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  1. One cruise line has already done that so why not all mass market lines? Agree, 100% of the population will not be vaccinated, whether is be their own choosing or a medical issue that prevents them from being vaccinated. Those are the folks who will not have the ability to board a cruise ship. I so hope you are correct! I was to cruise with the 100% vaccinated!
  2. To answer your first question. They are different than other businesses because no other business has a captive audience for a week stuck in a specific geographic area. Cruise ships should make vaccines mandatory. And then as "insurance", have masking, social distancing and bubble shore excursions in order to eliminate the possibility of spreading to a minimum since the vaccines are less than 100% effective. Cruise ships are being treated differently than airlines and hotels by the media, so they need to react differently. The large swaths of society that do not get immunized
  3. Makes a lot of sense if they want older people on their ships. I am not the only one that will not go on a ship with unvaccinated people and I don’t think cruise lines will take the risk nor do I think the ports will take the risk of letting ships dock.
  4. Yes...but if everyone is vaccinated, the chance of someone having covid is reduced by 95%. I have nothing against a test...if vaccinations are required. But, not testing in lieu of vaccination. AGREE!
  5. Well, exactly. I don't think there will be any exceptions when cruising starts back up and if that excludes children, people who for medical reasons can get a vaccine, or those who won't get the vaccine from causing for a while then that's the way it will have to be. DITTO!
  6. Amen! I wish there was a poll on here cause I’d like to be on your cruise. I rebooked for 12/22, but no way I’m going with the unvaccinated!
  7. But the cruise ships won't have access to vaccines for crews, the vaccines are being bought by governments. It's going to be much easier for passengers, especially North Americans to be vaccinated by the end of the year. I think the cruise lines will take the risk of starting up with requiring passengers to show they've had the vaccine. But they will take the risk with the crew and just have them tested. The crew are coming from places like the Phillipines, Indonesia, India etc where it's going to be impossible to get a vaccine probably for a few years. The cruise lines are not
  8. I have heard in the news that children’s vaccines should be available by the end of summer. This will not be the reason for cruises not sailing. I don’t think there will be cruising before these are available.
  9. I certainly wasn't, but we as a society have asked younger people (especially children) to make the bulk of the sacrifices (either financially, with their own health, or their educational future and development) to keep those at-risk safe. It's not really a situation where "fairness" matters, but imagine asking those same young people to wait even longer to rejoin society or travel because they can't get a vaccine they sacrificed to get into your arm. This is the goofiest post on the board. I am over 70. I have been in the house almost exclusively since last March. I have had
  10. If you mandate passenger vaccines, but do not vaccinate crew; you have achieved absolutely nothing AGREE!
  11. I agree. I think the cruise lines also agree and realize that capacity will be down which explains the big jump in price for next year. Those 125% FCCs won't buy much. I also agree. I booked a cruise for 12/26/20 in March, 2018 for my whole family. It was cancelled (thank goodness) and I rebooked for 12/27/22. My 12/22 cruise is not as expensive as ty e almost identical one 12/21, which is almost fully booked. I think that if there was no CDC, the cruise lines would still not be sailing under the present conditions. It is baffling to me that so many on these boards are so despe
  12. He was on this morning and did not say that. He indicated that 2 masks may protect you better.
  13. Let’s see now.... masks or death? Masks or long hauler syndrome? Hmmm..... if I want to cruise I will mask abs I will put myself in the safest situation available.
  14. No “Right to Cruise “ in the constitution. It would be next to “Right to not wear a Mask!” It’s hard for me to take this stuff seriously. Selfish people that think their right to do as they wish supersedes others’ rights to be safe. Antivaxers = anti science and that is anti educated! I am so sick of all the people that say, “you do what you want and I’ll do what I want.” We are 1 year into this and if you don’t get it by now, you are most likely hopeless! I believe that proof of vaccines will be required for quite sometime. To answer your question..... the rights of the herd super
  15. Vulnerability would be lawsuits and I do not believe they will take that risk. Get your shots and stop complaining!
  16. I do not believe that being vaccinated will be an option. Cruise lines will not take the risk. People with vaccinations will still have a degree of vulnerability.
  17. I am 72 and I can’t tell you how fair this seems to me. No way they can allow unvaccinated kids on a cruise. Your post about a 65 year old cruiser being in close contact with a kid sounds ridiculous. Turn on the tv. Everyday there is a more transmittable strain. Why do you think so many schools are closed. Vaccines for kids are in trials now. They are expecting to have vaccines fir kids by the end of this year. That is probably when cruising will resume.
  18. I believe that all cruise lines will require vaccines. It would be crazy not to. If people want to cruise they will get vaccinated! If all cruise lines do it, it will not be an issue.
  19. I say “no way” any cruise line will allow non vaccinated people and especially children on a ship. It would be inviting massive lawsuits and bad publicity! It will not be a point of dispute if they all do it together.
  20. Do you have a citation that there will be a vaccine for children later this year? Have they even done any clinical trials with children yet? I have no citation, but I do read and watch the news. It is a prediction and it sounds probable to me. Clinical trials underway to test COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness for children. MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - COVID-19 vaccines are underway all around the world. Now, according to Mayo Clinic, both Pfizer and Moderna have clinical trials underway to study the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines in children. this is dated 1/10/21.
  21. I am hoping and counting on vaccine being mandatory on all cruise lines in which case passengers will have no choice if they want to cruise. I think there is no way that children will be exempt, but they are expecting to have a vaccine for children later this year. I am one that will not cruise with a bunch if unvaccinated people. I don’t think any cruise line will jeopardize themselves like that.
  22. No. I had mistakenly though5 that ES meant it was refundable. That is not true. I was thankful that they cancelled cause I was not allowed to.
  23. I has ES booked on my cruise that was to be 12/26/20. I tried to cancel and was told I would lose the entire deposit for 5 people. I chose not to cancel and luckily, they canceled. I rebooked refundable for 12/27/22.
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