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  1. I sure hope not, but for my $$ sake, DH and I have to hope for the best and plan for the worst and do what we feel is best for us. A year ago, not one person on these boards could have predicted COVID-19 and what it's done to the US, not to mention the world......but here we are. What a mess.
  2. So you only got hit with a $50 fee? Ours is an ES fare, so if we cancel, it's my understanding that we'll get hit with a $50 per person fee. Deposit was $198, so $98 as a FCC, but if they go bankrupt, all is lost, in addition to our 3 other cruises. But many have way more tied up than we do for sure.
  3. I e-mailed my PVP last week since we have a final payment due July 13 for an October 11 cruise. She said nothing about this - sounds like CCL isn't telling all of their PVPs everything. Thanks for this info - this would certainly help us if that's the case. I'll contact her again. We currently have only deposits tied up in 4 cruises, and we aren't booking another cruise until they are running again, which will probably be a few years if any of them survive. Bankruptcy for most, if not all, lines is looking more likely every day. We are trying to minimize how much $$ we could possibly lose.
  4. If this helps others here, I contacted my PVP. She said the $50 pp cancel fee will still apply. She said she MAY be able to extend the final payment date by one week, but to contact her one day before it's currently due. More than likely we'll cancel and take the $100 hit and apply the the other $100 to a FCC since there's no refund available, per the current cancellation policy (ES fare). Our October cruise will probably end up getting cancelled, but if CCL ends up filing bankruptcy, we'd rather lose $100 than $1600. And we still have three others booked w/CCL and PCL after this one.
  5. Thank you! How early? I am on CST - wasn't sure what time their lines open. It would definitely be better for them to let me move my deposit.
  6. Exactly what I'm afraid of - 2 hours! Ugh! IMO, they should definitely make an exception. We'll see. I may try e-mailing a PVP and see if I get an answer that way. I have e-mail addresses for 2 PVPs, but I'm not really sure if they are still with CCL.
  7. Haven't tried as I know their lines are packed. It's an Early Saver deposit so we'll get hit with a $50 pp fee. The remainder can be used as a FCC according to their policy.
  8. In the exact same situation as you, but for Oct. 11. Our FP is due 7/13. We may cancel and just eat the $50 pp fee and apply the FCC to another cruise......IF that even happens. We also have a December 2020 cruise booked, but I doubt that happens either.
  9. I've made a note to revisit our issue a week prior to our final payment due date. Even though it will cost us $100 in fees, if things are drastically better we'll be cancelling our Oct 11 cruise. No way do I want to be on those first few cruises as a guinea pig - I'm just sayin'. Plus my employer has restrictions in place that require a 2 week quarantine upon return for those who take a cruise. 😞
  10. We are in a similar situation with a July final payment date, so this thread is helpful. Surely by then we’ll know more about the August 1 startup as to whether or not it happens. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. We are optimists as well but doubt our Oct cruise will sail. And I sure wouldn’t want it to sail if it was going to be one of the first “trial run” cruises! I can’t see anything sailing before November but we’ll see. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. We are booked on Freedom for Oct 11. Our final payment is due in July. I just hope if CCL cancels it they will let us know before then. But I’m losing faith. We are optimists and really thought an Oct cruise would be a go......but here we are. I just can’t see it happening, especially with the big spikes in TX. And now we are having big spikes here in AR. If it is cancelled we’ll be taking a road trip for that week. Fingers crossed that our Dec Vista Cruise sails. What a mess. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. My morning coffee my hubby brings while I'm still in bed; CCL pizza; Guy's Burgers; Blue Iguana Burritos; Chocolate Melting Cake...... and ALL of the crew members who serve us the wonderful food! I can't wait to see them again! 😍
  14. Sorry for your family tragedy. So glad you booked your cruise and wish you a wonderful and restful time! Also, I loved your side note - made me laugh! The only thing most of us here are CRAZY about is cruising. I sure hope cruising survives all of this. I just can't imagine never cruising again. My husband and I absolutely love it - it's our passion! (I'll probably be called crazy for THAT statement!) We've not been to Amber Cove, but we do love Grand Turk. Prayers for you and your family and happy sailing! 🥰
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