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  1. When I went to the page, clicking offers brings up OBC for all cabin types for both the 12 and 29 day cruise. Range was $150 to $250 and $200 to $300 depending on cruise.
  2. My Guess, it is harder to change the website page back and forth each time a suit becomes available, so they just leave it up during the sale. As rooms become available, the availability is automatic. It is clear where the OBC goes, so, no harm, no foul!
  3. To late now! LOL Nice Jimmy Buffet fan club outfit though! Great Parrot.
  4. You too. It is cool seeing your picture(s) on the wall.
  5. At one time the waves on the red/blue coded carpet also pointed to the front of the ship.
  6. Maybe have room service bring some of it with the silverware, plates, etc. Then get the rest. We have done this many times.
  7. You beat me to it. We have done exactly that in the past with our son.
  8. I think you could be wrong. Last fall, if I remember correctly, the cruise credit showed as 1 for a 60 night cruise before we sailed. When we returned, it showed 2. Cruise was sold as 2 segments in addition to the 60 night cruise.
  9. How was to room booked, by the TA? If so, you may need to talk to a supervisor at Princess maybe with the TA on the line. In theory, you should be able to log into the booking with the confirmation number. Years ago we did something similar, but our son dropped out before we did any tour planning. As such, we never tried to access the info online.
  10. That was our experience. Our son sailed with us last year for the first time after turning 18. He received a platinum card and we are elite.
  11. Though not able to get OBC, we have been able to use the credit toward something equivalent but higher in price.
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