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  1. Ukigirl, Thank you so much for sharing your feelings. I’m beginning to feel like something is wrong with me. Husband is not retired but I am, happy marriage and we cruise 1 or 2 times a year. I so want to take a solo cruise! With a couple of books, my own schedule etc! My DH gets it and thinks it’s great. But I hear so much grief from family & friends. “Why would you want to go by yourself!!!” Like I am opting for a lobotomy or something! I haven’t booked a solo yet but I will soon. So glad I’m not alone in wanting to cruise solo!
  2. I’m not so sure government & big business don’t always do the right thing! Sometimes they care more about their bottom line then people so they take risks!
  3. I’m not so sure government & big business don’t always do the right thing! Sometimes they care more about their bottom line then people so they take risks!
  4. 12 shouldn’t have even been let on ship to begin with. No one who has travel through or from China. Should be allowed!
  5. I was told they will be applied to my cruise 2 weeks out.
  6. We tried it once thinking one last thing we could prepay and not worry about. We didn’t feel it was worth it. My husband is pretty big drinker and he will hammer them the first couple of days but then he slows down a lot. Plus all the port days you’re not even on ship. I tended to drink more than I normally would feeling like I needed to get my money’s worth which just made me really tired! We take Brita filter water bottles for water and 2 bottles of wine. Not fancy coffee drinks. Then buy drinks we want. It all depends what works for you.
  7. Be truthful and ask on board. If it’s a no then respect the rules. Don’t teach your child to cheat when rules don’t suit them.
  8. This drives me crazy! They always come as we are getting ready to eat.....or have a mouthful of food. Food comes out like warm at best they want us to stop and pose! Not to mention we stopped buying the over priced photos long ago!
  9. On our cruises 25 years ago luggage was always delivered inside the stateroom. Usually one piece would be placed on the bottom of bed. Then it was just left outside the cabin. On our last cruise all the luggage for our corridor was lined up by the elevators. Perhaps it was a staging area but we’d never seen that before. But I dare say it saved the workers some work as everyone was grabbing their bags and taking them with them.
  10. kidless

    Cabins Ready

    Leaving on Divina in couple weeks out of Miami. Does any one know what time you can access staterooms? Since it’s a 3 day cruise thinking of just carrying on my luggage .... is that allowed! Thank you tried to search for answer to this but couldn’t find!
  11. I’ve smelt smoke drift over to my balcony on just about every cruise. I could never tell where it came from. It wasn’t strong and I’m not sensitive to it so it didn’t bother me. I know some smokers that say they always smoke on their balconies and have never had anything said to them.
  12. We were on Armonia in September they had one enclosed smoking room and I heard there was small section in casino but I never smelt smoke or saw anyone smoking. Never smelled smoke on deck either think it was just allowed on one side. Maybe there weren’t many smokers because other then the few in smoking room never saw or smelled!!
  13. We’ve been on over 20 cruises with Royal Caribbean, Carnival & Celebrity. We went on our first MSC cruise September 23rd and we loved it!! Matter of fact loved it so much we booked another MSC cruise for December! ..... plus they status matched our Diamond status from RC!!!
  14. I think the policy of teens not being left on board while their legal guardian is in port is a legal issue. Example; If your 15 year old falls and hurts himself on ship medical care can not be given with out consent from the legal guardian. Even Grandpa & Grandpa can not legally give permission. The younger child left in AO you have already signed permission for medical treatment if needed. Perhaps a solution would be to plan before leaving on cruise and get a Notarized permission form for the adult (Grandparents) that would be on board with the teen to have authorization. I’d bet money the policy probably stems from an earlier lawsuit where medical treated an unsupervised teen on board without parental permission!
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