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  1. Hi @AlanLW9, I am on the August 21, 2021 Adventure of the Seas, had a price drop last month and was told 14 business days which would have been last Monday , August 16. Checked August 17, still not in my cruise planner, called RCL and after 2 hours finally got posted. RCL agent said they had to get a supervisor to try and get it posted. Agent could see it was over 14 business days, but could not explain why it was not posted. If not posted by 14th business day, call! I was hoping it would get posted earlier as I have read some get it posted very quickly within a day or two, but my experience was I had to call. I did use a TA, but it seems even using TA, people have had the OBC posted quickly.
  2. Hi @alyssamma, I watched a recent MSC YouTube and apparently the ‘Diamond’ chocolate ship has been modified. I believe it used to be a solid hunk of chocolate wrapped in cellophane, suitable for gifting. Now it is a smaller white chocolate hollow thing filled with a few pieces of some sort. It is also food glued to a plate, and the person said it is impossible to ‘scrap’ off and try to save in your own zip top or container. I think also delivered on last night so it has been reported, many are just left and wasted.
  3. Diamond C&A ‘level’ get 1 twenty four hour period of ‘surf’ or certain discount towards an internet plan. The 24 hour period is continuous once you activate, meaning you cannot split an hour here one day and use some hours a few days later. You get to decide which day you want to activate.
  4. @bajathree, yes you are right, I read the new protocols too fast, on sailings BEFORE, August 27, if Vaccinated you will take another test at pier/embarkation. I would have no issue getting re-tested at embarkation. It is possible your 3 day pretest is negative because you have been ‘newly’ exposed, or you get exposed enroute to the port.
  5. FYI, just to add what MSC is doing. They just updated their Health and Safety Protocols and of course have not bothered to email any passengers on upcoming sailings yet. Vaccinated passengers are required to get negative test no more than 3 days before sailing. MSC will also test ‘everyone’ again at the pier before boarding at no cost to passenger. Pre cruise, 3 day before test is paid by passenger if required.
  6. Hi @3kidsncatsand @internetwhiz, I am still in suspense, please spill the beans on the deets regarding expected passenger numbers for the upcoming sailing. Beieve I read current sailing is about 730?
  7. Are you on one of the last Alaska sailings ? I think there have been ‘live from’ threads for the past sailings and they reported the number of passengers on board. I know the first sailing was at reduced capacity but it was reported capacity is being increased and will be close to 100% by September? I do not know if it has been reported they will change capacity after the ship finishes the Alaska season. My guess is the ship/Majestic will be sailing at full capacity by mid September if not earlier.
  8. I believe unused FCC’s can be refunded MINUS any ‘bonus’ FCC you might have received. So it will be like you requested a refund that did not give you any ‘bonus’. Please verify as policies are always subject to change, but is appears you have tried to apply to sailings that but have not ‘used’ and sailed. Are you trying to ‘cash out’ your total FCC balance or still have some allocated to active bookings?
  9. Airline fares are complicated. When you book a roundtrip ticket, it has certain rules and restrictions, else everyone would book 2 separate one way fares. Many airlines fare structures are one ways are priced higher than just half of the roundtrip fare. This fare difference is quite noticeable for international routes. Have you read about some passengers would book a roundtrip ticket because it was less then booking the one way fare and ‘throwaway’ the return ticket. You can not use this strategy if you only want the return segment, as not taking the outbound segment would cancel your entire ticket. Check the airlines website and compare what fare they show as your ‘updated’ itinerary and I would bet the total is in line what EzAir has changed to if you wanted that different outbound segment. There a only a few airlines that the one way is close to half of the roundtrip fare. Welcome to the world of Airline pricing.
  10. The ‘form’ you receive on your flight into the Bahamas is the immigration form that is stamped upon ‘entry’ and is needed for ‘departure’ so make sure you retain as you will need when you leave the Bahamas.
  11. See my post #699. Milestone used to be recognized by cruise credits, so you possibly missed 500 days recognition when it was still based on cruise credits. At the 750 level is when the added ‘perk’ of invite to ‘suite’ breakfast in the specialty dining room or wherever it is being held on that ship.
  12. The VIP lounge on the Majestic on the 14th floor aft is the Concierge Lounge on Royal Princess. It is primarily for ‘suite’ guests, but other ‘vip’ are also extended invitations. I was granted access on the Royal when I celebrated a ‘milestone’ cruise. Have not heard if ‘milestones’ will continue to be recognized. For those who are not familiar with this term, Princess recognized Passengers reaching their 500th day at sea and then every 250 days increment. Originally milestones were based on cruise credits starting at your 50th credit then every 25 after. I think this program started when Princess celebrated 50 years of sailing and then was revised to number of days instead of cruise credits. I believe the Casino can also extend invites to the lounge to selected ‘VIPS’.
  13. Princess answered about ‘testing’ for B2B in their FAQ’s quite awhile ago. Surprised to hear @PescadoAmarillowas told they would not be tested for for B2B passenger. Princess says they allow B2B and unless recently updated, does not say anything about needing to be in the same cabin for next leg. Cabins are sanitized for the next guest according to updated protocols. Possibly would be helpful to cleaning crew if not required as deep cleaning if same guests staying in next voyage. The FAQ also answered Princess will test at no cost to the passenger(s) the required Covid test(PCR or antigen) to allow passenger to return to their destination, if needed.
  14. I believe you do get Global Entry and TSA precheck with NEXUS. I applied for NEXUS in 2019, as I planned on doing a few cruises out of Vancouver and they do the interview at YVR via appointments. Took planning but was successful. Surprised they did a pop up NEXUS interview site at the LA Convention Center which would have saved me travel, but I was going to be out of town. Vancouver does not do walk-ins for your initial interview. I was a little confused at first as it seemed Global Entry was not granted with NEXUS but it is as I used it to return from Asia to California when the Sapphire Princess sailing was cut short in February 2020. NEXUS is less expensive than TSA precheck but interview sites are more limited. Research if NEXUS might be an option for you.
  15. What version of iPad do you have, I finally upgraded to the latest version as my last one was too old to to be able to accept IOS updates and download APPs. The RCL APP is working fine on my iPad. Since you are able to see all your bookings on your iPhone, I am leaning towards your iPad is too old or you have old version of APP in iPad. Also it could be a bug in the APP.
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