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  1. I just booked Club Orange, and requested no upgrade, as we have adjoining cabins, and they couldn't guarantee the same with upgrade
  2. will have to check it out. My January cruise got canceled,. So maybe book later in the fall.
  3. I forgot to mention essential workers are exempt. I was refering more to travelers.
  4. any person that returns to Canada by air, sea, or car must quarantine for 14 days
  5. I think that might just be moving crew around the ships as some go home and more come on the ship. They have to maintain a certain amount of crew on the ship. I did see a video of a entertainer leaving for Singapore for 3 day cruises to nowhere on Royal Caribbean. He also said the cruises were only available for locals
  6. Here in BC they do check. My son had to fly to Seattle and rent a car to drive to our RV site to close it up for winter. He quarantined in my basement for the 14 days. We had 2 phone calls and 2 days before the quarantine ended the bylaw officers showed up at our door looking for him. BC has hired 800 contact tracers and has made almost all civil servants bylaw officers.
  7. Canada has extended their " no sail order" to the end of Feb/21
  8. We got one for Jan 9 /21.... 7 day Mexico. It was free inside and $250 free play. The only problem with these is they are non-refundable. So if we cancel we lose the port taxes we paid and deposit which would be applied as OBC on our account when boarding the ship. Hoping that Princess will cancel, then we will get a refund. I don't see this cruise happening as the virus numbers are rising again and no sign of international travel and with the US on a "do not travel to " warning for most countries and the US/ Canada border closed indefinately ☹️
  9. it's because they are rotating the cruises. Baltic one cruise, the next British Isles, Baltic, etc.
  10. I'm ok with new itinerary. Booked because of St Petersburgh and Tallinn. This way we can enjoy Southampton before cruise. More sea days to enjoy the drink pkg...lol
  11. I always take the National Express bus from airport. Stay a couple of nights in Southampton and get on ship relaxed.
  12. 2 different class of ships. Wait and see what they offer you and then decide. You can always cancel and rebook something else.
  13. ok, makes sense. Getting to Southampton isn't a hassle and there is lots to see and do there. Have sailed from there a few times. My disappointment is not going to Tallin, Estonia. We will wait to see what the new itinerary is and then decide.
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