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  1. After a year of this, you still don’t get that this is not all about you! It is about all the others around you and your statement about only obese people getting it is beyond ignorant. Many have died and had long term illness that are not obese. You must live in a hole if you don’t know any. I do.
  2. There can be no exceptions if all cruisers are required to be vaccinated. If you can’t get vaccinated, you don’t cruise!
  3. All the cruise lines sticks rise sharply today in news if more available vaccine. I can’t imagine any cruise line not making vaccines a requirement. Most cruisers that are not science deniers or antivaxers want it!
  4. I gave the age that they will be in 2 years and there will be vaccines fir children by the first quarter of 2022 and possibly before as per Fauci and experts. Trials on children have been going on for awhile. I will not go on a cruise with unvaccinated people or children. I will cancel if this isn’t resolved. I WOULD NOT Be the one taking my unvaccinated grandchildren on. Will you?
  5. They will be 20 and 13. Why dies that matter? You are basing your assertion on something that you totally made up. There is NO evidence that Covid vaccine causes infertility!
  6. I thought that I might have missed something, but I did not. I just checked on the Covid vaccine causing infertility. NO EVIDENCE! Where did u get this from? Did you daughter get a measles, DPT, or a flu shot. No more likelihood of infertility here. My next cruise is 12/22 with my grandchildren, who have all had Covid and will all be getting vaccinated. I will not be on a ship with your unvaccinated daughter!
  7. I believe that requiring vaccination will be much less of a hurdle if all cruise lines require it. It will be accepted if one wants to cruise and has no choice.
  8. Is it really easy to cash out OBC in the casino?
  9. Same here. Me too and I am astounded that everyone on here doesn’t want to be on a ship where every passenger has been vaccinated. I do not think that the mainstream cruise lines will allow any unvaccinated passengers. The last thing they want us an outbreak. I don’t think that they will sail before kids are vaccinated, but remember their largest demographic will be vaccinated, those over 65 with $!
  10. Costco does not let anyone in without a mask. If you have a health issue, you order online!
  11. I will answer that. Those who have and will be vaccinated (myself included) will be doing their part for our country to reach safe herd immunity. Once our population reaches herd immunity, we will see our lives go back to normal. Until that happens, our lives will be altered from the normal we all have known pre-Covid. The more people who are NOT vaccinated, the more the Covid virus will mutate. The more people who are vaccinated, the mutations of the virus will be stopped in their tracks. Call me selfish that I want to see our country reach herd immuni
  12. I've already gotten my first shot.....my sister has significant allergies and has been told by her doctor to NOT get the shot. She would like to re-enter society, but this blight that you all put upon her is, IMHO, unjust. To treat her like a leper because of a health issue, which she certainly didn't ask for, makes me shake my head. She is not "selfish" for not getting the shot, she isn't "trying to kill you" by not getting the shot....she just doesn't want the shot to potentially kill her. How does she safely re-enter society (or cruise)? (I ask this to the "no vaccin
  13. No vaccine, no cruise, no exception! It’s not about you! It’s about all the other passengers!
  14. My daughter, 46, and son in law, 49, both had COVID and got their second Pfizer vaccine. He got very sick for a couple of days and she had no reaction.
  15. The only way to put an end to the mutations is fir everyone to get vaccinated! Educate yourself!
  16. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5849/ cruisers want vaccines and so do I.
  17. This is totally WRONG! I can go with the part about kids not getting a severe case, but why do you think schools are closed? It is because they bring it home to their grandparents! There should be vaccines for children available by the end of the year. I don’t believe cruising will start before they have one available.
  18. This is exactly what I would do if I ran Carnival. I would make a deal with Mexico on becoming a home port for Caribbean cruises and start working out some airfare deals to include in cruise prices. Free covid testing before flying back and a quarantine guarantee just like the AI resorts are doing in Mexico. The CDC in the US has drug their feet for far too long. If I can go to Walmart and Disney, I can cruise. Heck, even movie theaters are back open here and airlines never closed. I had to fly last month on a full plane with a person seated on each side of me. IMO, you are living r
  19. this really irritates me... I will not get the vaccine but I don't say anything like that to those that want the vaccine... as it is everyones choice. My thoughts are it would be nice for everyone to be able to enjoy the things in life they love and want to do like holidays, cruising, going out for dinner, meeting friends and family. it seems on cc some people think the people who don't get the vaccine are selfish ... but I don't think so ... people have various reasons why they don't want to have it. and that is their choice, same as it is yours to get it. however just cos you will have the
  20. I prefer to do excursions on my own for all the obvious reasons, but in this case, I don’t want people to be left to their own choices left to do as we wish out of the bubble. If the cruise lines can get away with making cruisers buy their excursions, why wouldn’t they and why wouldn’t they keep that rule as long as they can? Seems like a Bonanza fir them!
  21. I, too, am certainly hoping that vaccines are required for all! I have gotten my first Pfizer and will be vaccinated. Why would I want to be on a ship with those that are not? I don’t understand why everyone wouldn’t want this to be the case. I have rebooked for 12/22. I think that children will be vaccinated by then and there should be fast, cheap tests for boarding. Of course, I would prefer it if masks were not necessary, but I am happy to comply. As far as cruises for 2021, I would not need the cruise line or the CDC to tell me that it is not safe. I have concluded it for myself.
  22. If they don’t mandate vaccines there might not be any bread and butter. No way they will take that chance!
  23. And at least for a while that shouldn't be a reason to not require vaccinations to cruise. Sorry, if they start making exemptions for one thing then it will be difficult to not make exemptions for something else. No vaccination, no cruising - period. Amen!
  24. COVID is not horrible to the MAJORITY of the population either. I know several people who have had it and the only reason they knew was they lost their sense of taste and smell. I also know a few who had a more sever case, but said it was no worse than a horrible cold. The fact that you fear a virus with over a 98% survival rate says more about you than it does the people you claim are stupid that they don't line up for a vaccine that may or may not even prevent you from getting COVID, nor are there any long term studies to know any potential side effects. Well, I guess I know the
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