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  1. Wishing him well for sure. He has alot of hard work ahead of him.
  2. Himself, totally agree, I am curious as to what cruising will look like before I decide to go also............
  3. No wonder my nephew ordered these when we sailed, LOL............... I have two different favorite drinks, first being coral drop and second pool side car, YUMMY!!!!!
  4. I like your optimism, I have a cruise scheduled in March to the caribbean as well, I am so hoping we can go, but if not, we have a back up plan to push it off til 2022............................time will tell.........
  5. Yes you are correct, unless things change but I suspect they wont. Oohhh thanks for tip, we are looking for the Caribbean in March 2022.
  6. OMGosh yes I do remember that. I love the water taxi, so much fun. So glad you enjoyed it, I know I still do.........and your very welcome.
  7. Thanks everyone, final payment is mid=December so we do have time. Yes we all have just the deposits, we booked onboard so they were FCD is how they treated them, we only had to put $100/person so we are good that way. We would definately rather push the cruise out until 2022, I will wait it out til December and make a decision then. appreciate everyone's input, you guys rock!!!!!!
  8. Question - I have a family and friends cruise booked on the NS for March 2021, we booked this in 2019 while on the Koningsdam. With the Covid-19 all happening and we're not really sure how cruising will look come 2021, plus I have a few family members with underlying health issues, we are thinking of pushing off our cruise til March 2022. Was wondering if anyone has done this yet and with no itinerary for 2022, did you just get a credit or did you request a refund? I don't want a refund, I would really rather push it off a year if at all possible. Before I call HAL and ask if that is even a possibility, thought I'd ask if anyone on the boards has done that or are at least thinking of doing something like that. Thanks, I appreciate all your input.
  9. AAAhhhh Home Lines, great line, took my second cruise with this line, then onto Holland America once Home Lines were acquired by Holland America..........Been with HAL ever since!!
  10. Sad for all involved....................
  11. I would love to see some type of activities on sea days.................occasional music around the pool area, HAL Cats, background music at dinner, things HAL used to do that drew me to this cruise line and made it stand out from the other lines.
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