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  1. The do not call list was worthless from the start. They exempted politicians - allowing themselves to make solicitation calls to get votes.
  2. Dude, even IF Celebrity reads this, they have no way of knowing your name or how to contact you. WTH did we all do 15 years ago when internet wasn't available? I think we cruised and had a better time.
  3. Really try to see the kilmarrin Gaol. Really interesting and well done tour.
  4. I'm well aware that hand washing is better than Purel - when its done PROPERLY. But people aren't doing to at all. In a crowded situation like a cruise ship, Purel would ABSOLUTELY be better than nothing. As for avoiding the buffet, not everybody can use Blu or Luminae. For some meals, the buffet is our only choice. There's absolutely nothing at the entrance of any other restaurant on the ship. I know there's no tongs in the MDR, but we all don't share stuff at those tables: pass the butter and brad rolls, please. THEORETICALLY, soap and warm water is a better solution. But even with very few passengers using the troughs, there are lines. And people won't wait on a line if they don't have to. In multiple visits to or thru the buffet, I've seen exactly ONE staff person at the door directing people. That a how I found out about the troughs in the first place. They are well hidden. At least put the dispensers back, and let passengers have the choice. Prediction: expect to see higher numbers of noro outbreaks on ships.
  5. Arrived on the Millennium yesterday, dumped the bags, and headed up to the OV buffet. Looked for the Purel sprayer person. None. Looked for the DIY Peel dispenser. None. I asked a staff person who pointed to a fairly hidden area with four sinks. 24 hours later, I've seen damned few people using those sinks. I suspect many passengers don't even know they exist. Those that do are there for maybe 15 seconds. (What happened to save the oceans? For each person that actually washes their handsb at least one paper towel is added to trash.) There are still a few Purel machines around the ship. Not many, and at least one was empty. They do still have a staff person squirting when you get back on the ship. But nobody at the entrance to the MDR. I'm absolutely not a germophobe. I eat at street stalls in Thailand and taco stands in Mexico. But this is the very first time that I'm concerned about getting 'cruise ship cooties'. Was this part of the Edgification? Whoever approved that probably forgot to check with the Chief Medical Officer.
  6. I've never seen a "vegan menu". There are always vegetarian options on every menu, but those won't be vegan. (I know there's a big difference.) We know a family of four who ate vegan who have cruised a couple of times on different cruise lines the last few years. They spoke with the head chef in the MDR and the buffet, and contacted special services before the cruise . The ship tried pretty hard to work with their vegan requirements. They enjoyed their cruises, but all felt the options were limited and it was a bit of work. They all ended up eating some non vegan choices during their cruise.
  7. Thanks for sharing a good story to hear. We have seen similar situations on planes and have the same feelings of loyalty to Delta Airlines. I hope you're friend has a successful recovery. I also hope that he purchased travel insurance for medical and evacuation expenses. He's looking at tens of thousands of dollars from this. WAY above the ten grand that you get from the coverage included in policies sold by cruise companies and most credit card plans.
  8. Good idea, but I kinda doubt if X is going to deal with a financial negotiation between passengers. Regardless, The TA ought to be paying that hundred bucks.
  9. I believe those were situations where the cruise fare dropped and people wanted compensation via an upgrade.
  10. We are sailing Saturday. I received another move up offer on Friday morning! (No, we weren't interested. Perfectly happy with our OV cabin.)
  11. I'm not wearing a Halloween costume ANYPLACE. Nor am I going to buy a yoga or white outfit that I'll use exactly once. I feel the same way about formal wear. I guess I'm no fun. We're with FogFog. Carry on only. We've gone away for land + cruise vacations that exceeded a month without checking a bag. And rarely use ship laundry. Wash stuff in sink (I travel with 8 lightweight wooden clothes pins) and occasionally drop stuff off at a one day wash and fold in port. The $50 cost to do a bag of laundry in X really pisses me off. THAT'S truly taking advantage of a captive audience. Just like a glass of wine at the airport. I We do check the bags in the way home if it's free. I keep hoping they will lose them so they will give me money and I'll go shopping. Alas, I lost a bag only once - On an outbound flight about 35 years ago on a business trip. Which is exactly why I never check bags on the outbound flight. plus we never complain about the supposed lack of storage in the cabins. Never even noticed it.
  12. Which strikes me as really bad marketing. Somebody gets all excited about MAYBE getting an upgrade (that they are willing to pay for), then gets to the pier to be disappointed to find they didn't win the auction. Bummer way to start a cruise. 😩
  13. My reply might have been this: "What are you trying to imply, you miserablen obnoxious f!%k?" If I were in a good mood, it might have been: "Thank you so much for the compliment on my clothing! I shop at Fendi, Channel, St John, etc. When I find something i like, I buy everything they have in my size. Thank you for noticing!" Yeah, it probably would have been the former regardless of my mood.
  14. Considering the cost of checking bags on airlines and the general hassle of handling bags when traveling, I'm all in on that. "Varied wardrobe"? Why? Totally unnecessary, imho. It's not like I'm ever gonna see my fellow passengers again (with rare exceptions). And as long as I'm clean and dressed appropriately to the stated dress code, I really don't give a rip what a stranger thinks of my attire. And I give others the same respect.
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