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  1. And yes, I do know the vaccine does not stop you from being infected, it's efficacy is in the severity of the virus if you do catch it. So, if you are 35, and get infected, you might not have a high risk of death, but you can surely be sick for 2-3-4 weeks ( and out of work). And be less symptomatic if you do catch it, therefore possibly shedding less virus. And tha'ts important if you go to work, as opposed to a 69 year old retiree who can stay home.
  2. I think some of you are not seeing the big/bigger picture of "essential". The factory worker isn't just at a Ford factory, they're at a glass factory making bottles for vaccines. Or a machine shop that makes a part for a tool that keeps the supply chain of the medicine YOU need going. Yes, they might be younger and healthier, BUT, if the virus gets a hold in one of these factories and a good chunk of the workers, while not deathly ill, are still quarantining and there might be a slowdown of production. And how do you think the products, both vaccine and other medicine
  3. From the Joint Committee of Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) Brittish. I expect the US ranking to look pretty similar. The priority groups are ranked as follows: 1: residents in a care home for older adults; staff working in care homes for older adults 2: all those 80 years of age and over; frontline health and social care workers 3: all those 75 years of age and over 4: all those 70 years of age and over, CEV individuals (not including pregnant women and those under 16 years of age) 5: all those 65 years of age and over 6: adults age
  4. And that was my point of my alcohol post. We make the decision to sail despite having to pay for something ( booze) we do not use. There is value to us as a whole product even though we are subsidizing others. This too, may very well be the way the shore ex work. You'll just have to pay whether you partake or not.
  5. My bolding... Yes you do pay for it ( one way or another). We don't drink, but we do pay for alcohol consumption. We've always felt we should be able to "opt-out" or get a credit for not consuming alcohol, just like excursions or air. In order to not have included liquor we've sailed Oceania some, but often, the ships are too big, or don't have the itinerary we want. We just have to deal with paying for others scotch, champagne etc...
  6. I agree!! I am all about getting vaccine(s). I just wanted to share our Shingrix experience. When it happened, I could find nothing but anecdotal experiences of what we were going thru. Nothing on the official web-site with the potential side effects. Absolutely, would not hesitate to at all to get jabbed again. I get flu shot, and all other recommended immunizations. Even had titer panel done to make sure the childhood ones were up to date.
  7. Both DH and I had the Shringix. He had "flu" like issues for 24-48 hours. We BOTH had an itchy rash. Me on my side, he on his leg. Kind of like a case of pox. Lasted 14 days. We had this reaction after the 2 shot. We had the 2nd jab right at 2 months after the 1st jab. We now wonder if you wait longer if you have less reaction?
  8. In regard to cruising, theoretically, loads will be "light" for a while. If using the who gets in line 1st, all I've read is first responders go 1st ( medical and hospital), then nursing homes/long term care facilitiy residents and then prisons and jails. Then come the 65 and over. So, think about this list. 1/2 of those ( institutionalized) will not be cruising. Then you get to the 65 and over. What about the couple who one is 66 and one is 63?? And the ones who are 68and 70, who both can get the vaccine, and cruise as extended families. Adults and children will not be part o
  9. That is why I was telling my experience of the airports. There are also those on the plane, eating one cheeze-it every 5 minutes, also, to keep the mask off, but me keeping my mask on the entire time with not eating or drinking, and the airflow and HEPA filters, it for me was the least risky part of my journey. The airports were a mess. If people are insisting on traveling over Thanksgiving/Christmas and the mask non-compliance carries on, it's not going to get any better.
  10. I just flew, 50 minute flight, 45 minute layover in Atlanta, and another 50 minute flight to final destination. I was appalled at resturant/bar I walked by from my A gate to my C gate. Shoulder to shoulder, every table filled, not a mask in sight there. And, just walking thru the airport, the "trick" to not wearing a mask, appears to be carry around a coffee cup. I put my mask on when I parked my car at my departure airport, and didn't remove till I got my rental car at my destination. Not a single thing to eat or drink. Sat in my seat, and just listened to music and no contact
  11. If/when the 1st people to receive this after Thanksgiving? are the healthcare providers, I assume it's to keep them as safe as possible to care for the absolute huge wave of hospitalizations that are about come. I feel so badly for them. I don't think the US will force anyone either, but since this is a Cruise board, I suspect the cruise lines, and a lot of countries WILL require proof of immunization. So some travelers are going to have to decide how much of their anti-vax philosophy they're willing to stick with.
  12. We're not the only ones wondering what will get us back to "normal" and what that normal will look like in travel. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/covid-vaccine-travel/index.html
  13. What I wonder about is the maybe 30-50% who say they will NOT take the vaccine. That is potentially 100 to 160 million people in the US. Does the virus still run rampant? Isn't herd immunity at least 70%? What % of infected ( unvaccinated) end up hospitialized? 10-20% ?? Thats a LOT of people. That still leaves an overburdened healthcare system. Certainly that does not mean everything goes back to normal. Human cost + economic cost seems devastating if those people cannot be convinced to take the vaccine.
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