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  1. How much was the taxi to El Morro? There used to be a trolley - is that still running? TIA!
  2. Got up late? Too much fun the evening before? LOL been there... We're treating SXM as our chill day. Oddly enough, trying to figure out what to do on our day with no scheduled excursion is actually harder than the day with the excursion! 😳 What to do and where to go on the day we aren't "going or doing" anything?!? Thanks for the tip - now I've got a third place to check out. Although we do enjoy a good water taxi... Haven't heard a bad thing about Rainbow. Appreciate the response!
  3. Great info - did you reserve your loungers in advance? Just walk off the ship and grab the nearest cabbie? Thanks...
  4. How much is a taxi to Grand Case? Trying to decide if we do that or rent a car. TIA!
  5. Thanks so much for a great review. We're sailing Edge for the first time in two weeks. I appreciate the info on the MDR or MDRs, really. We'd like to try them all but also really enjoy getting to know our waiters and asst waiters. Dilemma! LOL I found your review because I was looking for info on Grand Case. I'll look up the Rainbow Cafe. Did you rent a car because it was cheaper/comparable to a taxi? I saw some pics from Fort Louis and they looked amazing. I was thinking about trying to go there, take some pics and then go to Grand Case. Pam
  6. Came across your offer to send the name badge template. So you don't think it's spam, can I send you an email requesting the file? TIA! Pam
  7. Hey! I've also got a spreadsheet and some info docs to share - see attached. Info doc is the text I cut and paste into a CC post to let folks know Might be the same as you have, but willing to share. I've done the same thing, as Tom - have everyone put their own money into the machine so that they know what happened. I also use a spreadsheet on a clipboard to keep track of names and amounts. Admittedly, it's been a long time since I've hosted a slot pull so things may have changed! Good luck and have fun! Pam The Slot Pull Info.docx Slot Pull Rules.docx Equinox Slot Pull Sign Up Sheets.xls
  8. Judyrem - Thanks! Sounds easy enough. Pam
  9. Late to the discussion but where do you go in for the snorkeling? We're headed out in a couple of weeks. TIA! Pam
  10. Very nice. I could see making that work for formal night with the right accessories. Question: at at skirt - blue or green? LOL
  11. Looking forward to your thoughts. We're on the Edge next February. But what I really want to see is a pic of your light saber skirt. I'm intrigued!
  12. That's exactly what was being offered - you could choose either a morning half or afternoon half. I assumed if offered they had figured out how to track it. Regardless, full day it is. Still not sure how we're doing this but we've got time to worry about it. Thanks!
  13. Well, there you go. Just checked and the 1/2 day pass isn't available on our sailing either. I wonder if they sold out or decided not to offer those any more. Interesting!
  14. Did any of you use the slides and "rides?" We'll be there in November and trying to decide if it's worth buying a half-day or full-day pass. Thanks!
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