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  1. I just called Princess and had them apply the OBC to our excursions. Very easy
  2. I get them all the time. They are legit, and I've actually seen them implement some of the answers I've given
  3. You have to buy OBC before you cruise. The cruise will charge your final amount to credit card on file.
  4. But the air from the west coast will kill ya!!!
  5. There are only a couple. They are on Riviera deck 14. I wouldn't want them as they are under the pool and will be noisy.
  6. Canadian, and Quebec.......enjoy
  7. Just got off the Star and had a top sheet
  8. I was on the Star a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed the New Zealand Dashwood Sauvignon Blanc
  9. It's all those "free" perks that they offer. Pushes the prices up.
  10. that's why we always have anytime dining. Some nights if we go the Platinum/elite lounge we're not even hungry for dinner.
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