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  1. Received this just now from Noli: My wife and daughter in the Philippines are okay. They also have lockdown that they are just able to go outside when buying food and essentials. Good to know that you're back working with your hobby and Mrs. Xxx. So far, for us now we're anchor in Port Everglades. Princess is taking good care of us and trying to get us home as safety as possible but we have to wait for another CDC protocol restriction. Eventually, were gonna get there. Stay healthy, keep safe and God bless.
  2. Thanks DW heard me almost yell Thank God as we had not heard from Noli for almost three months. We spent a great 60 days with him and will never forget him.
  3. Happy Easter to all. Have a safe Holiday!
  4. I have just heard from our room steward from the Coral. We were worried as he had not returned an email for over three months. Turns out he lost the password and had trouble getting it reset. He is fine and on the Coral. Wife and daughter are both good and they were not effected by the last big quake in the Philippines.
  5. For those that didn't get a pin, a simple call to the Princess Past Passenger number (8007581130 I believe) and I think they will take care of you. DW got hers (15 cruises) long before I got mine (she has cruised several times with them before I meat her), and I got mine on days as we started doing longer cruises. DW also received a nice suitcase from Princess when she went past 15, but that was YEARS ago.
  6. There will be a MDR designated for the Club Class Dining. Entry will be separate from where others enter for dinner.
  7. This may not be true. There is a thread on this subject. Canada's rule is no docking. Several of us have been on cruises where the ship pulled up, was by visited a navy or pilot boat, and then continued on.
  8. I wish we could have used EZair in Europe in the fall. We have two flights with Alitalia already booked and paid for inside Europe.
  9. This was in 2009 on the Star on our return from Alaska. Itinerary showed two hours in port. We had a similar experience in Ensenada in 2005 I believe on a LA Hawaii round trip. On neither of these trips did we pull up to a dock in our foreign port stop. As I said, this "might" be an option.
  10. Understood the ban, ship pulled up outside the harbor, pilot boat came out and left and the ship continued on its way. As I said, this might be an option. FYI, In case it was missed, posting indicate "Docking".
  11. We had a cruise that did just a stop and go in Naniamo. That might be the option they use.
  12. Testing on the virus shows a short life span of only a few days on surfaces at an ideal temperature. Have not seen anything on cloth. With a good cleaning and sitting idle for 60 days, I wouldn't worry. We have about fifty days booked and will only cancel at the last second if there are still travel restrictions.
  13. Per my TA a few days ago, it was going. As you said, things can change. Not sure what agency gave the do not sail directive, but they had to eat a little crow. Better on the safe side though. This was posted today on Princess. Didn't see that it was posted above. https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/coronavirus-update.html
  14. Crew member may have left the ship on the 21st Feb, same day the ill passenger went to medical. Passenger was not diagnosed with the virus until after leaving the ship. Indications are the person had contacted the virus prior to boarding as the passenger was ill for a week before reporting to medical. That puts the passenger on board only about 2 to 3 days before coming down ill.
  15. You state it as I read it. Recommends. Not advises against. That was the point I was trying to make. Having page problems. Tried to say same thing above but had problems.
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