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  1. Thanks to the OP for starting this thread - I have laughed out loud so many times today!!! Keep the funnies coming - I think we all need this right now!
  2. Only things we haven't booked are our airfare and pre-cruise hotel. Airlines are cancelling flights left and right so I'll wait on that. However, not sure how far out they are cancelling flights right now??? (Hey, ktn315: I love your avatar! Looks like my fur baby who just passed. :()
  3. I don't mind at all. It's the Endicott Arm excursion, just before the ship arrives in Juneau. This is the excursion where they offload you onto a smaller boat and it goes up into Endicott Arm. You then meet the ship back at Juneau later that day. We've done this same one in Tracy Arm - absolutely amazing! Yes - I had to pre-pay.
  4. We have a Sept 2020 cruise booked through PCL - we are holding in place right now. Too soon to decide IMO. We've only booked one excursion, and it's through the cruise line. It's one that usually sells out prior to sailing. Honestly, DH and I do not plan to cancel this cruise. Only way we will not go is if PCL cancels it for us OR we were to have a family or medical emergency. I just hope we can get flights to get to the port of embarkation. Time will tell with all of this for sure. I just hope the industry survives. It's the ONLY way we vacation. 😞
  5. So true! Life is so short - and tomorrow is no guarantee.
  6. Thank you for this update. We are booked on Emerald for September 2020 - remaining positive that she will still sail. It may seem silly, but I'm truly praying the cruise industry survives this, which I think it will. Not just because it's our favorite vacation, but lots of people (hard working people!) and jobs are involved. Also praying for the US for the same reason. Blessings to all here!
  7. My husband and I were just talking about this very question. Thanks for posting and for the answers. Sad times for the cruise industry - praying it will recover quickly when this subsides. I booked a 2021 cruise yesterday - too good of a deal to pass up!
  8. Thank you! Seriously looking at Mardi Gras as well. If there's ever been a time to get behind our cruise lines it's now! Keep those sales coming!
  9. Stop for a moment and be thankful to God that my sweet husband and I are blessed enough to be cruising......again! Our next cruise in September will be another Alaskan cruise, so doubly blessed! And yes I'm staying positive that it will still sail. Thanks to the OP for this POSITIVE and fun thread! Let's all stop and count our blessings - I guarantee you you'll forget about this CV situation if you do! 😀🚢
  10. We will be sailing to Alaska on PCL in September 2020. We booked this cruise in October 2019. Our cruise includes Endicott Arm, which connects to Tracy Arm. We’ve done the excursion on the smaller boat that you referred to. AMAZING!!! Probably our favorite excursion of any cruise! The excursion didn’t show up in our list of excursion options until a few weeks ago. Keep checking this list - I’m sure it will show up. If you decide you want to do it, book it ASAP. It usually sells out before the ship sets sail. As suekel indicated above, it is very cold - just bundle up and you’ll be fine. Definitely use gloves, a scarf and an ear band in addition to your coat. You can always go inside if you get too cold on the deck of the boat, but we spent most of the day outside. Scenery was just too gorgeous to miss!! The boat also has binoculars for you to use as well as a very good keepsake map - and yummy Juneau coffee. Enjoy your Alaska cruise if you do book this one - Alaska is absolutely amazing! It’s our favorite cruising area for sure.
  11. Maybe boarding won’t be delayed too much after all?
  12. Subscribing to this topic - we’ve received the same message. Not sure when to arrive at parking lot since previous passengers need to leave in order to free up spaces. Will make for a mess of debarkation/embarkation today for sure. According to the marine traffic website, Dream and Vista aren’t expected to dock until 11:00 and 11:15 AM respectively.
  13. Thanks for the input - very helpful. 🙂
  14. We've just returned from Glory on Sunday and loved the ship. The first thing we noticed was brand new carpet and furnishings in all of the public areas/lounges/theater. For an older ship, she is in great shape IMO. We had a balcony cabin, and the balcony could have used a deep cleaning, but I expect those areas are hard to stay on top of since they are outside and on the sea 24/7. The crew was fabulous as well. Food at buffet and in MDR seems to be a step up from our past CCL cruises. Glory is a good sized ship: not massive, but not small. Easy to find your way around once you get used to avoiding the dead ends as a result of how CCL places their dining rooms. We don't have children, so I can't speak to that aspect, but it sure looked like the kids on our cruise were having a blast. We've never tried NCL, but plan to do so in the not too distant future. Both embarkation and debarkation in NOLA was SO easy and smooth! Shows in the theater were also very good. Have fun whatever you decide!
  15. We just returned from Glory yesterday. Our luggage arrived at our cabin around 4:30, even though we had the priority tag on it. (On our previous CCL cruise, our luggage arrived shortly after we boarded, around noon.) Our neighbors in the cabin next to us were also priority, and their luggage arrived shortly after noon for this cruise. We were getting nervous about ours, but were relieved when it arrived - at least it arrived! :) Thanks for the FTTF/# of P&D cruisers info in your post. I had never considered that factor, but it certainly makes perfect sense.
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