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  1. They are, but they might be programmable from the receiver side from what could be inferred by other posts.
  2. Some of that could be range related and possibly battery strength. The Navigator on board should be able to have that adjusted from what I have read and heard.
  3. We did it on the star in 2016, Buenos Aires to LA. Just wanted people to know if they have a chance to go there.
  4. Here is a picture of the DW and myself standing right in fron of the penguins to give you an idea of how close you can get. In the background, you can see other people on the opposite side of the ring of rocks. It is only the Kings that have the ring around them. You can get even closer to the Gentoo and the Magellanic. You can see the other breeds off in the distance.
  5. There are several companies that will take you out to volunteer point, and you can get that close to the penguins. For the picture here, the third shows a ring of rocks you are not allowed to pass over, but these penguins sit about 4 to 6 foot inside the ring. All together, there are about 5000 penguins of three breeds in the area along with some sheep of course! The area is close to the water and you can follow the penguins down and watch the frolic in the ocean. What got me was how fast they could swim.
  6. I heard they replace 10 to 25 percent of the books after some cruises due to people taking them home to finish.
  7. I believe she is correct also. It is my opinion to change it you need to write.
  8. My DW writes Princess all the time on this subject. Others should also. Rarely have I found a book I want to read that I haven't read already as we frequent the library every one to two weeks and order book to be picked up at them all the time. We have found you need to go to the library first thing before 12 noon if possible to get a book or two. That is what we did on the Coral in the fall and my DW was able to get a few books. a few hours later it was wiped out. There were 4 books for the book club on our 60 day cruise and there were more people there to get one than they had books, even though there were almost 25 each time to give out. The host set up a wait list that worked. At the discussions, 20 to 30 plus showed up each time.
  9. I had some and it was very good hot and fresh, but my down fall is the hard rolls.
  10. You very well could be right. I never heard the name, but the bread was braided.
  11. An anual Allianz policy I got does not. However, we get Allianz cruise policies when cruise is outside the North American area.
  12. She is slowly getting there. You may have seen we did the 60 day Pac Rim cruise in 2018 to replace the 2017 loss. She got the screws and plates taken out the 6th if Feb this year. She can now roll her ankle when she walks and walk on uneven surfaces. Here is a pic of the metal.
  13. The royal is doing some MRs and a coastal out of LA this April and May. You could hop on and do a WD then!
  14. From what others have posted, you can go down and have the range shortened. On a cruise several years ago, we had a lady walk into our room about 2 in the morning and turn on the light. I jumped up in my full glory to see the older lady shaking her finger saying no, no, no as she backed out. Turns out she had "escaped" her room and security and her daughter were searching for her as she was suffering from alzheimer's. She was able to get in because, even though we would here a click, the door was never completely locked. We only found this out after three days and never lost a single item from the room. Needless to say, maintenance was there the next morning fixing it.
  15. Yes, I'm a bit newbie, but from what I have read, there is an app you can download on board that lets you do this. There is another thread that someone posted this info to.
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