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  1. Happy new year all river cruisers, nothing booked on the rivers yet but of to California en family to introduce our grandson to The original mouse, Yosemite , Monterey etc, it’s a tough job but we’ve got to do it. Then cruising on a hire barge with friends on the Canal du Nivernais then of to our lodge in Scotland, keep your fingers crossed I can fit a cruise in somewhere. Have some great cruises and enjoy yourselves. CA
  2. Having been on eight Scenic cruises we have taken dinner when we wanted to. Be pleasant to the staff sit where you want to enjoy your cruise! Ca
  3. Well worth looking at that’s Man on etc., and go for the upgrade every time that’s well worth it don’t stint on your holiday. CA
  4. Exactly Europe worked before the EU and will do after which even now will take quite a few months to clear up. After all the Eurostar is now French owned so I can’t see them putting objects in the way of passengers progress. A couple of years ago we did Scenics Soane and Rhône cruise during the months that the Eurostar went from London to Marseille (you could just about leave London have lunch in Marseille and get back to London all in one day without taking a plane!). So Eurostar to Lyon local train to Chalon-sur-Soane return from Avignon but stop at Lille for passport control bit of a pain but the cost of passport controls at several othe stations would have been prohibitive. Luckily there aren’t many river cruises at the moment as the French seem to be having one of their strike sessions. CA
  5. Defiantly not an attack on you and I will not continue with anything about law suites, class action or otherwise. What I also meant to say is that there are various cruises from several companies where you only cruise during the night, gives you plenty of time to explore during the day. CA
  6. An interesting take on Scenic cruises for a person taking one cruise and our moderator once again remarking on law actions. If your going to do this then remark on the almost all river cruise companies who for various different reasons have had similar problems. It takes a bit of finding but it’s there, good hunting. If you don’t like a company don’t use it or by the sounds of things don’t go river cruising find another way to see the world, spend your money etc. We have used Scenic 8 times, yes a very few niggles but all have been resolved with the company and to our benefit, as yet we have not run out of options with them so will continue with them until we have exhausted all available options. i will certainly let everyone know if we are let down in any way with no redress. CA
  7. Have done this trip in full from Amsterdam to Budapest and from Budapest to Nuremberg both on Diamond deck and still could not say if one was better than the other. I will say we usually have a cabin about the centre of the ship but have had a cabin second from reception, great position. My dh was convinced it would be noisy with people passing etc and it wasn’t. Have a great cruise CA
  8. If anyone’s is interested we and another couple are hiring a barge on the Canal du Nivernais next year, we are all competent boaters but if anyone is interested in how we get on let me know and I can post a report. CA
  9. Wow never heard that one, rubber yes be a bit difficult to use the English version for what it’s intended for in the USA! Language, language, language viva la difference! (Learnt from an American on secondment to our company working on an British satellite) CA
  10. Reading many threads it would seem that quite a few river cruise companies include for example shop with a chef. Scenic will change their menu for a local delicacy that becomes available so I am sure that other lines will do the same. The availability of fresh produce must vary from region to region and season to season so flexibility must be the key. It all depends on the quality of the galley staff especially the chef, thank goodness we have some fabulous ones in Europe. CA
  11. Hi All, don’t forget whatever cabin or deck Scenic says you can ask for your mini bar to be stocked with your choice of beverages, they try their hardest within the constraints of the smaller sizes available. You can also ask your butler to serve the drink you prefer in your cabin. At lunch or dinner if your not sure of the wines selected to go with that meal ask to look at the wine list and dare I say it work your way through it. One thing to note although Scenic is an Australian company you rarely get new world wines. Most of the wine tasting we have been on have been excellent and surprisingly some of the French included a few exceedingly good or potentially good vintages. On our memorable Boudreaux cruise our group consisting of Australians, Canadians, New Zealander’s and Brits drunk the bar dry of Laguvulin now there’s a nice whisky. ( no Americans on that cruise). On our south of France cruise this year the chef and restaurant manager did a double act before dinner with explanation of the menus and wine recommendations, interesting. Enjoy cruising. CA
