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  1. I pin them on my beach bag. DH had a hat he’d put them on....unfortunately he lost the hat guess he’ll have to start over! 😆
  2. Sad! Grandeur is one of our favorites sailed her several times! I hate to see smaller ships going away being replaced by mega floating resorts! 😞
  3. Was just going to say that I’ve never heard of fields & selects........you’ve said all I need to know! Definitely bringing my own!
  4. Thanks! Not much on decaf so I’ll be bringing my own!
  5. I saw their desk!
  6. We just took first cruise as Gold.....had bowl of fruit & got an invitation to returning guest party....other then that.....nothing. I went to guest services and asked about other things I’d heard we got.....they say no that’s all you get fruit and invitation to party.
  7. I just got off Armonia on Monday. We had OV Fantastica cabin. We had early dinner in Macro Polo Restaurant @ 6 pm. First seating guests where suppose to go to the 900 pm show. Second seating to the 7:15 show.
  8. Under frequently asked questions on Royal Caribbean’s website it states pack all medications in your carry-on to avoid them being lost or stolen. The key programs lists dropping your carry-off bags to be delivered to stateroom. Any reasonable expectation would be they would be secure by RC. I was on MSC cruise last week. The morning we got off they offered you could drop off your carry-on bags until it was time to disembark. It was in movie theater, crew member stood in front of door, no one went in/out except him. It was very well done.
  9. 5 years ago, within 24 hours of exiting a cruise DH & I came down with Noro-virus. It was the worse 4 days. So now when we cruise I take the peroxide wipes for cabin and naturally take all the same precautions I’d use in any public space. Wash hands throughly, use tissue for door handles, avoid using handrails, etc. Last week we were sailing on another cruise line. Public areas had the hand sanitizers machine but crew never said a word to guests about using and most walked right by them. I was shocked at the amount of women in restrooms that never washed their hands or just barely ran them under water. Needless to say Got off ship at 0900 and was sick at 10 pm that night. Luckily not as bad as first time! I have heard there are new hand sanitizers that do help against Noro-virus Has anyone tried?
  10. I just got off Armonia this morning! We had a great time! Our Cruise Critic M&M was about 75 ppl and was very well done! Will be writing a review soon!
  11. On their website it says room service is included with Fantastica experience....... ????
  12. We also will be on ship Monday! Our first time on MSC! Looking forward to it!
  13. To each his own I guess. I’m married to safety man and we don’t take the chance. And although we avidly read reviews we take them with grain of salt. Just like one bad experience is all experiences neither is one good one. Plus you never really know who’s putting the information in a review out there.
  14. We are always afraid to book though a 3rd party. Years ago had friend on another cruise line book a tour though 3rd party. Their bus broke down returning to ship.... Ship did not wait for them! They had to fly to next port at their own expense!
  15. kidless

    New to MSC

    This is really new to us. Have never done this on any other cruise line. We sail Monday on Armonia so assuming we will encounter this also. Will we need to do immediately upon boarding or is there a grace period? Will we be able to have a drink before doing this or should we rush to do it. Are lines long to do this?
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