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  1. Totally agree with this post, thank you for posting a positive comment after so much turmoil, frustration and worry for the crew and passengers of these two ships............................thank you and welcome home everyone!!!
  2. So glad these people are finally going to be able to dock and disembark, thank god...............................
  3. Ditto, sending prayers to everyone on all ends, god bless you all !!!!
  4. This is all so sad, no matter the reason they sailed March 7th, they need help now. I am praying a port steps up and rescues these poor people.....
  5. My favorite so far has been the Baltics cruise. We sailed on the Amsterdam which was only a few months old at the time, it was fantastic and so far my favorite cruise........
  6. Besides missing everything of a HAL cruise, what stands out in my mind are: the sea air the motion of the ocean peacefulness of sitting on a deck chair watching the ocean the Philippino and Indonesian crew, they are the best on the high seas, hands down heck I just plain miss sailing on a dam ship, period................
  7. Couldn’t agree more, these are unprecedented times, be patient while everyone figures things out..........
  8. Aaahhh yes i sure do remember that Himself, so glad you enjoy the water taxi, I love it. This is all so sad, hope my NS cruise next year is a go and now I have pushed my Italy land tour til next May. Praying this is all behind us soon.....🙏
  9. Thanks for the info, I agree, hope the crew enjoys their time off.
  10. I hope they enjoy their time off.......they are hard workers.....
  11. This is all so sad.........i hope the crew get to enjoy the ship.........
  12. What a glorious review and similar to my thoughts exactly last year about the Koningsdam. I truly thought I'd never find a better HAL ship than the Volendam which was my favorite for years. So when my family wanted to sail on the Koningsdam I truly thought this would be my first and last time on a Pinnacle ship.......oh my was I wrong, I LOVED the Koningsdam so much we booked the Nieuw Statendam while onboard for their 10-day cruise March 2021. We are all so excited, we talk about this cruise at every family gathering, thus we have more people joining us next year. So happy to hear you enjoyed the NS, we can't wait to sail her next year..............
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