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  1. Your only eligible to possibly receive a free upgrade or OBC if a cabin class above what you booked is cheaper and there class you are booked in isn't sold out.
  2. The roped off areas by the bathrooms are for priority boarding. Accessible is usually on the other side of the boarding entrance.
  3. New York has a special waiting area for priority boarding. Its right by where they board and usually clearly marked. PC I'm not familiar with.
  4. Adding a second person after final payment maybe considered a cancelation and a new booking and would also be subject to lifeboat capacity for you muster station meaning if the boat ud full for your muster group you wouldn't be able to add a person.
  5. Bar usually closes by 8. Although some bartenders have been known to hang around if it's busy enough. The area is always accessible on the older ships.
  6. My understanding is its suppose to be Haven, Handicapped traveller's, Platinum/PP & CAS then Priority Pass than general boarding. But it's a new program with the kinks still being worked out. And I'm sure as someone previously posted each port is still figuring out how to implement the new program because most ports don't have dedicated NCL employees
  7. Casinos at sea should get you priority boarding. At least it does at the Port in NYC. My friend cruises through them all the time and he get placed with me in the Platinum/Platinum plus waiting area which is suppose to board before the priority pass people
  8. On Breakaway and Getaway the Margaritaville/American Diner area was originally the Uptown grill. It was a free stand serving burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries etc. It was very popular because of the proximity to Spice. However someone decided to monetize the space and now it's pretty much an empty space underutilized space
  9. On the Epic they'll usually show NFL playoff games on the big screen in Spice H20. With the little buffet there it's been my favorite ship for NFL playoffs so far
  10. Can't wait til the get rid of these ridiculous "sales" 4 current bookings outside PIF and not 1 was cheaper with the "sales"
  11. I always dine solo and they usually allow me to order an extra app or dessert if I ask. Have never asked about 2 entrees.
  12. Really enjoyed your review @sid_9169 Hopefully we'll cross paths for Shot O'clock sometime. Was very skeptical of the changes to the Encore but your review has me excited now. Thanks again for a fun and informative review
  13. On that sailing. Was a really skeptical until this great review. I'm really excited about the ship now.
  14. That sucks was just on Escape in January and a purchased the dining package and there was no upcharge for the surf & turf with lobster tail. If I used my platinum freebie I would've had to pay
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