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  1. FCC should be only on the cruise fare. Taxes and tips should refund.
  2. ships sitting empty for 2 months. The virus will be dead in 2 weeks sitting on surfaces. self-sanitized.
  3. I hear you can see Russia from Wassila Alaska, maybe go to Russia.
  4. They also pulled Costa. I just got this from Interliner about an hour ago. AMA Waterways, Suspended Europe river cruises thru April 25, 2020 Avalon River Cruises and Globus Tours, Suspended operations thru April 30, 2020 Celestyal Cruises, Suspended operations thru May 1, 2020 Disney Cruise Line, Suspended all operations thru March 30, 2020 Walt Disney World and Disneyland closed thru end March, 2020 Gate1Travel, suspended all operations thru April 30, 2020 MSC Cruises, various worldwide cancellations and itinerary changes. Oceania, various cancels in French Polynesia and Europe itinerary changes Paul Gauguin Cruises, Suspended all operations thru April 11, 2020 Princess Cruises Suspended all operations through May 11, 2020 Uniworld River Cruises, Suspended Europe river cruises thru April 23, 2020 Viking River and Viking Ocean Cruises, Suspended operations thru April 30, 2020 Windstar Cruises, Suspended all operations thru April 30, 2020 Costa Cruises, Suspended all operations thru April 3, 2020
  5. I briefed the T&C's of the offer when it came out, hoping to cancel and rebook for lower fares on upcoming cruise, but it said they would not be issued until I believe 10 days after cancellation.
  6. Anyone know how to find the March 7 Summit Roll call. I can only seem to find current and forward.
  7. LOL, I'm actually on for 3 weeks, getting off April 4. Also doing the Atlantis Charter in the middle.
  8. Definitely need to know about it so one has a clear vision, but its be factual and not run with rhetoric and assumptions. Has Health Canada traced it to its source yet? It's as important people realize it can come from other places, not just a cruise ship. watch customs lines, watch airplanes, watch taxi cabs watch handling cash.
  9. did she test positive when she was coming off or when she got home later?
  10. I read the article to have been using term Cruise in its sense as a vacation involving a cruise, not purely the act of being on a ship only. It did not say "Who acquired the virus onboard the Celebrity Summit."
  11. I board Summit Saturday. I got my boarding email today, and nothing about corona on board. Just the notice we all are aware of about enhanced pre-board screenings.
  12. I'm booked on this one, still planning it.
  13. They did a departure party in sky lounge, Private event, it pretty much filled the place so much people were going elsewhere to get drinks. They held a pre-arty day before at one of the gay resorts in FLL, most people attended to get their gift packets pre-cruise. Each night they had some sort of event, a singer, comedian, just a gathering. They also organized a catamaran trip and a day party in Key west at one of the clothing optional bars. Nothing like an Atlantis or all gay cruise though.
  14. You can stream netflix, if you get the Premium internet package only. It may not stream well all the time especially when the internets are tied up by all like I have issues from 6pm to 10:30 pm often. I last used a Lightning to HDMI cable from my iPad to the TV to watch Netflix. I just unplugged the HDMI Cable from the ship device and plugged mine in then powered up the TV. channels as best I recall: HGTV, FoodNetwork, BBC, MSNBC, FoxNews, 2 or 3 euro sports channels, a foreign language channel a movie channel that repeats the movie(s) of the day on loop (which are available as OnDemand sometimes) , and a kids channel. There are On Demand movies ($14.99 each) and a very limited selection of On Demand free stuff, mostly about Celebrity itself, but a few movies and shows do exist there.
  15. Look to John Heath cruises. He also has a group on Celebrity Post Thanksgiving. This year on Apex Nov 28. I call this group the "Pissed off Pipers" as it's full of people who've had, I'll be nice here, "customer service issues" with them over the years. Last year it was about 350 guys and growing. I sailed several with PP in the past probably 5 or 6 times before moving to Heath. I'd suggest for a point of reference, Atlantis has 5 star customer service, to use as a comparison to that of PP. You can also check the Better Business Bureau site for more information. I also highly recommend Vacaya. I did P-town last year and their service was literally 5-star. I'm booked again in Feb 2021.
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