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  1. I know this is an old thread, but we'll be in Bar Harbour / Acadia in about 3 weeks. I've read here (and maybe someplace else) that it's easy to just flag down a bus (as you mentioned) and they'll stop for you if there's space, even if it's not an actual stop. Can you give any more information on that? Or is it really as easy as getting to the road at Otter Point (after the hike/walk) and flagging down a #4 from the road? Thanks!
  2. chechya

    Portland ~what to do on our own?

    These threads can be hard to follow sometimes!
  3. chechya

    Portland ~what to do on our own?

    Scroll back to the previous page, posts around the end of Jan, and the question is answered there. Looks like people were saying about 1 hr before arrival.
  4. chechya

    Shops selling rum

    Not the most brands, but we highly recommend the Guavaberry Emporium. They have island-made rums which are delicious. Unflavored and flavored. You can sample all you want and purchase a Guavaberry colada.
  5. chechya

    Concierge Amenities

    We were on Summit in March 2017 in concierge and they provided shoe shine. We just asked room attendant.
  6. chechya

    Bar Harbor - tender

    Thanks! Always good to know where the restrooms will be.
  7. chechya

    Bar Harbor - tender

    This is extremely helpful, thanks. I'm interested in walking over the sandbar to Bar Island, or at least a little way out, and low tide is at 8am that morning, hence the idea of getting off right away. Not sure if walking out is worth it or not, but I figured I'd at least even see if it was a possibility with timing since I've read you have 1.5 hours on either end of low tide to do it. We are huge National Parks enthusiasts (lifetime goal to see all of the parks, we've done 14 so far) so we definitely are looking at getting to Acadia and spending most of the day there. Did you book through the NPS or one if its concessioners? Right from the nps Acadia site? Thanks again for taking the time to write a detailed response. Very helpful!
  8. chechya

    Bar Harbor - tender

    We are sailing on Royal this July and we've never done a tender port before. Can anyone tell me how early one can expect to be able to tender in to Bar Harbor? Ship gets in at 7. Are the tender boats first come first served or is there a ticketing system? We're on Adventure OTS so not one of Royals huge ships. Any other info re: tendering that's useful to know in advance? Thanks.
  9. chechya

    Portland ~what to do on our own?

    Thanks so much for the info!
  10. chechya

    Portland ~what to do on our own?

    Thanks so much for the info!
  11. chechya

    Portland ~what to do on our own?

    We have a port side balcony this summer and are super excited about the idea of seeing the lighthouse from our room. Do you remember by any chance how early it would be? Would an hour before scheduled arrival be enough? Or earlier? Thanks!
  12. chechya

    St. John "On Your Own" Tour

    Or it could be that we had to leave St John around 330, rather than 4.... I just consulted the VI now dot com site (great site, btw) and it says that the public ferry ride from Charlotte Amalie to St John is approx 35 mins.
  13. chechya

    St. John "On Your Own" Tour

    You're very welcome. Please note, my times were estimates as I didn't keep exact track. We had also considered going it alone with the Red Hook ferry (this was the first cruise ship excursion I've ever taken) but were happy we did this one. There are no "what if's" with traffic (except on St John I guess, but I find that situation to be less likely). You know you have a seat on the shuttle boat, unlike the situation on the public ferry as far as I understand. The pick up and drop off to/from the ship was so close it was ridiculous. We even had about 15-20 mins to look around at the little kiosks at Crown Bay dock before getting back on the ship, so the trip very well could've been less than 30 mins, I honestly don't remember as we had a phone mishap while on St John (they got wet, iPhones ruined and ALL trip photos lost on my husband's phone) so we were a bit preoccupied on the return. However, I think it's even worth it just for the sake of not having to worry about traffic, which ferry to catch (will you get a seat? etc). I'm looking at it again for next March and it looks like the price for us would be $39, but I still think we'd do it for ease since Celebrity docks at the further from town Crown Bay (vs closer to town Havensight). I hope the excursion goes well for you and that my estimates were fairly close - would love to get an update upon your return, Printingchick!
  14. chechya

    St. John "On Your Own" Tour

    We ended up doing the "Ultimate Island and National Parks beaches" tour in March of this year from Celebrity. However, we were on the same shuttle boat to St John as the "On Your Own" excursion. I also don't understand why it didn't leave earlier, that said, we did have a decent amount of time on St John, I'd estimate around 5 hrs. I think we had to be back at the shuttle boat at 4 pm or so, with our ship leaving at 5. I think the ride was between islands was approx 30 mins. The location of where you get on the shuttle boat was EXTREMELY close to the ship, like literally a 2 minute walk tops. It was very convenient. We are planning on going back to St John next March and will likely do the "On Your Own" excursion next time.
  15. chechya

    Shorter cruises?

    I don't know if it's unusual or not, but we're on a 5 nighter in the Eastern Carribean on Mar 27 of this year.