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  1. Judyrem - Thanks! Sounds easy enough. Pam
  2. Late to the discussion but where do you go in for the snorkeling? We're headed out in a couple of weeks. TIA! Pam
  3. Very nice. I could see making that work for formal night with the right accessories. Question: at at skirt - blue or green? LOL
  4. Looking forward to your thoughts. We're on the Edge next February. But what I really want to see is a pic of your light saber skirt. I'm intrigued!
  5. That's exactly what was being offered - you could choose either a morning half or afternoon half. I assumed if offered they had figured out how to track it. Regardless, full day it is. Still not sure how we're doing this but we've got time to worry about it. Thanks!
  6. Well, there you go. Just checked and the 1/2 day pass isn't available on our sailing either. I wonder if they sold out or decided not to offer those any more. Interesting!
  7. Did any of you use the slides and "rides?" We'll be there in November and trying to decide if it's worth buying a half-day or full-day pass. Thanks!
  8. Open minded to suggestions or opportunities?
  9. Thanks very much for the first night info. We will taking your advice and heading over to our choice restaurant when we first board. Excellent news for us! Pam
  10. I have enjoyed your pictures and report. Thank you! Can you please answer one last question: what happened on the first night? Did you get assigned a restaurant and a time? Everything I've read says RCCL will let you know your dinner location and time for the first night through a note in your cabin. Thanks again...Pam
  11. Wow - this is making me think we need to do the unlimited dining option when we go on the Navigator. Excellent write-up and perfect pics. Thank you! p.s. Any other Navigator recommendations? First time for us.
  12. Thanks, Ramidon1. I was wondering if there would be some growing pains, and it doesn't surprise me that there is. Hopefully these things will be worked out by November when we are there.
  13. Twangster - simply outstanding photography and honestly these are better than any brochure. Just wow. Were you at these venues at 3am? How in the hell did you get these places so empty?!? I don't like people in my pics so I'm just drooling. Oh, and totally looking forward to our mini-vacay in November. Dang. Pam
  14. Sorry for the late reply. Life happened. Anyhoo, to your questions: 1. Yes, mostly photo stops but plenty of time to see what needs to be seen. The aloe factory was the tour. I learned a lot there. Who knew? 2. No deposit required. Paid cash at the end of the tour. I think some gave him the money at the beginning. We also included a tip which was definitely earned. Sonny was the best. 3. Sonny had a sign and was waiting for us near the door of the cruise terminal. Easy to spot and right where he said he'd be. Very comfortable bus too. 4. Yes, I used the contact us link/email on his website. Sonny and his team were very responsive. I told them which tour we wanted, how many people we had, our ship, date in Aruba and he said he'd meet us at 10am in the cruise terminal. We added more CC folks at we got closer to sail date and he was able to accommodate us. Once I went through the website and provided my email, all my contact with Sonny's team was through email. Very easy. I hope you decide to go with Sonny. He clearly loves Aruba and is a fantastic guide. Have fun and enjoy your trip! Pam
  15. FWIW, consider reserving early. Since there are a max of 14 per sailing, it fills up quick. Enjoy your cruise and whatever excursion you decide to do. You can't go wrong with this one. Pam
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