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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I think we're going to Playa Mia - been there before twice and loved it. My husband doesn't drink, and I might have two drinks at most all day, so an all inclusive package is probably not right for us.
  2. Thanks for the info - been to Paradis Beach - didn't care for the beach that much - full of water toys. I really have to go to a place that has a beautiful beach. I'll checkout Palancar. Deb
  3. debkad1

    Best Beach Day Pass in Costa Maya?

    Thanks Proggieus - that would be great! Deb
  4. Those were my top two picks for 2/16 and both are sold out the day we will be in Cozumel with NCL Getaway :loudcry:. Any other suggestions?
  5. I'll be on NCL Getaway and going to Harvest Caye. I'm planning on taking the ferry to Placencia to check it out, but wondering if others have gone beyond Placencia to see other stuff.
  6. debkad1

    Best Beach Day Pass in Costa Maya?

    I second that - I can't believe people are actually having a long thread about toilets and toilet paper - LOL
  7. debkad1

    Best Beach Day Pass in Costa Maya?

    I heard from other cruise critic members about Jamie's Blue Reef: http://www.jaimesbluereef.com/. Looks amazing from the pictures - it's AI with loungers, umbrellas, tables, non-motorized water sports, all you can eat, all you can drink for $47 pp. They ask for a $25 deposit as they only take 35 people per day, making it a non-crowded experience. I already sent my deposit.
  8. debkad1

    Lunch back on the ship while in Harvest Caye?

    Thanks for the info! I also found out that there is a golf cart shuttle to and from the ship to the island. I'm doing two excursions on this cruise and any money I can save is good. No need to spend money on a meal that I have already paid for on the ship :-).
  9. I know that you have to pay for food on Harvest Caye and also that the ship is docked right at the island. Can people go back on the ship for lunch? Is it a long walk? Thanks. Debbie
  10. My husband and are going to do the Jolly Rogers Catamaran Snorkeling trip on Feb 15 while on NCL Getaway. The trip is 3 1/2 hours and the ship is in port for 8 hours. Does anyone know if there is enough time to go to a beach after this excursion?
  11. Thanks for the tips! What is the Maya Key excursion? Is that on the Getaway Western itinerary?
  12. Roatan wins! I think we'll go to Bananarama resort - a lot of people have raved about the shore snorkeling there, and I think they have boat trips as well. Jolly Roger is pricey ($100 pp) and people have said the snorkeling site they go to is not that great. I also wanted some beach time before/after snorkeling, so Bananarama fits the bill.
  13. Thanks so much for the replies and the info!
  14. Thanks so much! I have been to Cozumel many times but never snorkeled there. Never been to Roatan. I prefer snorkeling with a guide, as I'm not a good swimmer. I also prefer calm water and once I snorkeled off the coast of Cancun and the water was very choppy, so I'm wondering if snorkeling in Cozumel is also that way.