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  1. @jagoffeeHow do you like the Villa?
  2. I wonder: IF you test positive while on board (although fully vaccinated) and have to be isolated on the ship. Do you get to stay in your own cabin or is there a different (roped off) area on the ship ?
  3. I am really glad to be able to profit from your experiences so thanks @all for your input!
  4. thanks a lot Randy, that does help !
  5. thanks everybody so much for the input ! @Schmoe38 if I may add some follow-ups? - did you experience any difference in the level of service between the S-class PH and the EV on edge? -is it possible to order dinner (/lunch) from specialty restaurants to the suite on edge? - is it possible to fill the plunge-pool yourselves or can only the butler do that?
  6. Thanks @chemmo @jelaine and @ipeeinthepool for your perspective. That was exactly the kind of information i was hoping for.
  7. thank you for taking the time to answer, @upwarduk. As to Itineraries: Sil: Canaries (Southampton - Lanzarote - Teneriffa - Gran Canaria - Lisbon - Porto) Apex: Iceland/Ireland (Amsterdam - Akurejri - reykjavik - Belfast - Dublin - Cobh)
  8. I am having a very hard time deciding and hope I may bother you for some advice and input. Background: This will be our very first time in a Suite (on a Celebrity Ship). We love a quiet and intimate / subdue atmosphere, fine dining (had the very best experience in Murano ) and are the relax in our cabin / on the balcony type of cruisers, who do not "use" entertainment/shows. Although rational reasons like a more interesting itinerary and closer embarkation port steer towards the Apex, I am leaning towards Silhouette: The Edge-videos I have seen seem to suggest that it caters to a younger crowd - which may mean less calm??? Luminae is not as intimate - maybe even noisy? And the specialty dining options seem less appealing (I would hate to miss out on Murano - Fine Cut seems not to be a match if I read the reviews correctly, Eden seems a little too queer for our taste / there does not seem to be an option like "Sushi to go" but I may be mistaken on that one) I also read that since there are twice as many suites on Apex compared to M/S-Class-Ships, the "attention" / individual service you get is reduced? (Since this is the first and probably last time, we will be in a suite, I would hate to miss out on the pampering) Price is about the same on both cruises, (Apex : Edge Villa, PH on Silhouette). I do hope, you can help me make an informed decision. Thanks in advance.
  9. The title says it all: I am looking at booking an RS on Apex and the Website states: RS - Infinite Veranda. I did not find this in the specifications at Celebrity's website nor in any review so I am wondering if this is true, a mistake, or an exaggeration (=floor to ceiling windows). The virtual tours show windows that do in fact resemble those of the infinite veranda staterooms... Maybe any of you stayed in an RS on the edge and can tell me? Thanks, kr Sana
  10. I emailed Celebrity about this last week and the answer was Yes, the Royal Suite still comes with the Premium Bev and Wifi for all guests. Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk Pro
  11. Thank you for taking the time to answer. I meant the piet hein garage near the PTA. Celebrity used to have an arrangement with the garage for reduced parking fees during the cruise (it used to be 15E (at least that is what I have been told)) Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk Pro
  12. Is it (still) possible to get a discount on parking at the PTA in Amsterdam through Celebrity?
  13. If I make a new booking no, pay the refundable deposit and have to cancel prior to final payment. Will I get my deposit back in cash or in fcc? Thx Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk Pro
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