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  1. We were on the March 1 Regal sailing that was delayed 16 hrs. I submitted a reimbursement request on March 13 for the hotel and airfare change. Princess called on April 28 and verified the info. They told me it would be 6-8 weeks for my check. I got it today. No OBC refund yet.
  2. I just received a call regarding my hotel and airfare refund from the delayed March 1-8 Regal sailing return to PE. She needed more information regarding my return flight, so hopefully the refund is coming very soon! Fingers crossed!!
  3. We were on the last sailing on the Regal, March 1-8. Received FCC immediately for the 16 hour delay, but still waiting on airline change fee and hotel refunds. Trip insurance won't cover anything since it is related to a pandemic even though the word COVID-19 didn't exist back in September! Princess changed their cancellation policy to allow you to cancel within 48 hours while we were already on the cruise. Not holding my breath for any money from anyone at this point. Keep getting the runaround.
  4. I had the opposite experience with Allianz and will never use them again. We sailed March 1-8 on the Regal and were delayed arriving into port by 16 hours. I submitted the claim for our airfare change and hotel. They denied it due to Coronavirus. I bought the policy in September 2019 before that was even a known word. What a waste of money. Never again!
  5. We were on the last sailing of the Regal that docked 16 hours late on March 8. I am still waiting for our refund of hotel fees due to missed flight and airline change fees, as well as refundable OBC. They were quick to apply the FCC to my account, but no actual monetary refunds yet. Thankfully, it wasn't much money (as compared to an entire cruise fare), so we are being patient.
  6. We are supposed to be alongside at 10pm as of the latest announcement. The earliest we can get a pilot is one hour. We're just turning circles right now.
  7. Princess is paying up to $300 for hotel stay.
  8. No clue...hope so. My comfy hotel bed is waiting on me.
  9. They haven't mentioned anything about disembarking just yet.
  10. We have been cleared to dock!!!
  11. Yes. We can still access our rooms, but no luggage.
  12. Yes. The bars are all open. Not sure about the casino. They are giving people a "couple of complimentary beers or glasses of wine ". MDR is open seating with no dress code as we have no luggage.
  13. He just updated us but had no news yet from the coast guard. It was more informative regarding dinner and entertainment. 🙁
  14. Yes, we are currently on the ship.
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