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  1. It was not TUI's decision to close their shops it was the government as holidays/cruises were non essential. So therefore TUI's hands were tied. (Yes they could communicate better but with having to reshape the way the business worked would have put more pressure on them) There is a lot of companies out there that will never recover from what is happening just now. There is a lot of people that is no longer with us that should be. I am no defending TUI or any other company. As I have said I am owed a considerable amount for my cancelled cruise at the end of May and I have a holiday booked for August(full deposit paid) still to pay the balance middle of May. ??????(and they still want it) What I am trying to say is there is always two sides to a story and not everyone sees the full picture. every one stay safe and hopefully this will just be a bad memory and will be sailing on the high seas again.
  2. I have kept out of this argument until now. Yes I am owed money as we were due to cruise on he 30th of May I have not called TUI for a substantial amount of refund as I am respecting their advice. I think we have forgot why this happened and we should find the positives in that we will live another day to cruise maybe not this year but in the future. All keep safe and well. 🙏
  3. Hi obiwan8472 Welcome, the Dream was our first cruise many years ago, and now we are hooked, my opinion is you can catch this virus here just going to your shopping centre or supermarket cause as everyone says not everyone will self isolate as recommended. I am sorry that you were once excited and now dreading it. I have been looking at booking the Dream for the 12th April for a nice bit of sunshine before my Norwegian cruise on the Explorer 2 at the end of May. I do hope that it all goes well and you and your family have a wonderful time.
  4. COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Passengers on a German cruise ship moored in southern Norway received clearance to come out of a 24-hour quarantine after two of them tested negative for the coronavirus, Norwegian officials said Tuesday,. Officials in the coastal town of Haugesund learned Monday that two passengers on the Aida Aura had contact with someone a week ago who did test positive for the virus. The infected individual wasn't among the cruise ship's 1,200 passengers. The two people on the cruise were removed from the ship to be tested for the virus while the other passengers had to remain on board. "There is no need to keep the passengers in quarantine,” Teis Qvale, a doctor with the Haugesund municipality, said. All now seems ok
  5. My policy is though my bank account so have no worries there however was so looking forward to cruising Norway, would be gutted if it got cancelled, 🙁but it is always better to be safe than sorry. 🤞Fingers crossed that a vaccine is found sooner than later. Hope everyone keeps well for lots of more years to happy cruising. 🛳
  6. I have just paid my final balance yesterday for cruise to Norway at the end of May, I was not aware that Norway and Iceland could bar entry, now getting a bit worried 😩 they were happy to take my money without updating me with any issues.
  7. Hi Anyone just returned from Ancient Affair on the Dream, I would be interested in knowing your thoughts on your over all experience of the cruise, places you visited what was good what was not so good how was the weather etc etc etc everything, the good the bad and the ugly 😂😂😂 So that I can get a feel for what I can expect in 4 weeks Thanks in advance. SB
  8. Hi I am new to the FO forum however my BF is new to cruising and has not yet joined the Cruise Critic family, and has booked the Christmas and New Year cruise on the Black Watch 15 nights leaving on 22nd December from Southampton. As I have never cruised from Southampton I could not answer her question. Port parking. Where is the best place to park? Can you do this via Fred Olson or website for parking? Are they any hotels near the port that if you book a room for the night before will allow free or reduced parking for the duration of the cruise? (flying down is not an option) BF other have is scared of flying 🛫 And finaly for now😂 What is the average price per day? if these questions have already been asked 😐 sorry thanks in advance for all you great knowledge.
  9. Hi Just received my ETicket and it seems that there are still doing Hi Just received my E ticket and they will be giving the luggage labels at the departure airport as we are on the same cruise Happy Cruising see you on board. NFORMATION ABOUT LIMASSOL, CYPRUS To check in your bags in the UK you'll need to visit the Marella Cruises stand. We'll attach your cabin number to your bag to speed up the process at the other end. Once you've landed, collect your luggage and make your way through to the Arrivals Hall. A Marella Cruises Advisor will meet you and direct you to your transfer coach. When you reach the port, your luggage will be taken straight to your cabin. You'll also be given a welcome envelope with your onboard account card inside. Your onboard account card doubles as your boarding card, so you should keep it on you at all times - you'll need to show it at the gangway and when you pay for something.
  10. My daughter is planning her wedding in Disney 2021 so I was looking at a 7 night cruise with 7 night stay and the prices are on par with just a stay at Disney so this give me the option of a nice cruise to relax after her big day.
  11. Hi Jim just checked and is still showing for Oct 2021. Exciting if this is right
  12. Thanks both of you I will check out all sites and keep my fingers 🤞
  13. Did not want to hi-jack BLJ1s post however found it very useful for my Christmas cruise on the Dream. Went on to what's in port (forgot about this) old age setting in.) and when checking it looks like the Dream is not in any of the ports that is on my list of ports of call except Ashdod, do you think they have pulled out of Turkey, Alanya and Marmaris without telling anyone yet, does anyone know how much in advance does TUI notify customers of any changes to their ports. Thanks
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