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  1. Thanks - good to know. Wish I didn't always get a wee bit nervous doing these things on line....
  2. Key, So do you think it's better to L&S online instead of with agent? I'm just concerned coz if I get a "no" to one it throws my whole plan off..... NJ
  3. Checking cruises - Enchantment looks pretty "cheap".... NJ
  4. Well, it sure was easy when I set the Rhapsody cruises up originally!! Actually, we had cruises booked from Sept. 7th Vision straight thru to Nov. 7th. All Canada/N.E. - GONE. Who knew... NJ
  5. Just curious, if I L&S Rhapsody cruises to Harmony. Say in October if it looks like cruises may actually, would RC allow us to book a couple of the same November Rhapsody cruises again? NJ
  6. Wow - thank you. That is so great. Did a mock search & Harmony seems to be ok. NJ
  7. Thanks - that answer that!! And now I'm wondering if L&S would be even allowed with the Rhapsody cruises (which are Tampa-Tampa) for the Harmony (Pt. Canaveral-Pt. Canaveral). All Harmony cruises stop at Coco Cay. Would having Coco Cay as a port be considered as same itinerary??? NJ
  8. Great - thanks. Just realized my dates are off. My five Rhapsody cruises only go to Dec. 5th, 2021 Harmony. I would have to find two "cheapie" cruises now to be able to L&S for Dec. 12 & Dec. 19th Harmony. Question: Can I do a L&S for a Xmas cruise? Thanks! NJ
  9. We have five Rhapsody cruises booked from Nov. 7th, 2020 crossing BCN-Tampa with last cruise being Dec. 12th. Hoping to L&S all of them to five Harmony 2021 cruises - Oct.31st (crossing BCN-Port Canaveral) with last cruise being Dec. 12th. Think all Rhapsody cruises fall within L&S requirements - just need to do L&S before August 1st? Questions: . Rhapsody are both Guarantee & assigned cabins - would we keep same cabin category? what if category is not available on Harmony? . do we keep same Rhapsody pricing? do taxes stay the same? . four of the Rhapsody cruises have $100 obc from Next Cruise - does $100 obc move to Harmony bookings? . if we book Dec. 19th Rhapsody cruise now - can this be L&S to Harmony Dec. 19th too? . currently have "refundable" air booked with ChoiceAir (MIA-BCN) for Nov. 6th. Would $ just be refunded so we re-book flight for Oct. 2021? Thanks SO much. Plan to call our Agent but want to be informed 1st by all the good people at CC!! NJ
  10. Had Oct. 19th Vision (Canada/N.E.) "refundable" cruise cancelled by RC. Cruise booked with major online TA. Submitted cancellation form to RC on June 5th. Received refund of deposit to credit card on June 10th. Happy with that! NJ
  11. Great - thanks. Will definitely talk to our doctor. NJ
  12. That's a good idea. I will do a list on separate sheet. Need to download a current statement... NJ
  13. I will. 1st of seven cruises is on Nov. 2nd. Thanks for the form. NJ
  14. Great - will do then. Never in a million years did I think RC stock would drop enough to buy.... NJ
  15. Hi, Do you have to complete a separate form for each cruise? or is it possible to do all at once? Thanks a lot. NJ
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