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  1. I just don’t see masks being mandatory all over the ship. Maybe when embarking or disembarking. Alcohol sales are big profit dollars for cruise line, be a lot less drinking going on if people are forced to wear a mask. Not to mention it’s one thing to be required to wear a mask for 30 minutes in the grocery store but to wear one all day long creates other health issues not to mention a false sense of security!
  2. I’m feeling positive for September cruises. As Florida resident I see how well state is doing and I am hopeful cruising we’ll resume as early as August. Universal Amusement park is opening June 5th which is an excellent sign. So fingers crossed! 🙏🏻🤞🏻🙏🏻🤞🏻
  3. MSC Cruise line announced today that they are extending their no sail for Caribbean till July 10..... will other lines follow? 🤔
  4. That’s amazing we are over 30 days still have not recorded our refund for April cruise! 😞
  5. If they cancel our cruise I expect ALL my money back. We cruise in April we looked to reschedule but they have raised the prices on future cruises. To get same itinerary & same cabin category (which is few because they are already booked) we’d have to wait till next February to cruise and pay an additional $4000. We do not want to spend anymore money then we have already invested. I know this is not Royals fault but it isn’t mine either. I signed this contract in good faith paid $500 extra for their insurance if they cancel my cruise I want my money back or the same cruise/cabin for what I’ve paid!
  6. Princess has had all kinds of problems so not surprised they are cancelling cruises. Carnival has a bunch of lines why are they just shutting down Princess Line? Because of the Issues maybe! Viking cruises are mostly in Europe and has mostly elder cruises so I understand them cancelling. One thing I don’t get is this is such horrible pandemic with a “We are all going to die mentality” but Disney isn’t closing till Sunday! 🤔 Hmmm if it’s that bad close now! i think everyone is getting too emotional and starting to react on fear. #JMHO
  7. I’ve been closely watching the pricing not seeing any price drops! Actually the opposite. We have an 11 day planned for April I went to see what the same itinerary would cost if we were to cancel and rebook for next year! The price was Doubled! So if we took RC up on their new policy same itinerary same cabin category we’d be shelling out money..... plus lose the money paid for RC’s insurance! i also noticed it seems our sailing in April has sold more cabins in last couple weeks.
  8. Omg stop! It’s because most people have little to know symptoms and are not getting tested. Plus we haven’t had the test kits out every where. There are 7.5 Billion people in the world only 100,000 cases of coronavirus. Your odds of catching the virus are very low and unless you are elderly with underlying health conditions you’ll be fine.
  9. The media always hypes it up to get us to watch! From Hurricanes to virus! Just this morning plaster all over the news they reported 2 New cases reported in Maryland like the state is doomed!!’..... give me a break this is a flu! And let us not forget it is an election year! I’m not buying into the hype and I’m not concerned nor am I running to the store for hand soap as I always practice good personal hygiene.
  10. That rate is incorrect. The mortality rate is more like .6% This is based on S. Korea data who has more throughly tested their population. Most people are not being tested until present at Doctors/Hospital. Since majority who contract the virus have minor or no symptoms similar to cold or flu they are not seeking medical attention. Once USA starts testing more widely we will see a rise in cases with decline in death rate. There are around 98,000 people that have tested for CoronaVirus globally with a population of around 7.5 billion. 80,000 of those cases have been in China. China has had no new cases in 48 hours. Media is hyping this up. It isn’t the first virus scare we were all going to die from! Bird flu, swine flu, Norovirus, SARS, Ebola.
  11. Ukigirl, Thank you so much for sharing your feelings. I’m beginning to feel like something is wrong with me. Husband is not retired but I am, happy marriage and we cruise 1 or 2 times a year. I so want to take a solo cruise! With a couple of books, my own schedule etc! My DH gets it and thinks it’s great. But I hear so much grief from family & friends. “Why would you want to go by yourself!!!” Like I am opting for a lobotomy or something! I haven’t booked a solo yet but I will soon. So glad I’m not alone in wanting to cruise solo!
  12. I’m not so sure government & big business don’t always do the right thing! Sometimes they care more about their bottom line then people so they take risks!
  13. I’m not so sure government & big business don’t always do the right thing! Sometimes they care more about their bottom line then people so they take risks!
  14. 12 shouldn’t have even been let on ship to begin with. No one who has travel through or from China. Should be allowed!
  15. I was told they will be applied to my cruise 2 weeks out.
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