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  1. And this video tells you the FREE activities on Perfect Day
  2. I've not yet experienced Perfect Day at Coco Cay, but I did find a video from this season that gives lots of info about the island and what's included vs what is for-a-fee.
  3. With this most recent 30% off (fake) "sale" on the deluxe package, I checked my cruise planner and, not coincidentally, the base price was 30% higher than the day before.
  4. We always cruise in November. While that's technically still part of hurricane season, it's the tail end. We've never had weather issues cruising in November, and fares tend to be lower the first three weeks of November compared to December (Holiday cruising). Less children on the ships has been our experience for November as well. And the Caribbean - both Eastern and Western - are still nice and warm, but nowhere near as humid typically as in summer months. We have snorkeled and enjoyed many beach excursions during our November cruises.
  5. From your pics, you're right -- it does look really good lit up! Not the view I want from my balcony on the ship, but it does actually fit in well with the atmosphere of the boardwalk. I'll never use it though -- just the thought of getting in that tube makes me almost hyperventilate. Severe claustrophobia. An elevator is as much of an enclosed space as I can take. I even shower with the shower tube door open on the ship. 😂 PS -- Your ocean view is gorgeous!
  6. we always cruise in November -- have for years. It's after hurricane season, less kids (hope that doesn't offend anyone), and great prices typically. It's still warm for sure - but bearable. I love the Caribbean, but the humidity kills me.
  7. We switched to Central Park for the next one. Allure, post drydock. Staying in one of the double-sized balcony cabins. I know CP can be hot -- but we do love that area of the ship. And in November, shouldn't be as humid. We're not in the room much during the day anyway, and i think it'll be nice in the evening to sit on the balcony and hear the music w/ the lights in the trees. Peaceful.
  8. Last time we were on Oasis, we were in the second to the last boardwalk balcony starboard side (727). It was a wonderful view of the wake and great view of the Aquatheater. We could watch the shows and the movies from our balcony, easily. When I booked Allure for next year, I initially booked that same cabin but then realized it was post Amplification drydock, and the view would be partially impacted by the purple monster. Looked up pics on the web of the same cabin on the newer sister ships and sure enough, that purple monstrosity is blocking much of the view. If it's affecting cabins that far back, it must almost completely obstruct the rest of the aft cabins on the boardwalk. I guess the only premium views post-amplification would be the aqua theater suites. Maybe some don't mind those slides -- I didn't want to look at them though.
  9. nope... i'm right there with you. Loved the far aft balcony cabins on Boardwalk before... now, the giant purple mess is in the way.
  10. I started to look for a TA online after reading this thread, but I saw somewhere on page 2 that RCI gives 60 days to transfer a booking to a TA. If that's the case, I'm out of luck for this booking. Originally booked April, re-priced early May. I missed the 60-day window by 5 days if that's the case. But all good to know for next time.
  11. I'd love to find a TA just to see weigh options, but I've never used one and wouldn't even know where to start? I don't know anyone personally that I could ask for a reference even. Nobody in my circle has ever used one. I don't even know how TA's work. Do they charge the client? Are they paid by the cruise lines?
  12. I would be disappointed that your Caribbean cruise isn't what you signed up for. Doubly disappointing to substitute Nassau for just about any other port. YMMV but for us, Nassau is a pool day on the ship. We refer to Nassau as "the armpit of the Bahamas" when looking at itineraries. As for CocoCay, we haven't been there yet, but I'm hearing really good things about the island and we're definitely looking forward to that one. I wouldn't be one bit disappointed by having that port of call tossed into my itinerary.
  13. Congratulations to all who scored such a great deal -- I sure wish I'd checked the boards that night and found it before the prices went back up. Now that it's resolved and they're honoring the lower prices as booked, I wonder how that costly mistake might affect prices going forward. I wonder if this will hinder "sales" on beverage packages or discounts for a while to make up for the lost revenue from this error on their part. I guess time will tell.....
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