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  1. Actually, I enjoyed the old movies from TMC. 🙂
  2. Not that we saw on the mera YESTERDAY.
  3. Except private messaging is disabled on cruise critic. Frankly, I very much doubt anybody from MSC is going to address the entire housekeeping staff because of one anonymous report.
  4. If you have the Easy Package, it's not useable in the specialty restaurants.
  5. If that were true, dontcha think the reviews on TA and CC would have steadily improved? The complaints on here are pretty much the same issues over and over - doesn't look like their listening / reading too closely. IF MSC is reading these boards, they won't take any action on our experience with our cabin attendant. They can't identify him. Surely no one believes they will call out the entire staff about this?
  6. If the divina is the same choices as the mera is (Carribean), this is what they had this morning in English. * CNN And BBC. * TMC * FoodTV, HGTV - Both curated to show only certain programs. Commercial free. * Two other channels (forget the names) that were curated that only showed stories of paranormal experiences and ' Naked and Alive.' Commercial free. * Except for CNN and TMC, everything was infomercials during the night. Pretty dismal.
  7. Seriously??? News flash: most Americans only get 2 weeks of vacation. To call them "silly" for not selecting to cruise "yearly, if not more" is nonsense. (I'm NOT defending or complaining about MSC's expiration program. Your comments and assumptions are what ticked me off a bit.)
  8. I think my earlier posts explained how and why we handled it. The Mera Feb 16 departure.
  9. Actually, if one is sailing in 'the cheap seats' of a basic inside or OV cabin, the cost isn't THAT much less than other mass market choices.
  10. Yep - 1.5 days. We looked at that as An unexpected mechanical breakdown. Stuff happens. The rescheduling of the Cirque show at the same time as the other show was much more annoying. A human decision that was stupid and entirely avoidable.
  11. jkgourmet

    Formal Nights

    No - because our easy package isn't accepted there. That said, we walked by them SEVERAL times. Not more or less dressy than anywhere else. Note that some tables are outside of the restaurants on the balcony of the promenade.
  12. 1.5 days of no hot water for the entire ship. $50 compensation. We wondered about the kitchen. Are they able to wash the dishes, etc in hot water???? We've no idea. We decided not to ask; either the response woukd be upsetting, or it Might be a lie. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.
  13. I'll be doing a full review in about a week, when my level of frustration is back to a reasonable level. I DO believe in fairness. But, briefly, the food in the MDR at dinner and lunch was good to very good. The service at dinner was outstanding, but flat-out lousy at lunch. The food at the buffet was at best uninspired and boring, at worst awful. The Easy package is functional, but really annoyingly stupid. Entertainment in the showroom - best we've seen in 25+ cruises. A VERY mixed bag!
  14. jkgourmet

    Formal Nights

    Sea days. Not required unless you want to dress up - and a surprising number of people did. Mostly Europeans.
  15. Not able to dock. 😞 You've already read of our unpleasant experience with the cabin attendant. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2736217-what-our-cabin-attendant-did-and-its-not-good/ The ship also had 1.5 days without hot water ($50 OBC). There was a cancellation of the Cirque show scheduled one night for "technical difficulties. It was rescheduled for our sea day at 3pm - exactly the same time as the cruise director (Gene) show, forcing us to make an unhappy choice. At Costa Maya, Guest relations told us there were no shuttles from the ship to the port. The long walk was too much so we remained on board (and enjoyed the quiet ship and FINALLY getting a chaise lounge). We learned later that there were shuttles. Our luggage remained undelivered until 6:30pm. /end of rant.
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