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  1. Seems to be new policy, not only restricted to Southampton. I will board Legend OTS in Hamburg on Sunday, I received the same "attempt" to regulate the flow of passenger. "...seating space is extremely limited etc...". I don't like it though, beeing advised to board at a specified time. My train arrives at 10:15 in Hamburg, I will be at the terminal around 10:30 and following RCI's boarding times deckwise would mean that I would have to kill a lot of time before I'm allowd to board.
  2. Does anybody happen to know who will be entertaining the Schooner Bar on the Legend in late August (Norwegian fjords) or on the Splendour at the beginning of October (East Med)? We always enjoyed Anselmo Boles and closed out the Schooner Bar with him several nights last year in the Med. He was awesome. Does a current list of piano entertainers exist? Maybe we can start one from here...
  3. Louise, do you happen to know if there is a nightclub on Splendour? I'm not a big show or musical fan, so I don't mind if entertainment is poor as you mentioned. But I really enjoy having some beers, listening to music and dance... So where is the place to be for me? Viking Crown Lounge, R Bar ?? Thank you!
  4. Well if you'd have an inside cabin then maybe you would go on a $700 cruise instead...:p And if all you do is to stare at your wife then something might be wrong anyway...:D
  5. What I like most about the inside cabins is that they are affordable... Of course I would't mind having a suite with balcony if money was no issue, but on the other hand I prefer to spend the dough more on the numerous possibilities on a cruise...
  6. Juhuu! Keep it going, Louise, you make my day! I will cruise with my father-in-law (embarkation in 18 days). Your detailed review will make it a lot easier for us, as this is our first cruise with a RCI ship. We've only cruised with German AIDA line several times so far. Thanks once again!
  7. Louise, would be great if you'd find the time to post the compasses... Thank you for your time and effort, it's been very helpful!
  8. I will experience the differences between AIDA compared to Royal Caribbean in a few weeks, when I'm on my first cruise with the Splendour of the seas departing from Venice... As I cruised with AIDA ships several times all I can say is that I enjoyed AIDA very much. There is always a relaxing and easy atmosphere on board. Buffet restaurants are included, there are specialty restaurants with service, you have to pay extra. Of course personnel is part German, part International, so English speaking should not be a serious matter. Although I love cruising with AIDA I wanted to try another cruise line, so I'm excited to get on board of an "American" ship. Embarking in 22 days:)
  9. Great! Finally someone on Splendour OTS posting... I would appreciate some information about the beer selection. Thank you! And what is your impression about Splendour in general and food, entertainment etc.? Thanks once again and enjoy your cruise! I will do so in a few weeks...
  10. I purchased the drink package and would like to know if there is a receipt to be signed each time when ordering a drink...? Moreover I would appreciate any information about the beer selection. Thank you very much!
  11. Hi Angie, I'm sailing on this ship in June and purchased the drink package. I would like to know if you had to sign a receipt each time you ordered a drink? Hopefully not...This seems to be different on each ship. Thanks!
  12. First of all, greetings from Cologne to the rest of the world... I've been following this discussions about the drink packages since I booked my first RC cruise which will be with the Splendour of the seas starting from Venedig in June. Seems like you guys just think about the Premium package. For me -as a beer drinker- the Classic package will do so I made up my mind to purchase it. I just like the idea of not worrying about each order, knowing what costs to expect. I'm looking forward to trying some new beers, I can almost see myself relaxing in the sun with a cold beer in my hands...can't wait.:) I just hope that I will not have to sign any receipt, seems like this is different on each ship. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences, this is very helpful.
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