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  1. thanks for the explanation. Mind sharing what more detail about what I highlighted above? (As I said, it's been 5-6 years since we did the Divina.)
  2. We sailed on the Divina several years ago, and enjoyed the entertainment - particularly because it was so different from what other mass market cruise lines offer. Generally speaking, Can anyone tell me what sort entertainment is offered now? In the showroom AND in the bar areas? (Comparisons to Celebrity are especially relevant. We've been sailing them for the last few years because of the perks. But now that MSC is offering an all inclusive with alcohol, that changes things.)
  3. Thanks. I just found one of the big online agencies that still does.
  4. We cruised on the Divina several years ago and enjoyed ourselves. My husband heard an advertisement with some excellent sales prices that included alcohol for the Caribbean. So I contacted our regular BIG online TA, who says they do not book MSC. Then I looked at the online site for the big box store. Their cruise department does not list MSC either. Then I looked at another large TA site, and it does not list MSC either. Has MSC stopped participating with agents? (We are US Based)
  5. We've been in this situation several times, always with the same result with X. Most recently on our cruise in April l 2019. The compensation we've been offered was a better located cabin in the same class. No upgrades. And ONLY if cabins in that class were available. Note that we book GTY, which means our initial cabin is always in a far art or far forward crappy location -which is obviously fine with us or Elsevier wouldn't be dumb enough to book GTY. Our price drop compensation is a cabin of the same category located midship.
  6. My first cruise. On princess, 25 years ago, solo at 35 years old. I ended up with the Italian first officer of the ship. The land portion of the cruise was 8 weeks later in northern italy. 😍, The relationship continued for about 1.5 years. . .
  7. These: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B005LXPSFI/ref=sspa_mw_detail_4?ie=UTF8&psc=1&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUEyRDQ3S1JNVDdGU0QyJmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUEwMDE2NjYyWU1UTkYxUTlLU1lTJmVuY3J5cHRlZEFkSWQ9QTA1MzMzMzMyWU1PNllSVlNNVzZYJndpZGdldE5hbWU9c3BfcGhvbmVfZGV0YWlsJmFjdGlvbj1jbGlja1JlZGlyZ also available from ebags.com I've used those things for 10+ years, use and abuse them frequently, and they still look like new. Lighter weight than most others (which is a big deal for me because I never check luggage, regardless of the length of our trip.) PS several years ago, I bought some extras from the Amazon Basics brand. BIG mistake. They were heavier and stiff. I should have returned them. Only time I've been disappointed with the Amazon Basics stuff.
  8. Sorry, but I'm not buying this. We returned from a 14 day Japan/S Korea cruise in April, 2019. There was significant population of Asians on that cruise. Many did not even speak English and translators were available with posted hours. We even had scheduled excursions in Japanese. Besides the usual Asian buffet items, Not one single Asian item turned up in MDR or buffet. Except in Sushi on Five, of course. PS the Asian food in the buffet was pretty bad; however, the Indian food was unusually good.
  9. Do you have any of your prior invoices? Maybe hiding in your email? You'd be surprised at what pops up when you do a search (yes, even stuff that you've moved to to trash.) Otherwise, you MIGHT have some luck with the Wayback Machine. Or this. http://www.andreasentravel.com/SharedPage/CelebrityCruises-September2015. Google cruisefares 2015 Celebrity and scroll down to pageb2, 3, etc. You'll get links to pages like this. here's a link to a pdf of itineraries from 2015-2017. http://www.creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Flyers/15044155_CEL_Charters_Incentives_9NT_or_less_cruise_flyer.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwiZpJ_5l6DiAhWxct8KHX1MAMQQFjAKegQICBAB&usg=AOvVaw1lBUUAjox-gIH1OJ8XVQWc
  10. No doubt passengers complained about the eliminated or limited availability of those items. And continued complaining post cruise here on Cruise critic!
  11. I'm not one of those complaining about the food. But I TOTALLY disagree with your premise. Your comments make me think you expect people to remember each course of every meal they ate, and critique them all. Even though they are it weeks/months ago. To suggest that other people's opinions "are just not credible" is baseless, AND pompous.
  12. All quite accurate; however, I'd guess that 90% of the population couldn't tell the difference between dry-aged, prime and choice beef except by the price. When it comes to food, most people value quantity over quality.
  13. I'll recognize that it may be delicious, but it cannot be called a "cheese steak". It has neither cheese nor beef. Even their own menu doesn't use the words cheese or steak. WIZKID PHILLY grilled seitan, mushrooms & onions, rutabaga wiz, long roll
  14. Whether we like it or not, Celebrity will decide ALL these issues based on the bottom line. As long as decreased services, food, etc don't decrease income and profit (they are NOT the same), they have no financially sound reason to change. That is the nature of capitalism. AND it's the goal of every corporation: best results for their stockholders. Don't like the changes? Vote with your dollars. Take your business elsewhere. IF that affects the bottom line, something will improve. But I don't expect that passenger booking will decrease. New cruisers will arrive and not compare to the good old days. Those with their precious loyalty status will continue to book and *****.
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