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  1. 2 hours ago, xpcdoojk said:

    ReneeFL, my point is how many people today in Miami are positive for Covid19?  1000, 2000.... ???


    If 10 or 100 show up on a Carnival Mardi Gras ship with Covid, are they going to deny the people on the ship to get off?  I think if we are talking March of 2020... maybe.  Today?  NO WAY!


    The world has changed in so many regrettable ways, but the reality is having Covid19 is not special or unique or even worrying.  We need to realize where we are!  We need to get back to life.


    I truly say, we may all be dead tomorrow but it is damn well time to quit freaking out over Covid19

    Written like someone who had has no up-close experience with people who have suffered from COVID.

  2. I am believe and hope that all cruise lines will require vaccine and I certainly hope we will have vaccine passports.  I think we have a right to know if the others are vaccinated.  

    Tge survey on this board shows that 83.5% of cruisers are willing to get a vaccine to cruise. I think people that refuse vaccinated should not be rewarded with getting on the cruise.  They want the rest of us to get vaccinated so they can benefit from the herd immunity that we created.  I have 6 people booked on a cruise and I think I would cancel if vaccinations are not mandatory.  I think there might be others like me!

  3. 3 hours ago, scorpluvsdolphins said:
    4 hours ago, Ellaleah said:



    ”Stay off MY cruise”. 
    Which ship did you charter, and what date?


    ‘My cruise” Would  be anyone’s cruise!  I wish you were smarter and less selfish.  Get the vaccine or stay home with your vulnerable body.  Why would those of us that stayed home for a yea4 and got our vaccines want to sail with you?  I can answer that.  We would not!

  4. 6 hours ago, Jared2 said:

    Having a vaccine be mandatory for a Royal Caribbean cruise is like having Richard Fain grab me by the shoulders, shake me back and forth and scream in my face that he doesn't want my money.

    So be it!  Stay off of my cruise.  I have been in the house for a year and vaccinated.  STAY HOME!  LET THE REST OF US BE SAFE WITHOUT!  You would like the rest of us to get vaccinated so that you don’t have to!  I don’t believe that any cruise line will actually sail with the unvaccinated!

  5. On 3/18/2021 at 6:46 AM, lovescats5 said:

    ds.  I think they should try a different line, maybe Princess.  I think they should have ships sail with no FLL people, just kids and over 70.  Maybe a lottery to see who can sail on what ship.  Like it's the kids fault there is no vaccination for them and then what kind of vaccine will it be.  Will it change their DNA and now it might affect their children or their ability to have children.   So I guess my family will not be able to cruise because we have a 13 yo and I am 70.

    The 13 year old wil be able to be vaccinated by the end of this year.  The dribble about the vaccine making you sterile is just that.  Follow the science and stop repeating the lies.  Yes, children must wait to be vaccinated.  Most will me able to be vaccinated by the end of this year.  Think of others.  The kids have a lot of years to cruise.  Not a right!

  6. I think vaccine passports are a great idea!  They are using them in Israel.  People show the vax passports and are allowed access into events and places that unvaxed  are not.  Worried about government knowing who is vaxed?  They gave us the vax.  They know.  This would just speed things up and allow those of us that are vaxed to feel safe.  Non vaxers should not be given the same privileges.  It is selfish not to get vaxed.  It seems to be that those who refuse are just waiting for the rest of us to be vaxed so that they can benefit from the herd immunity,which will come about from those that get vaxed.  Oh, and if you can’t get the vax, stay home.  It is not a constitutional or human right to cruise!  

  7. I have had my vaccines and have been able to move about without all that worry for almost a month now.  I feel safe!  I have seen how vaccine passports are being used in Israel.  You show it and are admitted into places or events where unvaccinated people are not.  I think that sounds great.  They do not need to wear masks.  Unfortunately in 2021, there us quite a bit of access to people getting your personal info should they want it.  There is no privacy anymore.  I am happy to allow the government to have access to my vaccination info since they are the ones that gave it out.  Don’t you think they know who has it?  It is a small price to pay to allow yourself to feel safe!

