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  1. Thanks for the info and the cabin number tip!
  2. We just booked a 7-for-7 cruise about 2 weeks ago. Can you call them and refare the booking with the W0W price? It's about $300pp less. We're semi-new to Windstar (last cruise in 1993, but they had us in their files!!!).
  3. Is that a photo from the Sacramento Airport?
  4. Thanks! That's what I thought...now I know where to look in the future.
  5. Hi kazu! Can you tell me where on the HAL booking statement it says a deposit is refundable or non-? I just looked at mine and it doesn't say anything about that, but it does say my 1st cancellation penalty is the deposit amount, so I guess that means it's refundable before that date?
  6. You can also go right to his website: the trip insurance store. He and his assistants are very helpful.
  7. Thank you, I may try that. P.S. I just took a look at the link and the template. Yikes! Seems very detailed and rigorous. Hopefully AC will come around before I have to try that avenue...
  8. Thank you. I hadn't read your response before I responded to kazu above. I will take a look at it.
  9. The post I'm refering to is now post #223; I guess there are so many posts that the numbers can't keep up. When I wrote my response, it WAS post #202.
  10. Thank you; I checked with Air Canada a month ago and got your response of no cash refund. I also tried to use the USDOT decision with 2 different AC people, and got the response that that decision didn't apply to them ??? They were going with the Canadian government decision that the 24 month future credit was fine. I am thinking about a CC dispute now, but still waiting to get HAL to clear, which I mention in post #202 in this thread. Trying to keep everything separated so it doesn't get too confusing. I've already disputed one other flight and 3 HAL shorex refunds...with satisfying results.
  11. Well, I used 2 CCs to make 3 charges for our June 1, 2020 AK cruise. I disputed all 3 charges on May 7th. I had cancelled the cruise on March 23rd, before HAL did. Today, June 7th I received a partial amount of ONE of the 2 identical charges (about 25% each) I had made to the same CC. Why not the full amount, I don't know. So far nothing on the other CC, to which I charged about 50%. I kind of wish I hadn't made 2 separate, but equal charges on the one card, so I would know which charge was partially refunded...live and learn. Two days ago, I cancelled a HAL shorex for a September 2020 cruise which I suspect will be cancelled, but hasn't yet. Wanted to "get a head start" in the line, expecting it to take months. Well, guess what, today I got THAT refund. I almost fell off my chair!!!
  12. Is there any news from Air Canada? We had flights cancelled by them for a May 2020 cruise. Only offered future flight credit.
  13. Thanks for the updated info...never knew there was an outside deck at the Fairmont. Will have to look into both when we are able to travel north again. Really miss beautiful Vancouver. 😢
  14. Thanks for the updates (although I WAS trying to move away from the thread-jacking...). I am familiar with le Crocodile, I remember when it first opened on Robson. We never went because it seemed a little on the "fancy" French rather than "rustic". Now it is on Burrard , I think (?), May have to give it a try, finally. I assume "Provence" is a restaurant (not the location in France...Not familiar with that one; will give it a look. I am a little confused about your Fairmont restaurant description. Is it outdoors on the roof? Our dining was inside in a large room with huge windows. I do remember it was reopened (briefly) a few years ago. When I emailed the management, they said it would be closed again by the time of our scheduled visit that year. Didn't realized there was something going on now (pre-COVID of course). Thanks again for the info!
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