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  1. I am from Florida and get hot easily, so I don't wear sweatshirt or long shirt in Alaska. I wear t shirt and jeans and layer with fleece jacket and rain jacket. If no rain jacket, then get poncho. Borrow someone's fleece/light jacket if you don't have one. If you are going to Thrift stores, I would go before you leave since they are hit and miss. Or buy cheap one at first port. It's cooler by the glaciers, so I wear extra pair of socks and have light gloves and hat (do you know any skiers to borrow from)? If not, cost you $20 for both on Amazon. I was on the Ruby Princess last year and I borrowed a couple of their blankets by the pool/theater so that I could sit outside most of the time going through Glacier Bay (I had an inside room). Have fun.
  2. My sister has a mobility issue and we took the free shuttle as mentioned by flutprop. Took it to Creek street, but she walked back with her rollator.
  3. Any updates on when this is opening? I was hoping to visit in a month. Thanks.
  4. The menu on the goldstar is on their website. There are a few tables for 2, but most are for four people so you may eat with others.
  5. In Denali and Healy today. Smoke not an issue.
  6. I was in Girdwood area today. Smoke not an issue. 65 with light rain. Going to Denali tomorrow. Will report back on that area in a few days.
  7. katrina915

    Anchorage Moose

    Awesome! I like to go to Alaska in July to avoid the Florida heat, but it might be cooler at home since we have been having rain. Heading there tonight and will look for moose in sprinklers!!!
  8. We didn't do it in a cave, but they are available. Make sure you do it with a guide though since it can be dangerous in the caves.
  9. The glacier walk in Juneau was a great experience (haven't done it in Denali so can't compare). I did it with my sister who has a mobility issue and the pilot helped her walk on the ice. I will never forget the crevasses and walking on the glacier. We did it with Coastal Helicopter- I believe they have different amount of time on the glacier if you want a longer time.
  10. I have been to Mendenhall on excursion and you get about an hour there. I was able to quickly walk to Nugget falls (no kids), snap a few pictures and make it back in time. Had to hurry though and long line to bathroom. This year, I am considering renting a car so that I can stay at Mendenhall longer and go to Glacier gardens and possibly the hatchery.
  11. I was in Alaska mid september last year. Already had excursions booked, so didn't pay attention to vendors on the dock. Just as many ships in port as earlier in the summer, so I don't see why those vendors wouldn't still be there.
  12. We stopped at Denali viewpoint north and south which are pull offs right on the road. We drove to Healy and made it late afternoon but we made sandwiches and weren't in any hurry.
  13. I recently was on HAL Zuiderdam for fixed dinner. My sister is allergic to milk and I was trying to minimize my calories. We both ordered the night before looking at the following day menu. My sister enjoyed her food and didn't get sick. Steak, pork chops etc. I was happy asking for no dairy and no fat since I didn't want any hidden butter. It worked out great. We brought our own dessert but my sister had some sorbet. She was never sure if the sorbet was actually dairy free but she didn't get sick. Good luck!
  14. Weather is a crap shot,but we had better weather last Sept 15-22 than a previous June or July cruise. Plan for more rain though. Watch the time for sunset when planning excursions. Have fun!
  15. I didn't take this particular tour but a whale watch and mendenhall tour. We had an hour at mendenhall. I had enough time to go to nugget falls and take photos. I didn't go to the visitor center and didn't dawdle. You may want to post to celebrity board also.
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