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  1. 20 minutes ago, Incognito1 said:

    No need for children to be vaccinated -  COVID-19 Deaths by Age | The Heritage Foundation

    Children aren't secret-agent spreaders.  This German study followed COVID+ children German study finds no evidence coronavirus spreads in schools (telegraph.co.uk)

    If cruise lines were really worried about transmission, they'd ban people whose BMIs were over 40.  They are the ones most likely to get and spread COVID.  But that's not politically correct.


    The bottom line is, if you want the vaccine, get it!  Do a little study on the differences between the Moderna & Pfizer vaxes vs. the AstraZeneca or Oxford vaxes before you do.


    We've already had three cruises canceled because the CDC doesn't trust people to act like adults.  We'll be canceling the other four we have planned should a largely untested vaccine be required.  Unless, of course, they agree to accept financial responsibility for any problems arising from their decision.


    Frankly, I don't think NCL is long for the cruise world, and this will be their death-knell.  Or maybe not.  Maybe NCL becomes the line for mandatorily vaccinated people while the others leave it to people to make their own medical decisions.  RCCL and Carnival will be more wary; given that Carnival is more conservative than RCCL, I'd expect if a line was going to do this, they'd be the last one.


    I wouldn't mind seeing a choice -- "This cruise requires proof of these vaccinations before boarding," and "This cruise is open to all passengers not displaying evidence of illness."  Then those highly concerned can all cruise together, and those of us who protect ourselves in proven ways other than new technology can also cruise together.  It would also give cruise lines the opportunity to see where their market is, if the cruises were similar.  People would vote with their $$.

    I say “no way” any cruise line will allow non vaccinated people and especially children on a ship.  It would be inviting massive lawsuits and bad publicity!   It will not be a point of dispute if they all do it together.

  2. 3 hours ago, ontheweb said:
    13 hours ago, Ellaleah said:


    Do you have a citation that there will be a vaccine for children later this year? Have they even done any clinical trials with children yet?

    I have no citation, but I do read and watch the news.  It is a prediction and it sounds probable to me.  
    Clinical trials underway to test COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness for children. MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - COVID-19 vaccines are underway all around the world. Now, according to Mayo Clinic, both Pfizer and Moderna have clinical trials underway to study the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines in children.  this is dated 1/10/21.

  3. I am hoping and counting on vaccine being mandatory on all cruise lines in which  case passengers will have no choice if they want to cruise.  I think there is no way that children will be exempt, but they are expecting to have a vaccine for children later this year.  I am one that will not cruise with a bunch if unvaccinated people.  I don’t think any cruise line will jeopardize themselves like that.

  4. On 1/3/2021 at 4:09 PM, ontheweb said:
    On 1/3/2021 at 3:30 PM, ninjacat123 said:

    I totally agree!  And besides, there must be others like me that will not be interested in cruising unless vaccine is required. 

    There really is no way that the cruise line cannot require a vaccine if any of the ports have that requirement. The logistics of who can get off and who cannot would just be too complicated


  5. 5 minutes ago, Cushing985 said:


    I don't agree with your last paragraph.  I would think the lines will go over and above what the CDC desires.  If there is another wide spread of COVID onboard the ships I think that might be the death of the lines.  I personally think you're going to have to bring the so-called CODID passport (or proof of antibodies) before they allow you to board.

    I totally agree!  I keep thinking that if I owned the cruise line, I would really want to make sure things were as good as possible before resuming.  I cannot understand those that want to go and take the risk or think that the CDC is working against cruise lines and cruisers.  Thank goodness for some sanity!

  6. 29 minutes ago, firefly333 said:

    One other bit of info is the head of the cdc will be replaced by biden. He hasn't announced who yet, but my guess is it wouldnt be someone pro cruising. Cruiselines could be stalling around waiting to see who will be the next head of cdc and what they will demand. Otherwise why not get the mock trials and inspections started? What are they waiting on?

    We are waiting on vaccines!  If you owned a cruise line, would  you want to take on the liability of sailing without one?  I think and hope that a vaccination certificate will be required.  The new stimulus package does not include the exemption that would make it impossible for people to sue corporations if they were to contract Covid.  Thank goodness!  Ii was the sticking point that Republicans were going for and if they got it, you might be sailing sooner.  I am perplexed as to why anyone would want to!

  7. I booked the Celebration for 12/22.  I made sure I booked refundable. I need something to look forward to, but I am amazed how many would gamble with their lives before being vaccinated.  5 members of my family had Covid.  The 3 children were relatively unscathed, but the parents in their  40’s, not so much.  They were both physically fit and healthy. If you have seen this disease, up close and personal, I do not believe that you would  be so eager to get on a ship unvaccinated.

  8. I just put down a hefty deposit using gift cards on my Carnival Celebration, 12/27/22.  I have enough points to pay off the cruise for my family and more.  I have paid little attention to the RCL and Princess gift card/certificates,  but my perception is that individuals think these are more difficult to use.  Is that true?  Princess gives 15% off?  Has anyone used these on either RCL or Princess?

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