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  1. I have found that if your using Chrome, go to top right hand corner and click on the 3 dots. Open up New Incognito Page and it works then. This page also doesn't track your searches The only page I use for Princess these days.
  2. The royal class ships aren't my favorite, but there are several thing I like about them
  3. I'm looking forward to it. Was so disappointed to have to cancel this yrs.
  4. just re-booked cancelled cruise to Baltic this June to next yr. June 7th on the Sky. Only was a extra $200 and we still got the perks. They also honored our Casino discount and free play. I'm happy. Anyone else coming?
  5. Just booked the Baltic cruise for next June. Had to cancel this yrs one. Price was only $200 more and we managed to get all the perks. Hopefully the world will be back to cruising next yr.
  6. Most of the cruise lines are handling it the same way. I have noticed that full refund comments have started to show up on a regular basis on the facebook pages this week.
  7. Jan 9 /21 7 day to Mexico. Fingers crossed that the borders are open and the airlines are flying by then
  8. The offices are closed so agents are working from home and doing everything manually
  9. Princess Cruises 16 mins · REFUNDS UPDATE: We want you to know that we hear you and understand your frustration with the time it is taking to receive your refund. As of Friday May 15, we have refunded millions of dollars of cruises and we continue working through our back log. Our reservation and payment systems were not designed to handle this volume of refunds in a short period of time, and it is taking longer than we wanted. As we respect our guest’s money and time, we have increased the number of team members supporting this enormous effort and have made modifications to our systems. These modifications have increased our capacity to process these refunds and we should be issuing at a faster rate beginning this week. Thank you for your patience in these extraordinary circumstances. this was posted today
  10. Why would you pay off a cruise 6 months early? Not sure why you have that high of a penalty? You are well within your cancellation window.
  11. I think it's because there are so few airlines flying now. The schedules are changing daily. Now that Princess has cancelled all cruises till the fall, not sure when you'll be able to book flights.
  12. I called at 8am pacific time this morning and only waited 45 min..... put phone on speaker and continued doing my house cleaning...lol booked 7 day mexican on the Royal for January /21 Couldn't resist $173 cad pp for 7 days. I managed to get a sideways inside so can handle that for 7 days. Only issue is you can't book EZair yet. The agent tried everything but I"m thinking that there aren't any Canadian flights to the US yet so will book later. I did learn, that you can't put anything on hold you must pay the taxes and deposit at time of booking. The deposit will be applied as a OBC when you get on the ship. Same as Ezair..... must pay at time of booking. Also once you pick your cabin, that's it for the cruise. There are no upgrades available for Casino free cruises. Not sure cruising will even happen by then, but now I've got something to look forward to.😀
  13. I called at 8am Pacific time this morning and only had to wait 45 min. We didn't upgrade, as I could get a sideways inside on the Royal to Mexico in January /21. I can handle a inside for 7 days. Total cost was $173 cad pp with all the perks...... hard to not book!!! Couldn't book Eziar yet as there aren't any planes flying from Vancouver to US yet. So that will have to wait.
  14. If your deposit was refundable you can cancel anytime up to your final payment date. Your deposit will be refunded back to your method of payment. My final payment for Baltic cruise is April 20th, but I'm sure Europe won't be open by June, so will probably cancel next week. We used a FCC for deposit and booked ezair. So we won't be out any $$$
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