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  1. TheRabbit


    2 of my 36 bottles were port. I know others have indicated you can't bring fortified wine, but we have checked port and hand carried it on never having a problem.
  2. TheRabbit


    For a cruise last fall we brought 36 bottles on board. 24 were in two 12 bottle cases. We checked them as luggage with a tag taped on. The other 12 were considerably more money so we put them in wine shipping boxes with styrofoam inserts, and again checked them as luggage. All were delivered before late seating. When they delivered the wine, they put the cases where we wanted them in the room. For us, the bottom of the closet works great. I did go down to the pursers and pay the corkage around 5 hours after boarding.
  3. As elite, you usually go to the same waiting area as everyone else. However as you enter they will ask if you are elite. After showing them your are, they will put you at the front of the tender line. Beware that Princess tours take priority and will go on the tender as needed in front of others. Also, if you have a large private tour with several people, you may want to organize your group and talk to someone about your group leaving together as needed.
  4. One of the Geo questions on a 2016 cruise was what is the number of planets in our solar system? Immediately about a quarter of the people competing indicated there was a problem Houston! Of course this was question was written earlier right after Pluto was demoted, but we did not know that. Problem was there is evidence of a 9th planet with 10 times the mass of the earth that scientists have not found. Its existence was announced a few months before the cruise. Now, what's the answer? LOL
  5. We did only private tours in three Vietnam ports last October and got our Visa through the ship. Do not know if policy changed.
  6. I think spell check got you. It is Winemakers for those searching for it, and as stated earlier, a totally different dinner.
  7. The above Winemakers dinner is different from the Chef's dinner. Also Chef's Dinner is available on ships, while the Winemakers is only on the Royal class ships when I checked last.
  8. Difference is Vietnam visa is in the $40 range or lower for a singe set of visits while the China Visa is over $150 if you go to the consulate yourself as we did as it was only 60 miles from our home. Others on our cruise paid over $100 in handling fees to have another party carry the apps in for them. Luckily we got a 10 year visa. Others only got a short term one for the same amount.
  9. I would pay extra to cruise to see that one!!!!
  10. I'm not sure tracking previous answers you wrote down verses looking up new ones on your phone is one hundred percent cheating, but beating a group that does this is heaven! Came across this several years ago on a Quebec to NY cruise. Person I teamed up with had been on the previous cruise and saw them writing down everything asked. We were able to beat them about 5 times over the 12 day cruise. FYI, they stayed on at every port to play. Their loss! LOL
  11. Some of the older ships are converting to new carpet without the red blue. However, with the red blue carpet, the waves also faced the bow, though as some was replaced, they put it in backwards.
  12. I got the watch bands and they also worked good. A bit cheaper for 5 colors I believe.
  13. Tacking your every move is time consuming. They now have a whole department with several hundred if not a thousand staff member down in the bowels of the ship to track our every move. They used to have 1 for each 5 cruisers, but they couldn't keep up with us busy bees, so they had to go to 1 to every 3. Who knew we would avoid the stairs and take elevators or walk right past a store on board! OMG!!! Then you switch to a cruise card to prevent it only to find out it does the same thing! Go figure. I hear the RandD department has figured out a way to read brain waves with all those idle sensors on board, so now they can predict that we are going to the pool and mark chairs for three hours later. Where do I find the tin foil hats along with the Faraday Bags! All I can say is the person down stairs tracking me must be very board trying to keep up with my reading, naps, pool/hot tub time, walks, meals, and occasional stops at the bar for my margarita! LOL Only about three people can even get on a computer to look up where you are at, and they are all security supervisors. Not even the captain and get on line and look up where you are at. All this work to block the dang card or medallion only to give you more work every time you need it. Then you have to stop and take it out of the cover to get into your room. So why are you worried and giving yourself more work along with a 10 minute wait in the purser's line?
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