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  1. Hi sorry about that- I live in the UK - specifically Wales!
  2. Day 72 and the cheque from Carnival arrived today! Booked for QM2 Ta via an online TA- not this one- and I contacted said TA in March with docs letter saying it was unwise for hubby to travel. They emailed to Cunard on 18th March for the refund. Heard nothing for weeks so tried to contact TA only to hear voicemail saying they were furloughed. Tried the general number for TA s firm and spoke to someone who said there was no point them contacting Cunard as they would be told they had to wait!! I asked if the refund would come via them or straight from Cunard and was told it would definitely come from the TA. Having heard nothing from TA or Cunard I rang TA last week-so after 60 days and was again told that the refund would come to them from Cunard and then onto me and it would go back on the card I paid with. I wasn’t happy so rang Cunard myself and spoke to a lady - didn’t take her name sorry- who checked that my refund request had been received and that they were currently working on refunds requested on 16 th March so mine shouldn’t be long . I enquired if the refund would first go to my TA but she said no. She said she would email the finance department to expedite matters and lo and behold a cheque for the full amount arrived today. There has been no communication from my TA at all so in future will book direct with Cunard. Sorry this post is so long but thought it might offer some hope to those who are still waiting !
  3. Hi I wonder if anyone can help. We are going on QM2 for a 4 day trip stopping at Zeebrugge and in our party is my brother in law who is blind- we all want to go to Bruges but feel that catching the train etc from Blankenburg will be quite challenging for him. As money is not a priority here could we order a taxi to pick us up at the ship or are they not allowed on the docks and we would need to get it at the dock gates or in Blankenburg itself. many thanks to the earlier replies regarding estas- I just needed patience!!
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