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  1. I am still traveling, maybe a little more diligent with wiping surfaces down with Purell such as on plane seats and trays, just being more aware.
  2. Me too and the cheesy fries, oh yummy!!!!
  3. I sailed the Eurodam a few years back and loved her. Not alot of entertainment onboard that's true, but what there is, I did enjoy, like BBKings, we did have a few good shows. I am like you, ready for bed by 9 pm so HAL works for me..............don't sweat the small stuff, go and have a great time. Everyone is very friendly onboard the HAL ships, you will enjoy her. Also, don't miss the Dive In Burgers and fries, my favorite and their pizza is awesome as well............
  4. From what I remember the food is free (try the fries and peanut sauce) and drinks, such as cappuccino, beers you pay for........I loved this spot for my afternoon cappuccino......
  5. LOVE the fact that HAL serves you in the Lido, I don't like the other cruise lines where all passengers touch those serving utensils, YUCK!!!!!
  6. One other question, does any of the Princess ships do both the inside passage AND Glacier Bay???? Those are two musts for my group and I am not seeing a Princess ship with that itinerary so far, did I miss it???? Appreciate your help.
  7. Thank you everyone, great information.....appreciate everyone’s help.
  8. Its until 2022, so the itineraries are not out yet, just trying to get a feel for what people really like and don't like. I really appreciate your opinion and I did hear that the Golden was sold or was for sale, so that makes sense.
  9. Perfect, thanks for all your thoughts, you made a tough decision a little easier for us....................
  10. I need to clarify, I had the wrong ship, it wasn't the Coral my friends sailed, it was the Golden, sorry......
  11. This is great information, Coral is winning so far................
  12. Thank you good to know..................
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