for $49' card appeared day 4 on Rhapsody a few weeks ago
  4. A recent cruise compass for Radiance has traditional dining times as 5.30pm and 8pm with the shows at 6.30pm and 8.30pm. Except for first evening when there is one show around 9.45pm and a late night mid-cruise showtime of 10.15pm. If you reserve your times in advance and then once on board you find there is a clash, you can usually adjust the timings to suit.
  5. We must have been really lucky, we always select option B to allow card issuer to make the conversion and have had no issues (now probably jinxed).
  6. To be honest, that's what I would expect to happen. I should have been more clear and wrote '18% from every drink ordered that is charged to your onboard account'.
  7. The bar staff get 18% from purchased packages and every drink ordered. They get a share of the daily grats as well?
  8. I completely get it. This would explain how we could not smell smoke when we had an engine fire onboard Splendour. Heard a commotion outside early one morning (no alarms sounded). Got up and peered through the spy hole to see what looked like smoke. We got dressed then opened the door and the smell was quite bad. When we left the cabin, crew in the corridor asked us to go to our muster station.
  9. That's an interesting read. I would not have known that there are two separate A/C systems in the cabin.
  10. I have just researched a seven night Best Of Japan cruise on the website. There is no immediate warning that iFly, North Star, Flowrider and the Solarium 'adults only' pool area are chargeable extras. However if you scutinise the 'Whats included' page, right at the very bottom there are the words: *From 30th December 2015 fees apply to Quantum of the Seas. And if you further scrutinise the onboard activities section you may just spot the tiniest of asterisks on the iFly and North Star pictures. No mention at all that the Solarium and Flowrider are chargeable extras! Anyone that is familiar with the RCI product, but has never sailed in Asia before, would not know that 'normally complimentary' activities will be chargeable.
  11. We have stayed in promenade views on several ships, they are quite sound proofed, never noticed any noise. They are generally bigger than insides, however privacy can be an issue, even with the voiles closed.
  12. What is the point of a balcony cabin if you can't have the door open. As long as the main door is closed when the balcony door is open there shouldn't be a problem.
  13. These hands were considering a cruise around China and Japan at some point , but this latest revelation is a step too far so the answer is currently NO to an Asian cruise on Ovation.
  14. So unless you are a Suite Guest, the entire solarium is inaccessible? This is meant to be an 'adults only retreat'. But for $50 per person, per day, payable for the entire cruise, you can buy access? This is taking 'nickel and diming' to the next level.
  15. Well said. We only started cruising after our children became adults so have never had experience of the arcade. Thank god! What I find incredulous is that somehow its okay for a multi-million dollar company to allow minors to rack up large debt playing on arcade games, which, to be fair, they are going to continue to play on for as long as the machines let them. Does no one else think it is totally irresponsible and reckless of an organisation to have a system in a games arcade that would allow a minor in charge of a seapass card, with no charging privileges, to use that card in the arcade, which then automatically turns the card on in the system and gives it charging privileges, with seemingly no limit??? Saying there is a 'glitch', or worse, having actual terms and conditions that state 'Guest will not be notified once Arcade Credits are depleted; additional arcade play will be charged to guest’s Seapass at current onboard prices' just beggars belief. I think a settlement offer was the only valid outcome. This clearly shows where the liability lies. And yes, it should have been written off entirely. Cautionary tales these may be, but I am surprised no one has legally challenged such a system, which is probably what it will take to stop it.
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