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  1. Thanks, everyone! My sister is going with me to Alaska in August and on a previous trip she was told "no" to getting a specialty coffee in Tuscan but I wasn't with her. She really likes the specialty coffees, breakfast and coffee so I will give it a try eventhough I don't care for coffee. Quiet and fresh fruit would be nice...
  2. I had limited hours in port and the ship had a whale watching excursion. I really had my doubts but we were happy with the orcas, etc.
  3. Can someone in the cabin who isn't Elite, go to get the specialty coffees in the morning like they can attend the cocktail hour? Thanks.
  4. I take my binoculars to Alaska to view wildlife and glaciers. Wondering if folks would advise taking binoculars to Norway. Ports are Bergen, Alesund, Geiranger and Stavanger. What do you think? Thanks.
  5. I have done both on the same trip. I much prefer kenai fjord and have been multiple times. One glacier but lots of wildlife. And I love the puffins. I have been on 26 glaciers twice. Enjoyed the first time but seemed rushed going from glacier to glacier. The second time we were fogged out and rainy. Very long uncomfortable excursion but we saw a whale. I actually liked Portage glacier boat excursion better than 26 glacier and was much shorter.
  6. Depending on when in August, there are bear fly ins to traitors cove from ketchikan. Pricey but good chance of seeing bears. Island wings or other operators will have dates on their website.
  7. I was on the Eclipse this summer. Check to see if you have enough time to do Adventure Bound cruise from Juneau as mentioned above. I highly recommend. See Tracey arm fjord and lots of whales.
  8. If you are on the website, how do you tell if it's nonrefundable deposit? Very confusing.
  9. I am on the Royal in August. Just got notification that arrival in Vancouver is moved to 5:30 am from 7:30am and Ketchikan is now 9 to 5 vs 10 to 6.
  10. I would highly recommend this also. Only been once since it's hard to find a cruise in port for the duration of this tour.
  11. I have issues with air pressure in my ears on commercial flights but did not have issues with float planes in ketchikan or Anchorage or in helicopters.
  12. I have done cruise multiple times without land and have not regretted it. Added DIY land tour a few times onto cruise and still don't regret doing cruise only. If you only are going once, then yeah adding land tour would be great if budget and time allows.
  13. You might want to post on the Princess forum- they may have a better idea when the schedules come out.
  14. When I was on Celebrity Eclipse this summer, small boat didn't get substantially closer than the ship did.
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