  8. 13 hours ago, ONECRUISER said:
    18 hours ago, Tippyton said:


    No SSN asked and even asked if I wanted info send to my Drs ect or not. Had 12 places ask me schedule in 14days, after first shot, even went online see if could have schedule multiple appts. Vaccine Card received doesn't even have my name on it, just Vaccine info. That one was the surprise. Vaccines(except kids) required to Cruise this Summer Yes, later on into Regular Cruises Nope. Don't see this Vaccine ever 100% Mandate, at least in US. This isnt like Kids requiring Vaccines/Card for school, they dont even require Influenza even though that killed more minors in last yr then Covid.

    If you have a vaccination card without your name on it, I’m not sure this would go too far if you were to try to use it as prof of vaccination.

  9. 2 hours ago, trvlgirlmq said:

    Well if Jamaica all of a sudden requires proof of vaccine then I guess if you want to cruise to that country you will comply. Otherwise stay home.


    I find all those arguments against a simple vaccine ridiculous. No one is saying a vaccine will be required to go about everyday life. If it is required to get on a ship or enter a country then that is certainly fair. Travel is not a right. The constitution says nothing about you having the inalienable right to cruise or fly on a plane or enter a country where you are not a citizen. 

    if Carnival does not require vaccine then my family will certainly move to a cruise line that cares more for crew and passenger safety.

    I so agree with you.  I have 6 of us booked, but if vaccination is not required, let me know where you are going.  I do not want to cruise if it has anything other than a vaccination requirement.

  10. 14 hours ago, FiremedicMike151 said:

    Antigenic shift occurs when the virus replicates.. This does not require moving to a new host.. 

    this is in direct opposition to what Fauci and the other scientists say.  Let’s see should we go with him or you?  It takes little thought.  I will follow the scientist recommendations and findings, not FiremedicMike!

  11. 1 hour ago, bucfan2 said:


    Therein lies the beauty....whatever the rules end up looking like for travel/cruising/dining/etc, you'll get to decide if you 'feel safe', and then can act accordingly....nobody should declare it's safe for you, and you won't declare it's safe for anybody else (outside of family members that you may have control over).

    How about the science?  It sounds like you would prefer to throw darts on a board to determine if it is safe.  I will stick with the science and scientists instead of your ridiculous post!

  12. 27 minutes ago, firefly333 said:
    1 hour ago, Ellaleah said:


    How do you know who has and who hasnt gotten a vaccine by their posts? Maybe they already have.


    And those of us who have been vaccinated think cruising should restart. My carnival vista for this sept hangs in jeopardy. Time for carnival to start moving toward resuming. It's time to start thinking about resuming living. Some here want deaths at 0 before resuming from the sound of it, but it's ok to cram a airplane full of people. 

    I was responding to Boatseller, who said that it was a right to be free to travel.  He’s making a lot of noise about his rights and freedom being infringed upon if he wants a vax.  I believe that he has stated he will not be getting one.  I am hoping for fully vaccinated cruises for all so that we can feel safe.  Stop fighting the science and get a shot.  Vaccines for most all is the only way to stop the virus from mutating into new variants.  We must leave no hosts for the virus!

  13. 37 minutes ago, FiremedicMike151 said:

    I see similar things written in nearly every thread on this forum and I think we need to clear something up.

    Viruses mutate independent of vaccine rates.


    The virus didn’t mutate because your friend chose not to get vaccinated, it was going to mutate anyway, it’s literally what viruses do.

    There can’t be new variants if the viruses have no place to go.  That is exactly why we need everyone possible to get vaccinated and people who refuse to do so should not be rewarded allowing them to cruise.

  14. The  nonvaxers  may cause a new mutation that the present vaccines cannot it beat.  It is a race against time.  People apparently need to be incentivized in order for us to reach here immunity and safety.  I am one who will be on the vaccinated cruise.  Allowing unvaccinated people on will not do anything to motivate people to get the vaccine and they need to for the rest of us.  So many people on here refer to not allowing the unvaccinated to cruise as though it is an inalienable right.  If you want to cruise, get the vaccine.  I read that it Israel there are several places and events that one is only allow if they can show proof of vaccinated.  Everyone inside feels very safe!   Sounds good to me.

