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  1. Glad to hear that the dream is still awesome. The dream was our first cruise which got us hooked on cruising. Been on the Dream a few times, Island escape discovery 1 and 2 and the Explorer, but the Dream is first in our hearts. Just back from Caribbean on an other line, glass mirrors and loads of bling, had a great time but still told everyone about the Dream.
  2. Hi Guy Sadly I will not be on this cruise, however I am looking to to do this next July so will be looking forward to hear all about your travels. I have sailed on the Explorer and loved it, therefore if your questions about the ship then fire away. I will try and help as best I can and I am sure more people will help also.
  3. It was just that I booked this over a year ago and followed the boards on CC and you tube, maybe I expected a more personal experience. We did enjoy everything so no complaints. Can I just say that anyone no matter what experience you took that even in the YC in the top sail lounge I had to go to the bar after waiting over 1/2 hour for a drink and it was not busy, so yes the staff is stretched,
  4. I call myself the crazy Scottish lady, now you know why. What I will say is that we met lots of very nice people on this cruise from all over the world and that's what made it a cruise to remember.
  5. Hi Bea You assume right, we were on the fabulous Seaside. Don't get me wrong we had a fabulous time and the extra you pay for YC was worth it for the peaceful surroundings.
  6. Only my opinion. Cruised a lot in the med first time in the Caribbean and first time in the YC. We are a married couple in our 50/60 years I booked this for my HD for his 60th birthday as a surprise. What we liked was that we could find a quite place to relax, however it was not what I was expecting. On the first day at sea we could not find sun beds on deck 19 my HD likes to lie in the sun coming from Scotland we don't get much sun so it is nice to see some sun. We did get everything that was promised, champagne, food , drink, etc. Not the butler experience that was advertised or the spa experience. Butler , more of a friend than a Butler, was expecting taken to restaurants, theatre and off and on at ports. Never happened. Used the same line as everyone else. (We did not have an issue with that)Also when returning to the ship went to YC tent and was told no you can not use this gang way as we are not ready. ( everyone has an opinion on the European cruisers however one American lady was clear on saying in the lift "oh my god what is it with these people in the YC taking the elevators" where I had said "come on in the lift is for everyone"come on we are all here for a break chill out. Went to the Spa, my expectations was, butler would take you down and that you would be shown what is what eh no, got ready bathing costume on robe on went to YC service desk and asked about Spa told" take lift to deck 8 and go to Spa in robe embarrassing was expecting special lift as advertised not happening. Given 2 towels which were grubby and ripped and had to find dressing room and everything else for my self, Spa was nice but smaller than expected. We are not cruise snobs however now that I know what to expect yes we would only consider cruising YC on MSC as you pay for the peace and quite and a space to relax. Not much else.
  7. Hi We were on the same cruise, I can understand your misgivings on your review and your teacher rating however I can't see how you can give a C for itinerary as you were well aware of the time frame of the ports before hand. I know that very little time in port can effect your experience however if you do your research and know before hand the you can plan for the time you have. Not every cruise is perfect no matter what cruise line you chose , however it is what you make of it. Ocean Cat MSC Seaside is a beautiful ship whatever you decide have a fab cruise.
  8. I think it is only heavy (oil) on the drink package but they might decide to change this without telling anyone, not beer and they can only cook at the funnel where the shovel the coal for the blackened steaks yum, I am sure the YC is the 3 containers at the back with an infinity pool being the sea. This is gave me a good old lol cheers.
  9. Whether it be your first or your twenty first it is always exciting. I'm on the Seaside on the May 25 and soooooo excited and this is not my first cruise. Try and take time to enjoy cos you will be hooked on cruising and have loads more in the future. Have a great time.
  10. I done it through my TA. Being on for 23 days can amount to a considerable amount at the end of your cruise and if you prepay in might save you a couple of £'s and not get hit with fees.
  11. Hi Bea £140 for the 2 of us so £10 pppn which I thought was pretty good.
  12. I am sailing on the Seaside in May and I have prepaid my service charge which was taken as £'s so had no conversion from £'s to $ and no service charge bill at end of cruise.
  13. Thanks Bea I was just putting forward my views and that I will still enjoy my upcoming cruise no mater what changes are made as I have already applied my service charge to my booking I did not want to offend anyone and just showing that changes can be applied without notification.
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