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  1. Here is a link to the roll call for the Sept 11 TA on the Sky LINK
  2. The 8/18 8/30 and 9/11 cruises are priced on the princess site. May have to search in TA and/or under sky.
  3. I like the rooms with the forward view so 415 won't cut it. Going to hold A410 mini for now on the Scan segment. You can also get the TA rooms, but you have to look under TA for the search, not the Sky. Got C410 for that segment. Will eventually book river cruise on the Rhine in between. the 8/18 and 9/11
  4. If anyone is doing the Aug 30th British Isles, please email me.
  5. Set up a roll call Forum on CC for the Aug 18 Scandinavia and the Sept 11 TA on the Sky.
  6. Wanted C410 or C409. We have gotten those rooms every time we have sailed a Royal class ship. They were gone. holding C407 for now. This is only for the Scandinavian cruise. Can't see where to hold a TA cabin.
  7. If I can get the room we want, I'll consider doing one. Should be easy to copy over the spring TA/Scandinavia. Maybe start one for 8/18, 8/30, and 9/11. Bob, We're you going to do just the TA?
  8. Your welcome Denise Maybe we'll cross paths yet!
  9. Hi Bob, Here is a link to a PDF from princess that shows the new Sky sailing dates and cruises. The TA is in there. LINK to PDF If you go further down in the doc, you will find the individual cruise itineraries. We are looking at the 8/18 and 9/11 sailings with a river cruise in between.
  10. Glad to hear it. We have been going to our personal spa (cabin in Idyllwild). Just haven't figured out how to reach the room steward to complain about the beds not being made, and the meals are never on our table in the MR and not a waiter in sight.
  11. As you open your door to leave for that quick bite from the Buffet, spouse is behind you just coming out of the shower. Door's only open for a few seconds, but 20 people got a good view! LOL
  12. Everyone is great. Just lost our Sky cruise to the Crown though. Now trying to find a replacement. Got me back looking at some of the Princess posts. How has the row boat been? John
  13. Same here as far as noise. However, try not to get one with a door where they can see into your room while waiting for the elevator. Spouse may not like everyone seeing them get dressed if your not careful.
  14. When I come across them, it makes me wonder, what cruise was this from? LOL Doesn't matter though, still brings a smile.
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