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  1. Good choice. You won’t regret it and won’t ever look back!!!
  2. 👋 That would be us. Booked a full suite for our first cruise and haven’t looked back since.
  3. Don’t you go obscuring this irrational discussion with your facts. Don’t you do it! 🤣
  4. We really enjoyed having our own private space w shade, cooler, didn’t have to fight for chairs (was brutal when we were there), waiter to get things for us. If you aren’t planning to spend hours at the beach though then definitely not worth it.
  5. We booked when our genie contacted us. Doesn't include the zip line, not sure about the water slides -- if there's normally a charge for those then you'd probably still have to pay (like for the bungalow).
  6. I just mentioned this to my wife and she agreed. I forgot about it but there are CONSTANT interruptions. Someone was always in our suite. Only thing we didn’t like about Star Class. You can mitigate in various ways but you shouldn’t have to.
  7. We have had the same experience at the St. Regis in NYC two trips in a row. Needless to say we won’t ever stay at that property again.
  8. We think the suite perks are worth it. And yes the kids will be able to be included in most, if not all, things.
  9. Norovirus made international news. Publicity nightmare, they had to do something huge. This issue not so much. Not much solace for the folks suffering through it but just a potential explanation as to why the difference.
  10. Cool, so it's the same as Suites/Pinnacles. Show up 15 min before and you get access to the reserved seating, no reservations required. Thanks for confirming!
  11. If it truly works like Gold Card access then you wouldn't need a reservation. *** EDIT: I forgot it's not Gold Card anymore but Suite/Pinnacles. Hoping you got the idea! 🙂
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