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  1. If you have the prestige beverage package it seems to be limited to the listed wines-by-the-glass. If you see a wine that you would like to order but it is only by-the-bottle, is there a discount for that bottle?
  2. The June cancellation was also posted on their website yesterday.: avalonwaterways.com. Click on "Travel update and Policy" just below the header. Keith
  3. Lois R, Thank you for your thoughts. We have "planned" our trip to have plenty of time off for spontaneity. However, there ARE things which must be planed ahead. For example: as soon as they come available, we will book tickets for the French Open (tennis), book tickets for the day & time to visit the Eiffel Tower, a Palais Garnier tour must be reserved in advance, day and time to go to the Lascaux caves must be booked as early as possible as the spots go quickly. That said, we do have 3 out of the six days in Paris unplanned (we have places that we will probably visit then but it's all open with lots of sipping wine & people watching) and 3 out of 6 days in the Dordogne River Valley unstructured so that we can soak up the local atmosphere. Finally, for the cruise which starts 15 days after the start of our vacation, there are 6 stops that we have no exact plans and expect to DIY. However, that's not to say that we won't research the town/area and direct ourselves in that way. I read on one of the blogs here in CC about a couple whose ship stopped in Paris and, according to them, they raced off the ship and visited so many places in one day that I doubt very seriously that they did more than, "Look! Over there! That's the Tour Eiffel! What's next?!" That's not for us. We'd rather see one thing and be absorbed in it. That reminds me. When ever we go to a foreign country I like to learn a few words/phrases in the language before we go. It has been so much more interesting to be able to ask for directions or say hello or excuse myself for NOT being able to speak the language well. That too takes planning. Hopefully à bientôt!
  4. Thanks to all for their replies, I appreciate them all. Unfortunately if I waited until I got onboard before signing up I'd be a quivering blob of jello. (BTW - can a booked excursion be cancelled? Would optional excursion costs be reimbursed?) After reading the great thoughts, I certainly won't be paranoid about missing a day or two (OMG - I JUST BLASPHEMED!). One of the big reasons to book early is that we research each of the places we dock and see if there is anything local going on: a play, bazaar, show, etc; we'd like to know the start time and the duration of the excursion so that we might be able to do both.
  5. We too are soon able to sign up for our excursions. Since this is our first leap from ocean to river cruising we are accustomed to getting on the list the second they are available. This has meant doing bookings at 3AM (egad!). What time on the opening day does Avalon start the booking? I believe they're home office is in Colorado.
  6. Add to the cruise a week in Paris (we MUST see the French Open!) and a week in the Dordogne River Valley area means that we'll need a few more things.
  7. JvilleGal, Wow! You must have been hovering on the site!! Thanks. As for me I'm probably not going to take my painting clothes with me 😏
  8. Just to make sure (so I don't get into trouble with you-know-who) what is the typical dress on board for dinner? I'm assuming that other meals are very casual. Thanks! Keith
  9. Kenster, Thank you for your sage advice. In fact, it has been confirmed by British Air. I just got off the phone with them to find that there are two reasons why the 90 minutes between flights is NOT (and it was emphasized) a problem. First is that we land and take off in the same terminal (3). Second - and the vision of this one had me in stitches - there are 100 people on our flight from Marseilles getting on the same flight to Miami! I can just envision 100 people marching in military like columns and whistling the "Colonel Bogey March" (from the Bridge Over the River Kwai) through the terminal!! They ain't gonna let 100 people miss a flight! Probably a lot of them from our cruise!
  10. "Houston we (may) have a problem"😲 Our cruise ends in St Louis France and we fly out of Marseilles. The description of the last days show that the leg from Arles to Port Louis is an "Evening Cruise to Port Louis". It also states that ""Flights should not leave Marseille airport before 10 AM" Our flight from Marseilles to Heathrow has an ETA of 12:00 with a departure from Heathrow scheduled for 1:30. The 90 minutes between flights doesn't seem like enough time! We are thinking of changing our flight from Marseille to early (7:30ish). What time does an "Evening cruise to...." actually put the ship into port and can we arrange to debark early? We much appreciate any ideas and help! Keith
  11. I guess it's my experience of ocean cruising. There is a constant "book earliest" mentality that I've become hooked on. (Actually it wasn't too much of a hook as I like to plan early.) So that I don't have sleepless nights we will most likely book our excursions before we board. Thanks to all for the advise! k
  12. YoungDubFan, Thank you for that report about visiting Normandy. It has solidified our choice! (a question about this at the end of this post) Fran (aka Franski), Thank you for filling me in on the choices you had. I'm assuming that ours will be about the same....hopefully. For both of you - as experienced Avalon cruisers - I know we will get notification as to when we can book excursions (about 90 days before travel) but is there a time of day that the 'starting gun' for sign-ups is shot? Is there any difference of when you can sign up based upon the different levels of suites? Thank you again! Keith
  13. NorthWildwood Wow! Speedy reply...THANKS! Good to hear about the excursion. I've researched a lot of different tour groups and even DIYing it. Because of needing to take the long bus ride and not really knowing what time we would need to be back at the ship the choice was almost made for us. I just talked to a friend who took a 7 day tour of the D-Day Beaches area and he said that there are 3 places to stop that are must-see are listed on the excursion sample. BTW - As a Philly born & raised guy Wildwood was one of our favorite places to go as a teen. Loved the beaches AND the females who were on it! 🙂🙄. I remember once spending weekend there where 10 of us roomed in the attic of a big house...the heat didn't matter because of the beverage of choice for us that we consumed vigorously! k
  14. TMLA, Glad to see your positive remark about Avalon's excursions! We too are ocean cruisers taking our first River Cruise and have done lots of private tours. Our cruise takes us to Caudebec, France and from there we want to ensure we get a great tour of the D-Day beaches in Normandie. Since we dock in Caudebec and it's about 1 ½ hours away from the sites it looks like we may need to take a ship's excursion. Any thoughts to that or suggestions for private tours? Thanks (or should I say Merci!) Keith
  15. Playtennis


    First time river cruisers. We are booked on the Grand France Tour, 2-16 June next year. Cupala questions... * When do they show the excursions that are offered. I'm imagining that it will be after we pay-in-full. There are a few stops where we will probably look at doing our own tour and would like to book as far in advance as possible. * I understand that there are two docking piers in Paris. We will be taking a train from the Dordogne Valley arriving in Paris about 3PM on the 2nd. Can we taxi straight to the dock (will we know which one before hand?) or would it be best to stop at the gathering place and let them settle us to the boat? Thank you Keith
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