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  1. I don't trust them... I disputed the charges with my credit card and got the money back on statement the next day.
  2. I was the OP on a topic similar to this last week. I was trolled and ridiculed. I was told that if I was too poor to wait 90 days for a refund I should have not been cruising in the first place. The topic was closed by the moderator. I did get two post that had good suggetions, ie. dispute the charge with your credit card company. That's what I did on 3/24 and all my charges were credited back to my account in 2 days! Don't wait for NCL to go bankrupt...dispute the charges now.
  3. I had booked what would have been my third NCL cruise for 4/8/2020 on the Pearl going to the Panama Canal over five months ago. Of course it was cancelled, I certainly understand that. I appreciated their offer of future cruise credits with the 25% plus 20% deal. After looking at the Panama Canal trip scheduled in November it would have been $100s more! Not a bargain. I decided I wanted my original money back. Had to wait till today to fill out the form. The website said it will take them 90 days to return my money. Why? They have had it for over 5 months. I want it back now. I called their customer service line this morning and was on hold for 25 minutes before I hung up. Called back and said I wanted to book a new cruise, got a representative immediately. I explained that I wanted my money back sooner than 90 days and she hung up. NEVER AGAIN WILL I USE NCL FOR ANYTHING!!!
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