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  1. http://crew-center.com/royal-caribbean-use-three-australia-based-cruise-ships-repatriate-crew-members-home
  2. I really wouldn't expect anyone answering phones, would have the ability to get an answer about what will happen when cruises resume. That's something, hopefully, all cruise lines/ health organizations will figure out and have a Uniform requirement. They stopped "voluntarily" but my guess, and it's a huge guess, but when they resume the CDC/WHO will get involved in issuing guidelines or at the very least suggestions for the cruise lines.
  3. Carnival Cruise Lines will be making an announcement this week.
  4. Ships sailing out of Singapore, and ships sailing through Canada have all been impacted differently due to port closures. ◦ Canadian ports will remain closed until July 1st, 2020. ◦ The Port of Singapore will remain closed through May 2020.
  5. It makes sense to do it in 30 day increments. if for no other reason, to help reps handling refunds in a timely manner.
  6. The use of the word "was" indicated to me. They are referring to the current suspension.
  7. This is the letter, for those that didn't receive it From the desk of Michael Bayley President and CEO of Royal Caribbean International Dear JEFFERY, Your inbox is full of emails from various companies, and I debated adding to that. But as Royal Caribbean has processed the thousands of emails, calls and messages about cruise cancellations around the world, one continued trend has kept us going. That’s the outpouring of support from our Crown & Anchor Society members and guests. I wanted to reach out to say thank you for that, from the entire Royal Caribbean family. Your words of encouragement and the memories you’ve been sharing have been uplifting to our employees during these times — and I hope you have found something positive in them too. Like throwback posts about your past Royal Caribbean vacations and how you can’t wait to get back to Oasis Class, Perfect Day at CocoCay, and everywhere else you have traveled with us. And your many wishes that we’ll be back in operation for milestones like birthdays and anniversaries. Thank you for continuing to consider us for your special moments. We are privileged to serve you. Suspending our entire operation, while an extremely hard and stunning decision to make, was the clear choice. The whole world is grappling with the unprecedented. We all must do everything we can to contain this virus. Royal Caribbean has a history of supporting communities in tough times, weathering the storm — sometimes, literal hurricanes — to come out stronger and wiser. Many of you have been through it with us. There’s a destination waiting on the other side of this, and I can’t wait to get there — together. Stay safe everyone. Michael Michael Bayley President & CEO Royal Caribbean International You received this message because you provided your e-mail address to Royal Caribbean. To ensure delivery to your inbox (not bulk or junk folders), please add royalcaribbeaninternationalsalespromotion‌@rccl.com to your address book. If you do not wish to receive any further communications from Royal Caribbean, please click here. © ‌2020‌ Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Ships' registry: The Bahamas. All rights reserved • 20073055
  8. They have their page set up to select just 1 passenger. Then just sort the results by price. You can follow this link and change the variables of ship, destination, duration https://www.ncl.com/vacations/1-guest-?cruise=1&cruiseTour=1&cruiseHotel=1&cruiseHotelAir=1&numberOfGuests=4294953450&state=undefined&pageSize=20&currentPage=1&sortBy=Price&autoPopulate=f&from=resultPage
  9. Helen Thanks for sharing,it does sound like a very full day. I'm excited about the entire cruise,but feel like seeing the pyramids will be the highlight and where I will take the most pictures.
  10. December 30th Allure and Harmony will be in Coco Cay. Jan 11 Allure and Navi will be there together
  11. You have to change the calendar to 2021 to make the Med itineraries bookable
  12. Hello Thanks for the information. Im doing the 14 day cruise in 2021. Im curious about the time with the Pyramids. Was the time rushed or did you have some free time to explore on your own?
  13. I think they were doing something with the website yesterday. I couldnt find it either for awhile. This is the link if you are still having issues. It appears the 11 inside category is sold out and the 10 inside category is now $80 higher. All in total $1630 https://www.celebritycruises.com/itinerary-search?dates=2021-04&destinations=T.ATL&departures=FLL
  14. For those that like time to plan. It's a decent deal for Celebrity. 16 day Transatlantic Fort Lauderdale to Amsterdam on Celebrity Relflection. $1550 all in for an inside. They are running a BF/CM deal. $25 deposit, $200 obc and pick a perk..beverage package, wifi and prepaid tips
  15. A couple of hours ago that one and the April 2021 TA from Bayonne to Southampton were bookable, guess they are having some issues with the site.
  16. I usually go to a third party site when trying to book the studios. On the Royal site it will often default and read " we will pick your room" rather than giving you the option to see the studio cabin options. If you want a specific room, its easier to see whats available on a third party site, then if you want to book with Royal call in and ask for that specific Studio cabin.
  17. Just to add to the list Empress has 4 Studio Oceanview rooms
  18. You have 2 months https://www.royalcaribbean.com/content/dam/royal/resources/pdf/next-cruise-booking-terms-and-conditions.pdf 4. Changes: CHANGES FOR NDN BOOKINGS: For Guests who make a NDN Booking,  changes made during the first two (2) months after the debarkation day of the cruise during which the NDN Booking was made shall not be subject to a Change Fee;  changes made to the ship or sail date after that two (2) month period has expired shall be subject to a Change Fee (currently $100 per person but subject to adjustment without notice);  Each time the guest changes the ship or sail date of a NDN prior to the final payment due date, payments made towards the NDN Booking will be applied to the balance of the modified booking and a $100 per person service fee will be charged to the modified booking. After the final payment due date, changes to the ship or sail date are not permitted and would be treated as a cancellation of the booking.  if the modified NextCruise Booking would have (under the Royal Caribbean International deposit requirements applicable in your country of residence) a higher minimum deposit requirement than the Non-Refundable Deposit required for your original NDN Booking, you must pay to Royal Caribbean International the difference between that higher minimum deposit amount and the Non-Refundable Deposit by the final payment due date.
  19. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/travel/florida-cruise-guide/os-tr-cru-royal-caribbean-odyssey-of-the-seas-florida-20190913-7bntubj7xrarbjefok7jj6my5i-story.html Excerpt: The ship will sail the winter months out of Port Everglades sailing the Western and Southern Caribbean including stops in Aruba and Curacao, and then spend summer in Europe in 2021.
  20. Someone on your Roll call will have to step up and organize one.
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