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  1. This is who I was waiting for to comment as he keeps tract better than I do!
  2. Can't remember the exact numbers, but it something like 6-8 liquors, 6 beers, 6 sodas and some water. There are others here who have a more accurate list. You can call room service and have anything you want changed out within the category or lower. ie liquor for soda, but not soda for liquor. I think there is also a wine swap out option.
  3. Better watch out. The DW is going to come back with DH being the Dumb Husband!! LOL
  4. Hmmm, In only a perfect worls. Am I to assume you wrote the code for both the Mobile Operating system and the support package that goes underneath it for every phone for you to make that bold statement -NO WAY-? 1) There are multiple Mobile operating systems. Many are updated every few months. Why, to correct problems most of the time. 2) The OP did not say Iphone, only cell phone. No guarantee it is an Iphone though it very well could be. 3)There are App writes out there that will try and take advantage of any hole in an operating system. 4) As for batteries, I try to find a phone where this can still be done. If Batteries can not be removed, they can also be turned off, though some phones years ago would turn back on by themselves after a while. 5) The person whom I spoke of who made the statement admitted even though they had been very careful, they had a no-name phone and that could have been the problem. As for your second premise, you are correct, people make mistakes all the time and kick off a huge bill.
  5. If I have not set up a plan on my cell for Canada, I actually pop the batteries sometimes. Someone posted that even though they were in Airplane mode, they had some app that actually still went out looking for data. Even though the app only generated less than a few K of data, the person took a hefty hit in the ole pocketbook.
  6. Make sure to turn off your phone or ensure it is in airplane mode when near any land in Canada. You could get charged with international data without doing anything.
  7. I have seen some cruisers send a message to the CD to be passed on. Not a guarantee, but I have seen it work. In my case, it was a request for multiple winemaker dinners on one cruise and multiple Chef's dinners on another.
  8. Hey Cap, This also how I dress the first day. How'd you know that? Harvey Oops, the picture is gone, darn.
  9. If you do, pre buy your tickets on line our you could get closed out.
  10. The E rooms below have the same balcony.
  11. If you need to bring your carry on with you into the dining room, they will help you put the items in a near by area to keep it from being under foot. We always go to the dining room on embarkation. It is the only way to get the I am relaxed and on vacation feeling started.
  12. I'm assuming you are talking about Princess Insurance. Cancel for any reason does not reimburse %100 percent until you get the platinum level., but covers you for any reason. The only difference is you get credit toward another cruise and not cash back (there are some exceptions such as tours). The cruise must be booked within a year to take advantage of the insurance. Also, it only covers those items bought through Princess such as hotels or flights. Anything purchased outside of Princess is not covered.
  13. Many USA credit card companies have started limiting their travel insurance to level way below anything that will cover even a third of our loss, and no money for emergency transportation home. As we feel even the $100K for medical transport from Princess Platinum Insurance is not enough, we typically go with another major company signing up for a minimum of 250K
  14. Colo Cruiser is correct on balcony coverage. Emerald Minis deck 8 at the back are covered. If you get the very back mini on this deck it has a substantial larger balcony and you can look aft. Caribe deck balconies are Bigger (maybe 2x) compared to the Mini suite on Dolphin. If it is just two of you, the mini balcony is sufficient. From Dolphin, you can look straight down. We like this for seeing the tenders/pilot boats. You might see parts of the life boats, but not very much. There are perks for a club class mini if you are not elite. You also get the club class dining.
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