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  1. @MNgardensI haven't received this new survey, but it sounds very much like one I did receive some weeks or even months ago.
  2. Let's hope they listen to the pretty resounding NO to piped music!
  3. Are you "having a laugh"? Of course you are allowed in your on board "bubble" in all areas. What was being addressed was large scale moving of signs to create large groups. That is not currently allowed.
  4. That really is very disappointing! But that unfortunately is the nature of some who feel they are above the rules put in place for the safety of everyone. Some of those similarly careless rule-breaking people have been responsible for outbreaks of the unmentionable in Australia. You are quite right as far as not being trained in "enforcement" and it should not be necessary for them to be trained for something that is well outside their "job descriptions" . . . shop assistant or beautician to name a couple. Some years ago I did overhear a male musician (not a permanent crew member) on hand sanitiser duty in Windows say to a belligerent male cruiser who was refusing to clean his hands during an outbreak of gastro brought back from an overnight at Luxor "don't make me call security." The cruiser did not have a valid reason for not using the sanitiser as some do, he simply wouldn't or couldn't be bothered prior to the musician's words. No way a diminutive beautician could have the same effect as that musician. Heightened sanitation was in place until the end of the cruise and the ship was deep cleaned between cruises. As for the large groups . . . I wonder why nobody thought to go to Guest Relations to have Security check on the area? On a happier note . . . hopefully . . . I'm sure those of you who do meet up in Lanzarote will have a wonderful time. Enjoy! ☺️
  5. It's ongoing. I have to clear cookies (top left lock symbol) at least once a week. Like mask wearing it has become a normal part of life. 🤔
  6. That's disappointing . . . surely either the tour guide or the Azamara staff member on the tour (or both) ought to be ensuring that masks are being worn properly! (I have assumed that tours are accompanied by a crew member as previously.) Trish
  7. It seems we have it relatively easy in Australia. Our Vaccination is loaded to our personal Medicare records, which we can easily access securely. My certificate is now on my phone, as we are required to : (a) check in with a QR code at every business we visit and now as we come out of lockdown, (b) we also have to show proof of Vaccination on entering most businesses other than supermarkets. Both (a) and (b) have become a normal part of our daily lives.
  8. Azamara have always been excellent at ensuring food safety as far as allergies are concerned. I am allergic to shellfish & crustacea and they look after me very well! 🤩
  9. Yes indeed . . . however : In commenting on the list posted by gerelmx I was merely pointing out for anyone unfamiliar with the geography of Australia & new Zealand, that it is nigh impossible to start or end a cruise in first or last listed places of call such as Doubtful Sound or Milford Sound as well as others which do not have docking facilities for cruise ships.
  10. The cruises as listed appear to be missing in many (if not all) cases a start and end port. Possibly may all be round trips Sydney to Sydney, many with a couple of sea days at either end.
  11. Indeed you never do know . . . we have been at a Captain's Table (on another line) with other regular cruisers and first time cruisers. Our thinking was that the long time cruisers were "recruited" to help convince the first timers to return. 🤔 😀
  12. Thank you all for your replies.
  13. We have previously cruised in Aqua Class and are looking to upgrade to a Celebrity Suite for cruises in a year or so, after the glitches have been ironed out of opening Australia's borders. We are not as young as we used to be and sleep at different temperatures, so prefer twin beds to sleep comfortably. I have searched widely, but have not been able to find any pertinent information regarding splitting the queen bed to twin beds in a Celebrity Suite on Eclipse. In particular, looking for information on the rearrangement required to accommodate the split within what appears to be a smallish separate bedroom. We would appreciate hearing from anyone with relevant information. Trish
  14. Heike posted on Facebook on 24th September : "It is relatively quiet lately here on Pursuit as all the workers have moved to Journey to get her ready for her #ReturnToService...she departs Cadiz on Sept 29th to Greece ....then it will be our turn for the final touches." Hope your cruise out of South Africa goes ahead Robb. It has been a bit unsettled in the region lately. Cheers, Trish
  15. Robb, I don't have a date, but Journey went in to dry dock when Quest left to start cruising. Journey is about to come out of dry dock and Pursuit will then go in. Probably won't be out much before the first listed cruise. Azamara Reminiscing on Facebook keeps one fairly well up to date with what's happening on board. Cheers, Trish
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