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  1. The prices of the cruises will increase. I have a B2B In a SS booked but have different cabins in the same category as the same cabin wasn’t available. I constantly check to see if we could possibly get the same cabin for both cruises. Both are 5 day cruises. From this morning July 8 to later in the day both cruises increased $500 pp in price for the same SS category with the same 4 perks. If we booked the same cruises today it would cost us $2000 more. a AQ cabin with 3 perks is more than what we paid for a SS that includes all 4 plus all the amenities that come with a SS. Promos are for selling and don’t mean a discounted price that many are conditioned to think. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  2. I been having the same problem all week. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  3. Right now is a fairly good deal on the Infinity sailing Nov 30 for a SS with all of the perks. $1176 pp. it is a little over $225/ day pp Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  4. when they canceled all of the 2017 Equinox cruises in Europe and transferred the ship to sail out of FL they had crazy low prices that included all of the perks. AQ was around $200/day pp with all the perks for a 11 night Jazz cruise to NOLA Last year when Celebrity rolled out the cruises for the Constellation sailing out of Tampa the SS were selling for 2249 pp with all 4 perks. For 10 and 11 night cruises. They sold out in about 2 days. Now the price for SS on the Dec 2020 Cruise is $5400 pp Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  5. The perks don’t mean much of you sail in a suite on X with all perks included Ironically when we reached Elite Plus that has a lot of nice perks we have found great deals for Sky Suites so our perks are almost useless except for the laundry. Wr have found cruises with all all 4 perk in either AQ or SS for around $200/day pp And have been booking them. Granted we have the freedom to sail when we want. Basically just look at the overall value and decided what is the best for you and what you are after. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌊😞🌅
  6. We were n a Carnival Ship. Yes, Carnival and loved many cruises with them. We were docked in Cozumel. The ship was scheduled to leave at midnight. We were sitting on our balcony to watch the sail away and seen two drunk couples holding each other up as they walked down the pier toward the ship. It was now midnight. They just staggered along with no care in the world. The crew put a spotlight on them and they acted as if F You, pointed at the ship, gave their one finger salute and stood their laughing. They then just stumbled along, and stopped to browse in the store windows along the way. The captain waited for those A holes. If I were him I would have pulled up the gang plank when they were about 10 ft away. We inquired about the incident and were told that if they did that they would have been given a bad mark on their performance, responsibility, safety, and etc of the guests. It has been about 6 years since our last cruise on Carnival and with all of their problems and other policies, and changes I don’t think we will be sailing with them again even though we are a their highest loyalty level. They are what they are and promote, a fun ship. We had our fun but now desire a better atmosphere and more reserved level of sailing Our only regret is that if we started sailing with X when we started to cruise we would be Zenith. At this time in our life and cruising future based on our past cruising history we will never reach it and have no desire to chase after it . Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  7. Any of the New England and Canada Cities. We traveled to Quebec and stayed there a 4 nights the year before we cruised there. Would drive back again and also would like to drive to Halifax, Bar Harbor and Rhode Island. We plan on doing it in a few years as the price for those cruises are insane and we want to spend more time there than a few hours. We feel we can get a nice room, great food, more freedom and not spend as much money as the cruises there were costing us. Our hotel in the old town of Quebec was around $200/night. Our last NE cruise was around $600/night just for the cruise. That difference of $400/night can go a long way towards food, drinks, admissions and entertainment. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  8. No but I do remember staying at a Holiday Inn. Happy Cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  9. If you are referring to a Future Cruise Certificate for a future cruise you will find out when on board what the promotions are. No need to be concerned until you are on board as they may change. if you are considering purchasing future cruise credit to be used when sailing to pay your expenses I wouldn’t advise it as RCCL may go bankrupt. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  10. I think the problem may be is that we think a prom means reduction or cheaper price. A promo is to increase sales and not always a decrease in price or better rate than what it was. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  11. i see what my problem was. I didn’t read the full question about having to rate every destination. I thought I only had to rate those that appealed to me. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  12. I was normally a relief dealer that would break other tables and games. If I was on the same 21 table all day with a $5 minimum and the table was always full my drop would be $17,000 or more shift. Players lose because believe it or not they don’t really want to win. If they wanted to win they would leave after winning a few hands and are a head. They don’t because they didn’t go to a casino to play a few hands, win $20 and then leave. They are there for entertainment, and to have a good time. It is like riding a ride at amusement park. You pay to ride the ride and get your thrill. Same with playing at a casino, you put your money down to ride the ride, win or lose you get your thrill. Cost of entertainment. Some people need to have more risk to get that thrill. That is why there are different minimum bets and slots. One player told me that there was no other feeling or rush like $1,000/ hand of 21. He said that his heart is really pounding and nothing else can do that for him. He loves the rush and is really addicted to it. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  13. There was a big shooter sitting at anchor and not doing too good, his wife/ girlfriend came up to him and asked for $100. He wasn’t too happy as he replied that he had already gave her a $100 and now asking for more. She said to him I only lost $100, what about the $1000 you lost? His reply???? Yeah but I know how to gamble. Apparently he knew how to lose it better. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  14. Close to Canada, we live in the big D, Detroit area. Dealt cards in a Detroit Casino. Wasn’t a bad job it was more of a hobby but had to quit because the smoke was killing me. They passed a law that prohibited smoking in public places, bars , restaurants and etc but allowed it in casinos because people need to smoke while playing. I would wake up in the morning and my lungs would be burning. The smoke was terrible. I was retired and didn’t need the money. I learned a lot about how the casinos operated. The way that a pit operates is really structured. No one gets away with anything. They know how much every player plays and leaves the table with if any. How much time spent there playing, average bet and etc. The tray is set up so they can look at it and tell exactly how much is in it with just a glance, that is why the dealer is always rearranging the checks in it. They always want a player to color up when leaving so they don’t take away all the small values and lose time by having to bring in more. It also helps them know how much they won or lost. Every transaction between a player and dealer is recorded. Doesn’t matter if you use a casino club card or not. It was a big joke with all of us as a player would see the supervisor or pit boss coming around and they would increase their bet to try and make them think they were betting higher than what they were to earn more credit. The suits know. I counted 16 cameras around the table I was dealing at when coming back from a break. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  15. When people gamble they are superstitious. They feel giving a toke after winning will bring them more good fortune. Tipping a dealer is for service given and they feel that they were given good service by winning. When I was dealing we got minimum wage plus the daily total toke pooled and divided by all hours worked and shared by all the dealers. The toke rate was posted daily so you could determine what your pay was for that day. The most I ever received at the time was $16.10/hour. The least was $3.60. Contrary to belief dealers aren’t card mechanics but we know all of the tricks of cheating. We were taught all the tricks so we could watch for cheaters and also to know that we can’t cheat without getting caught and prosecuted. happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
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