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  1. I've just requested credit card chargebacks, I'll let my credit card company deal with MSC.
  2. We have two cruises booked, I'll be putting in a credit card chargeback for the Divina cruise.
  3. Thanks for the updates, hopefully all goes well for them.
  4. Does anyone have any info on how this cruise is progressing?. I know it’s become a Dubai to Marseille cruise since all of the intermediate ports have denied cruise ships. I have friends onboard and hoping all is well.
  5. But that wouldn't relieve them of their obligation to refund for services not provided, simply they do not have to remediate beyond a refund. The customer does not take on the cruise lines risk and exposure.
  6. Worst case you could do a credit card chargeback, it should fit in with the criteria. You can't pay for a service that isn't being offered. It would be a bit like paying for a concert and being told its okay you can see a completely different band on a different date.
  7. This is going to be a tough time for MSC, they are going through a massive new build and fleet expansion and with the Miraviglia and Seaside class of ship build programs ongoing I suspect cash flow will become a big issue. Honestly, it will be interesting to see whether MSC will weather this storm, I suspect some other cruise lines may be having similar concerns. We will see cruise ships in lay up with skeleton crews and older ships sent for scrap very soon. Whilst I’m disappointed that I’ve lost my cruises and uncertain whether I will see my money back, I feel more sorry for the crews of these ships who are probably wondering whether they will still have jobs next month.
  8. Pretty much per the above posts, azipod's have increased initial and ongoing maintenance costs. Leaking seals is a common issue and very few ports appreciate seeing oil sheens around visiting ships. Pods can provide significant manoeuvring advantages over stern thrusters for someone who knows how to drive them properly.
  9. Agreed, we've walked in Barcelona many times and it's a fantastic walk up to the Ramblas and into the city.
  10. I also worked on cruise ships for many years and gratuities were collated then split evenly between hotel crew including the laundry and galley (those of us on the bridge didn't get a penny of course because we were remunerated appropriately for our position and weren't providing any form of customer facing service). I would like to think that MSC does the same thing and if they didn't it would probably make for some very bad press for them, but as other posters mention what goes on in Italy...
  11. haha, it’s very subjective isn’t it? The longest day of the year is in June with those wonderful long summer nights. The lowest rainfall and highest temperatures for the UK tend to either be in July or August based on historical data.
  12. Well done to the crew, never easy to perform SAR functions using the ships tenders/rescue boats.
  13. Looks like the end to an interesting year for MSC with the MSC Grandiosa having a scrape in Palermo. I suspect that the rapid fleet expansion is keeping their training and promotions department busy and we are seeing a few teething issues. It will be interesting to see the report from the MSC Opera. https://www.rt.com/news/477136-cruise-ship-msc-grandiosa-crashes-italy/
  14. The whole situation is absolutely tragic, especially for the critically injured survivors. I would say though, had I been in the same situation and knowing it was a Level 2 rating, I would have taken the tour. I would also still consider taking a tour of a potentially active volcano and would accept the risks. The big question will be around whether the tour group were aware of the risks (I presume they signed waivers) and I'm sure the survivors will be questioned as to how much risk they thought they were being exposed to. I suspect the RCCL will be in for a rough ride over this, but quite honestly I doubt anyone in their cruise excursions department onboard ship or in head office envisioned this situation and would never knowingly have exposed their passengers (and their company reputation) to this kind of risk. Over the years I can think of a number of shore excursions that haven't gone to plan (including alaskan seaplane trips and tour group attacks in africa) and perhaps the industry needs a shake up with the cruise line taking on a greater duty of care for its passengers on ship booked tours.
  15. LeClub Accor Gold = MSC Voyager Gold Took around 9 days, very easy.
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