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  1. My wife and I would take our 3 boys cruising at least once a year. Often times their cousin would cruise with us. That's 4 boys all within 4 years of age of each other. They have been on NCL, Royal, and Carnival. They had a blast on all of them but they unanimously vote Carnival as their favorite. They said that Carnival had better attended kids programs and more activities. Because you are going during a school break I am sure any choice will have a lot of kids on board. However I know if my kids were asked to pick it would be a Carnival cruise.
  2. OP thank you for posting this. I normally don't keep an eye out for price drops after I book but I will for my upcoming cruise on Sunrise. I think that the updates on the coronavirus will continue to push prices down. I have emailed my TA to ask how a price drop would affect my booking.
  3. Haven't been on Carnival in a couple years but on my RCCL in December I found the pitchers of beer at the sports pub to be a much better value than buckets by the pool. I was getting 5 beers out of a pitcher for about $17.
  4. Yes I am... sorry OP for any confusion
  5. I recommend Alamo. I booked direct with them last time I needed a car at FLL. You can book a full size and will have great selection in the full size isle. They have a drop off right at the entrance to POM. I dropped off the other passengers and luggage at the ship, brought the rental back to the entrance at POM, then took the Alamo shuttle back to the ship. It could not have been easier or more convenient.
  6. I have done both and now I prefer to stay in Fort Lauderdale. I always fly into Fort Lauderdale because I use South West as well. The past few times I have booked my hotel in Miami I have run into delays and its just generally more stressful. I like to get to my hotel when I land and let my relaxing vacation start asap. I book ground transportation for about to pick me up at my Fort Lauderdale hotel and take me to POM.
  7. I am glad to hear that you didn't find crowding to be much of an issue and were able to find deck chairs available. I have a Sunrise cruise booked for the fall and agree that the limited feed back on the ship so far hasn't been a glowing endorsement. Your review is helpful, thank you for posting.
  8. My cruise is in the fall and schools will be in session. I expect that we won't have many kids on board. Thanks for the advice on how to avoid some of the crowds. I will bring my positive attitude as always and I am sure I will have a great time. Just as I have on all my cruises. Man I love cruising lol.
  9. Thanks for the responses. I have had a blast on all my cruises and I am sure I will love this one. I guess I really became concerned when I saw the Sunrise on a list of worst cruise ships. It was one of those click bait lists on yahoo. It sited the complaints of crowds and lines. I will follow the advice of using the other options for my meals. Can't wait. I love having a cruise booked.
  10. I have been reading a lot of negative reviews on the Sunrise. The complaints center around crowding, lines, and noise. My cruise is a 9 night Journeys cruise out of NYC to Bermuda, Grand Turk, and HMC. I am very excited for this cruise. Longest one yet, first time out of NYC, and first time to Bermuda. The ever optimistic voice in my head is telling me that Journeys equals less kids equals less crowds ( only 2 ppl per room hopefully) less noise, and hopefully not as many lines. Am I correct in my hopeful assumptions?
  11. I agree with the recommendation to Keen's, Gallaghers as a plan B if needed. For a hotel I would use hotwire. Make sure its a highly recommended and in midtown. You will be convenient to either steak house, central park, and the terminal.
  12. I just booked promenade (deck 5) on Sunrise. They added a bank of rooms aft when they renovated and renamed the ship. My TA said the area should be quiet, not a lot of foot traffic, and convenient to many of the popular venues.
  13. make sure they are battery operated, no flame
  14. There are some pretty good youtube vids that have tours of the ship and focus a lot on all the food options. I just booked and I tend to obsess lol. I have read tons of reviews, looked at pics, and watched videos. One common complaint that pops up is the lines in the buffet. Honestly I have discovered so many food options on board I don't see any reason to stand in line at a crowded buffet. Every meal has multiple venues and options.
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