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  1. Hopefully, that is the reason for the L&M show change. Look forward to Serenade next week to see if they follow the same program. NJ
  2. Adventure was doing Luv/Marriage was at 10 pm. Just changed it. Traditional dinner times here are 5:30 & 8 pm. NJ
  3. Don't know about the Quest,70's disco party - last cruises they were held 10 pm but now who knows what they're doing. It's frustrating coz we have to rearrange our dinner times depending on what the show is. If we know the show is going to be good, it's better to go to the 6:30 time. Seems that people prefer to stay in the Diamond Lounge for drinks instead of go to the show at 6:30 so now the 8:30 show is pretty busy. Adventure is showing movies in theatre at 9:30 instead. Trying to figure out what the reasoning is behind this change. Do they want us to go to bed early or maybe everyone should go the casino if we're bored?? NJ
  4. Hi, Currently on Adventure of the Seas. A couple of days ago, they announced shows would be at 6:30 & 8:30 pm. No shows scheduled after 9 pm. Love & Marriage game show was held at 8 pm. We've been on ship since Sept. 16th & they just made changes. Curious, are other ships now doing the same thing? Cheers, NJ
  5. Great - good to know. Our current flight to BCN from MIA arrives 8:40 a.m. We were lucky to get a direct flight this time. Do you think the free shuttles to Tarragona are only an interim thing & RC will start charging for them at a later point? NJ
  6. Our concern is that we have a number of concurrent cruises booked in Fall 2020 with one being Nov. 2-6 (Navigator MIA-MIA). As the Rhapsody is on Nov. 7th, we planned to fly from MIA on Nov. 6th for 7th arrival & go straight to BCN cruise terminal. But problem is now we have no idea how early we can get into BCN on Nov. 7th in order to catch the free shuttle to Tarragona. Shuttle only operate until 1:30 pm on 7th. Don't think flight itineraries will be out till maybe November this year? If we can't find an appropriate flight time, we will have to either cancel the Navigator or the Rhapsody. Rhapsody crossing ends up in Tampa so no worries about getting back from Tarragona. We are doing same thing this year - our cruises end in MIA so have flight booked to Barcelona leaving Nov. 8th, arriving 9th for Rhapsody crossing to Tampa. NJ
  7. Sounds like something RC would do. We are on the Nov. 7th, 2020 Rhapsody cruise. Due to other cruises already booked, we can only fly in to BCN on Nov. 6th. And no way to even see possible flight options for Nov. 2020 yet. A bummer. Hoping they will give people option to either cancel or move deposit to another cruise. NJ
  8. Thank you all. So looks like we have to get to FLL airport if we want to get a car from there or make our way to Miami airport. Cheers, NJ
  9. Wow - thanks. This was the review I was trying to find. Great stuff. NJ
  10. Hi, We are arriving Port Everglades - can we rent a car to be picked in Miami? Will rental co. pick us up at Port Everglades & shuttle us to Miami airport to pick up car there? Or if we rent to pick up car at FLL airport - which rental co. will pick us up at Port Everglades? Do they actually come into the port & pick up or do you have to walk somewhere to get shuttle? Do we just show our rental reservation to get on shuttle? Thanks! NJ
  11. Hi all, Tried to find thread that talked about Empress / Happy Hour - without success. Understand there is no D Lounge but do they have a designated place for Happy Hour? Thanks! NJ
  12. Yes, Sanjay said last nite he will not be on Adventure for crossing to FLL. Believe Clunis Daley will be HD (according to front desk staff). NJ
  13. We would SAS too but we are going to MIA airport not cruise port this time. We may try this. Can't be any worse than train from Rome to Civi port! NJ
  14. Thanks for info. Great. We just need wifi to call Uber. Will watch the charges! NJ
  15. We aren't going to the airport this time. Heading to a resort in Weston, FLL. Apparently taxi cost is about $60-70 one way. Wanted to see if Uber is an option. And as Cdn. we don't have a US service provider for cell phone. NJ
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