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  1. Hi Just received my ETicket and it seems that there are still doing Hi Just received my E ticket and they will be giving the luggage labels at the departure airport as we are on the same cruise Happy Cruising see you on board. NFORMATION ABOUT LIMASSOL, CYPRUS To check in your bags in the UK you'll need to visit the Marella Cruises stand. We'll attach your cabin number to your bag to speed up the process at the other end. Once you've landed, collect your luggage and make your way through to the Arrivals Hall. A Marella Cruises Advisor will meet you and direct you to your transfer coach. When you reach the port, your luggage will be taken straight to your cabin. You'll also be given a welcome envelope with your onboard account card inside. Your onboard account card doubles as your boarding card, so you should keep it on you at all times - you'll need to show it at the gangway and when you pay for something.
  2. My daughter is planning her wedding in Disney 2021 so I was looking at a 7 night cruise with 7 night stay and the prices are on par with just a stay at Disney so this give me the option of a nice cruise to relax after her big day.
  3. Hi Jim just checked and is still showing for Oct 2021. Exciting if this is right
  4. Thanks both of you I will check out all sites and keep my fingers 🤞
  5. Did not want to hi-jack BLJ1s post however found it very useful for my Christmas cruise on the Dream. Went on to what's in port (forgot about this) old age setting in.) and when checking it looks like the Dream is not in any of the ports that is on my list of ports of call except Ashdod, do you think they have pulled out of Turkey, Alanya and Marmaris without telling anyone yet, does anyone know how much in advance does TUI notify customers of any changes to their ports. Thanks
  6. Thank you to all, i have cruised for many years and marella my go to cruise line. I like to use YT however this sometimes throws up more questions than answers. Things change constantly on cruises and you can do your research then find out that it is out of date info where asking on here with all the people in the know and just cruised on a specific ship can give the right answers without making anyone feel uncomfortable (stupid is not a word I like to use)is more helpful than any other search engine. Happy cruising
  7. Recently on the boards what I am finding is that when anyone asked a simple question about anything to help to enhance their cruising experience wherther they are first time cruisers or not it almost (not all the time )turns into a slanging match. I used to love checking out the boards to see if there was any new tips I could pick up or give, now I feel that this is not the community that once was. I think we should get back to basics and a true and honest reply without slagging off the community, I know everyone has an opinion myself included however we all need to respect this. I for one are now hesitant in asking questions because of this.
  8. My thinking behind this 1 when off in port you can always return have a nice relaxing lunch change into swimwear and still be able to have a sunbed to go to relax. 2 Maybe even have a lie in after a wounderful late night without the hassle of setting your alarm to get up to go get your favourite spot(tongue in cheek) because if you don't have this then you can not leave this spot as your towels will be taken away so no going back to bed no going for breakfast with family as someone has to guard the sunbeds. 3 No other cruise line does this...... finaly any any little improvement is better than none. Cheers
  9. I don't think you are getting the point, especially when I said that it would only be if you pre booked your cabin and that you are only allowed 1 sunbed for each person in the cabin and would only be allocated to half amount of cabins on board that is why it would be first come first served so there would be still spaces and beds available just my thoughts to a more relaxing cruise experience happy cruising 😊
  10. Are we still giving ideas???? if so here is mine. When you pay to pick your cabin you can also pick a dedicated space with sun beds for all in the cabin. The would solve the age old subbed run and making the cruise more relaxing it would be on first come basis. Once the pool attendant has put out the sun beds in the morning then a sticker is placed on the bed with cabin number.
  11. Jim that made me lol cos I know that feeling retired early (very early) to help out as it is a lot harder on the the young ones these days
  12. Thanks Molly, I know they are delicious I was just hoping that they were included as I enjoy a nice latte and hubby a cup of tea and will be able to get this at any bar after 10am for free and bring a nice pastry from the buffet, I know we will pay the up charge as they are sooo good. I don't understand then why they include the coffee port in the premium if you still have to pay for your extra treats. 😫
  13. Jim that's what grandparents are for these days sad to say. Happy cruising
  14. Hi everyone I know what is included, drinks, cans of Irn Bru (don't need to pay the £1 extra) as hubby does not drink alcohol, and coffee / tea in the coffee port, however is the delicious cakes included in the coffee port also if they are then that might be a deal breaker 🤞Thanks in advance to you all for you great knowledge.
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