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  1. If you are booking JS or above you won't find a TA with group rates. Balconies and below are available in group space for pretty much every sailing. The larger the TA the more group space they are likely to hold. While most times it may save up to a couple hundred per person plus give you the advantage of a refundable deposits there are unicorns out there. Saved a client nearly $1500pp on a repositioning cruise a couple weeks ago.
  2. It boggles the mind how something so simple can get so messed up. Royal has released all the staterooms for sale before moving guests over yet again. This means for the suites or those that chose a particular cabin it may be taken by someone booking today. Why cant they just move everyone over and then announce the changes and open the sailing up for booking.. Anyways, just booked the March 4 sailing. We are on the SY the week after in an OS. probably end up solo on this one as DW won't be able to get the time off.
  3. Might just be her April to November sailings. Dec 2022 onward are still listed. Staying in Europe or bringing her to the US?
  4. That would explain the "breaking news" headline for today's webinar
  5. Unfortunately not. Once cash is paid on a reservation It will not be refunded. The only way around this is to cancel and rebook.
  6. I have found them to be more lenient lately. Just transferred one from my 18yo son to myself
  7. Hey Chris, been very busy the last couple weeks with a few other things and haven't been on CC at all...probably won't be for the next 3 weeks either but had to bookmark this thread as I definitely want to come back and read it once things settle down. It's not to late to book next week.😇
  8. Then pay for those drinks by the pool in the afternoon just like you did before and save your vouchers until the evening
  9. Unfortunately I face the same dilemma as you in trying to get this information and what they say today may be diffetent tomorrow. For these Lind of decisions we need to wait until FAQ's are posted.
  10. 9068 on Cruising power (Royals booking portal for Travel Agents) shows occupancy of 5 guest. All std. balcony cabins with an occupancy of 5 that I have seen have a sofa bed and pullman
  11. Sorry but you get the "It depends" There are different types of FCC and different ways they were issued over the past months, it also depends on if the money has been linked to the FCC. One system they still have not figured out
  12. Any deposit money will not be refunded. FCC can only cover remaining balances. You can however add pre paid gratuities, insurance, transfers to your reservation and the money you paid for the deposit would actually cover those charges plus the port fees and taxes freeing up more of the cruise fare to apply the FCC to.
  13. It includes all suites…even those few without balconies.
  14. You can book a JS and a VP suite with a refundable deposit. It is GS and above that you can’t.
  15. It depends on when the bid was accepted. If it’s within 48(? Maybe 72 hours) of departure it will be as a refundable OBC. If it’s before that it will be to your credit card.
  16. Cancel under CWC and rebook the cruise for next year before Sept 30
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