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    What about all post-covid people there will be since they have the antibody from the virus? With all the millions who will contract this and survive, they will generally have immunity, at least until a vaccine. Why could they not travel? At the rate this is spreading in communities there will be millions who contract the virus. Couldn’t they just require a test to show you have the antibody? To say all cruise travel is banned for 12-18 months until there is a vaccine seems.. unrealistic to say the least. 

    I’m not saying that there won’t be cruises in the next 12-18 months.  Just saying I am 72 with no underlying conditions and I won’t be on them till I get a vaccine.  Yes, I would feel ok if people had certificates saying that they had antibodies.  It is not unrealistic for me or any person over 70 to decline to cruise without a vaccine.  It is reckless and risky to put yourself on a cruise ship after what we have just seen play out.

  2. I have one in December.  I will cancel for sure.  No one will be safe if there is no vaccine.  I am hoping that when there is one, they will make everyone show proof of vaccination.  They are making the over 70 group  submit a health certificate from your Dr.  I don’t see how anyone can go before there is a vaccine.  It will not be safe no matter what they sanitize.

  3. I have been on 9 cruises and am planning my second Carnival.  I have done YTD on NCL and more recently on RCI.  On RCI 1 year ago, we were encouraged to make a reservation or possibly be faced with a wait.  If I need to make reservation, I might as well have a set time.  I will be taking an Xmas/New Years Cruise on Carnival with family.  I don’t like to eat late.  Early dining is my first choice.  I think that having the same waitstaff is a plus.

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