  15. 8 hours ago, Tippyton said:

    Many expats there.  There were numerous expat "Ambassadors" there to assist tourists.  We spoke to one couple from Wisconsin at length.  True, the police can't be trusted, but I trusted them standing at the corners that they were not going to let the tourists get hassled.  I have a friend who did a motorcycle tour from TX  deep into MX with some riding buddies.  They had to be careful but their experience was what mine have been.  I've entertained retiring in San Miguel de Allende along with a few thousand expats.  Are Americans a warm and hospitable people or is all America like the south  side of Chicago on a Saturday night?  And we wonder where the term "ugly American" comes from.

    I think the “Ugly American” term may come from those that are anti immigration, but want to go to Mexico for a cheap vacation!    Oh, and let’s not forget the cheap retirement down there!

  16. 42 minutes ago, Missusdubbya said:

    I am not American, and for me it is expensive to visit Mexico.


    You sound hysterical, we get it, you don’t enjoy visiting Mexico. However continuing to speak badly of Mexico and the Mexican people is unacceptable to me, please stop doing that. 

    I am in no way speaking bad of the Mexican people, only their corrupt government which victimizes them! 

  17. 34 minutes ago, Tippyton said:
    1 hour ago, Ellaleah said:


    Mexico is awesome and the people are wonderful.  Outside the big cities the law is compromised.  Mexico has done a lot for tourism and tourists.  Some years ago we stopped in Mazatlan....after a few years of no cruises there.  We walked to downtown from the port and traveled by bus and taxi.  Police everywhere.  Did not feel unsafe one bit.  We also hired a taxi to go to Merida on the other side on another cruise.  Great day.  Mexicans love Americans and our tourist $$.  They are a warm and welcoming people as a whole.

    Mexico is full of CORRUPTION!  You cannot trust the police.  I know people that have been robbed and my last Mexico cruise bypassed Mazatlan.  Ii is a big city!  Some  El Chapo stuff that was going on.  They worship him in Mazatlan and he is a murderer many times over.  They worship him or did befire he was in prison because they are POOR and he would give them money.  There are or were idols of him around that people worshiped.   Again, if it’s so great, why aren’t the Americans at the border trying to get in there.  ANSWER:  Because it is not!  Americans only praise it on here because it is a CHEAP vacation !

  18. 2 hours ago, Missusdubbya said:

    My experience differs greatly from yours.


    I love to visit Mexico most especially the Yucatan region (so much history to see). I have spent a number of weeks there, the people are so lovely.

    There are many countries which suffer from poor quality drinking water, however I definitely don’t feel like I am risking my health or life in Mexico

    I can’t imagine why we are having a problem at the border.  You make Mexico sound glorious.  Why are the citizens all trying to leave?  BTW, I was not referring to the Yucatán, I was referring to the fact that Mexico may be more amenable to having cruises leave from there.  Why would one want to  go to the country with lesser restrictions?  

  19. 1 hour ago, Moviela said:

    The pot is about to boil over with other states looking at Florida and Texas and wondering why they are suffering ridiculous restrictions. Today Sen. Paul, himself a medical doctor, raked Fauci over the coals for his silly stance of wearing two masks, and Fauci could not explain why those vaccinated and those who recovered from Covid-19 had to wear a mask. We all saw John Kerry ignoring mask rules on American Airlines. With the charts dropping fast as the vaccinations cover more of the population July sailings could well be at hand. 


    Cruises have been operating and theme parks open around the world without any meaningful difficulty since last July. The CDC will be hard pressed to enforce their rules from last fall much longer.

    Paul didn’t appear to be too much of a Dr one might want to follow since he knowingly exposed many of his senate colleagues when he knew he had Covid and refused to wear a mask then.  If you choose to disagree with Fauci, you may, but I would not put your money or your life on Rand Paul! 

  20. 10 hours ago, Incognito1 said:

    Which cruisers would not be happy, other than those wanting to make choices for others? And, regarding the ports, I'm guessing most will open up out of sheer economic necessity.  But we'll see.  It's not our decision.

    After a year of this, you still don’t get that this is not all about you!  It is about all the others around you and your statement about only obese people getting it is beyond ignorant.  Many have died and had long term illness that are not obese.  You must live in a hole if you don’t know any.  I do.

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