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  1. I have searched various Q & A's, but have not read anything that seems to me to relate directly to this quandry. I know I have seen other Q & A's, but can't seem to locate them today. Maybe tomorrow . . . Meanwhile, hopefully Bonnie may see this and have an answer. We have not as yet parted with FCC's ☺️ and will hold on to them for now!
  2. All we know is what Peter was told today, which does not seem to be right, hence my query to Bonnie & Jazzbeau. If you have paid cash prior to lift & shift it goes with the booking. If you have used FCC with the booking then surely it should also go with the booking when lifted & shifted, not be "lost"! Hopefully Bonnie might be able to look into what we were told.
  3. @BBMacLaird @Host Jazzbeau Wondering whether you can shed any light on information we were given today when enquiring about "Lift & Shift" We were told "be careful, because if you have used FCC on the booking, it will be lost when you lift & shift" Surely that cannot be right???
  4. 😄 Thanks for the laugh! 😄
  5. I read on social media that this promotion is available on the Norwegian website, so I did some research. There are 16 flags at the bottom of the page in question. This promotion shows on all except four of those websites : Australia, New Zealand, Ireland & United Kingdom!
  6. Next year's prices are way over the top down under also. Enjoy family reunions! We are still separated from our family by state borders, but can meet with friends within the same state.
  7. Thanks for your response @BBMacLaird it is most disappointing to see that an AZAMARA PROMOTION is offered in one part of the world to cruisers who may well be on the same sailing as cruisers from other parts of the world, who for an inexplicable reason have been excluded from this AZAMARA PROMOTION. Once again one wonders why cruisers from different parts of the world are treated differently? We would like to be able to ask the person or persons responsible for this discriminatory promotion for an explanation. Is the person responsible for Australian promotions resident in Australia, or in USA?
  8. Might it be offered to the rest of Azamara's world wide cruisers at some stage?
  9. I had a look at a couple we are interested in, but as @Fatfish discovered, the fine print does not include the $500 OBC, only the 50% off second guest. Will follow up with Azamara later.
  10. We received our refund about a week ago, but only following some intervention by Azamara Australia although we had transferred the booking to a TA. She just did not seem to be getting anywhere. That intervention stemmed from a comment by me on social media that it would be more to the point if refunds were processed in a timely manner rather than constant new advertising via email and social media. Riocca has been refunded within the past few days. Some others have posted on the Roll Call that they have been refunded . . . some partly . . . some fully. @jhepf1222 you don't indicate where you live, but in most cases refunds to UK, Canada, Australia & New Zealand definitely seem to have taken longer than to USA.
  11. Michelle has finally made it home to Canada. ☺️
  12. It's sad to see the vulnerable become food for others, but at the same time it maintains a necessary balance in nature.
  13. A fairly ordinary looking bird is the Grey Butcherbird, but it has a really lovely call. This one at my home in New South Wales some time ago, an infrequent visitor. Your steak thief in Queensland may have been Pied, Hooded or Black variety of the Butcherbird species.
  14. I really hope you do have this all sorted very soon! More than a "little" computer glitch in these frustrating times!!
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