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  1. Yes, all my clothes were damp/wet and it was BEFORE a cruise. Lucky for me, there was a dryer at the hotel in Anchorage. I am from Florida and never had a problem flying during rainy season, but I think it happened in Dallas where we were delayed from the rain.
  2. We didn't experience any slow downs either way. Was a few construction vehicles but they kept the cars moving.
  3. I haven't seen any solo specials onboard and usually not later either.
  4. Try to get a cabin away from the centrum. You can avoid it easier that way if there is an issue on your sailing.
  5. I took advantage of one of my excursions being discounted some in September.
  6. Anan is good (black bears) but they have to have permits for it, so limited availability. You can look at all the vendors to see if they have availability. I have never been to Neets Bay
  7. I took the Solstice a few years back and taking the Eclipse to Alaska in September. I think the most important distinction is that you are seeing Hubbard glacier on the Eclipse and Tracy Arm on the Solstice. I like both but most people think Hubbard is better. I booked a whale watch and bear search at Icy Strait. Have fun!
  8. Thanks , everyone. I wasn't planning on getting new luggage. One was a Samsonite but soft. The other was hard shell. I had my pillow in a garbage bag and that stayed pretty dry. I will look at the other recommended bags and plan on using more garbage bags and ziplocs. First time this happened to me, but I can't afford to have 2 small suitcases of wet clothes again. Going to Europe next and don't want to worry about finding a dryer.
  9. Last summer, I flew to Seattle via Dallas and central Florida in July. My clothes were wet/damp when I got to the hotel-2 different suitcases. I am not sure where it happened but I believe they were left outside in Dallas when it was raining hard. Does anyone have ideas about how to keep checked in bag clothes from getting wet? Thanks.
  10. The photo safari is a smaller group. About 15 people. I have gone on the larger boats through the cruise line and thought they were fine. It was all about the whales no matter the boat.
  11. What a bummer. I am a little surprised that they are allowing ship to shore calls to private tour operators.
  12. I have been to Victoria twice with short port times. I would check to see what your cruise line is offering for excursions. The first time we took a whale watch and saw quite a few Orcas. The second time it was later in the season, so no whale watch offered. It was raining so we took shuttle into town, walked around for awhile and got candy at Roger's Chocolates.
  13. Where in Ketchikan are huskies? Never heard of that before.
  14. Does anyone know how long the test is going to last? I am first time HAL cruiser on Zuiderdam in May (and no HAL didn't mention this before final payment). I rarely order a second entrée but I am usually not impressed with MDR food quality, so I do order another entrée occasionally if I really don't care for the first one. I am not cruising solo this time, but I also am perturbed that I would have to pay 200% of fare and still be charged for additional entrée when I already paid for it.
  15. I am a non-smoker with asthma. I believe people should be able to smoke when cruising. When I have to avoid the venues next door and up the atrium, isn't this a bit much? I haven't been on a Royal Carribean ship for a couple of years and I am regretting that I booked the Radiance for this summer. Princess and Celebrity sails with full ships and eliminated or decreased smoking inside so why can't Royal? I am not even suggesting to get rid of smoking in inside venues. I am saying why can't it be contained so I can go in a cinema or the show? Again, why can't the smoke be more contained on these ships? So I don't have to walk up 2 flights of stairs to get around it and that was before there was a big issue of the smoke getting in the Atrium. I would think the smokers would want to give Royal constructive criticism on containing the inside smoke since I would think this would be in their best interest.
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