  12. Aapreciate in eight Scenic cruises we have never had the experiences that you seem to have had. I may seem a little rude here but have you traveled extensively? Have you traveled in company with other nationalities before? I’m sorry you seem to have had a less than happy experience. We as a family are off to California next year basically from Disney to the big trees to Monterey to San Fransisco I most certainly hope the Americans we meet are as friendly as those we have met in the past and bot a jaded as you seem to be. CA
  13. Thanks for the map notamermaid we are going ‘of piste’ for two weeks next year, with another couple driving our selves on the Canal du Nivernais, note to self brush up on the French. CA
  14. We cruised on Scenic Gem on her first cruise when the French authorities had not signed the required papers to allow them to moor in Honfluer so we docked in Le Harve actually it was a very pleasant mooring. One of the reasons we would do this cruise again. Anything to do with tides etc would cause a challenge. Regards CA
  15. The Scenic Gem Cruise from Paris to Honfluer and back to Paris is magical I would do it again. CA
  16. Scenic is also all inclusive, when this was first introduced the staff were requested to refuse any additional tips if they were offered, now they are allowed to accept them, so if you feel a member of staff has gone above and beyond then additional tipping is up to you. I much prefer tipping to be included so I don’t have to bother about it, we don’t have a tipping culture in the UK, it takes a bit of getting used to when we go to the USA. Happy cruising CA
  17. I will add another world heritage site to the list, again a city and again on a canal and a river. The city is Bath we live very close but very rarely go there during the summer or the Christmas market. The city is being taken over by airb&bs the canal is blocked up by people on boats who want to live in an expensive city cheaply which means that cruising boats cannot find a mooring. I’m not talking huge cruise ships here just personal narrow boats and hotel boats. One challenge is our Asian friends who come in their droves, panic if they loose sight of their guide, walk backwards looking up and wield selfie sticks like samurai warriors. Plus I must admit hen and stag parties, so we are only to well aware of what some of our people inflict on other European city’s. It has become a difficult decision when asked to back a recommendation for a structure or area be listed as an ancient monument or sssi wether to do so or not as in some instances it could actually be detrimental to the site or area. It needs a lot of thought. CA
  18. Thank you 1 of 4 wonderful reports. France is the land of perfume so really no wonder that it’s used a lot but I have noticed it does tend to be of better quality. Smoking is getting less across Europe on board Scenic five years ago there would have been quite a few smokers the last couple of years not a smoking passenger on board. (Yeh I know) CA
  19. On our cruise we were the only ones who went to Bolbec it was my choice and my husband came as I am an avid crafter you name it if a needle is involved I do it. The sheer history of this place is amazing. As for the Jaquard looms they are the original computers. I’m so pleased someone else enjoyed it. CA
  20. Great to see pictures of the estuary we didn’t because the French authorities had not signed off for Scenic to moor in Honfluer. Scenic gave each of us poppies to put on graves as we wished we ended up with quite a few as several people could not make excursion for various reasons. We chose to put them on the unnamed graves. Thank you for your wonderful photo graphs, I like to think I’m a photographer but your eye is excellent. CA
  21. 1 of 4 thank you brought back many happy memories of our Scenic Gem cruise, love the legs, over the years we’ve had everything from swans to ET, we even had a lesson on how to do it in the lounge on one cruise. CA
  22. I’m pretty sure you answered your own question. We were lucky enough to choose one that suited us first off and it wasn’t Viking. It will cost you but try try try again, horses for courses. Enjoy choosing. CA
  23. I’m really sorry here but you can request anything you require in your cabin bar. Whatever you need an answer to ask your butler. I’ve done many Scenic cruises and some of the questions asked are ridiculous. CA
  24. A snappy logoed T-shirt is a good ice breaker/conversation starter but not at the dinner table. CA
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