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  1. Dock 3 can take the Ecstacy with ease, and the drydock is going ahead dock 2 is gone picture was taken at the beginning of August when I was at the passenger terminal
  2. Not quite what happened is it? The oil level was within operating range, the rough seas caused enough surge in the oil tanks for the pick up to draw in air and drop the oil pressure sufficiently for the safety cut off to activate to prevent damage if the engine failed, they wouldn’t have got it to start again
  3. The bridge is torn apart for upgrading systems, radars stripped, gyro upgrades... I’m not entirely sure which actual bit transmits location, but we know when things are all off because the location map on the TV channel shows us just off the west coast of Africa where it narrows, no matter which yard we are in around the world... gps 0,0 is the default position
  4. AIS is lying, of that I can promise you scheduled for sea trials the 15th - 18th
  5. He’s busy trying to make sure people get to see the Sunrise, but you don’t do this for this long without receiving a lot of videos and pictures and information when things like this happen somewhere you spend 5-6 months of your life every year 😉
  6. Agree with that, it’s very possible the screens are due for upgrading in the long dry dock coming up, if it’s not cost effective to repair, they’ll go without
  7. The screens are modular panels and easily replaced, spares kept on board for failures. They’ll need stripping and the frame replaced / straightened, but it’s a day or two to strip down once the scaffold is up, and a good crew can cable and replace the panels again in one long day when needed
  8. Yes, it’s out of the dock and alongside the pier by the car park for the yard
  9. There’s two ramps up to the dock walls, one port and one starboard. There are also stairs down within the walls but they’re no use if the dock isn’t dry gangways from the ship to the dock wall were not usable on one side, so the only option was to use the exit and go under the crane. The walkways on the ramps are closed in and caged over head for safety / falling items on the newer dock 3, I honestly can’t recall for definite if they are or not on dock 2... I seem to think they are, will look back through some pictures
  10. That’s the old splendour of the seas, now a TUI ship I believe... was a long time ago that was in Cadiz
  11. The big dock in Cadiz is currently occupied with Carnival Triumph’s major refit / renaming works to become Sunrise, not scheduled to leave until the 15th for preliminary sea trials and may well have booked the dock longer incase sea trials reveal issues. So the delay may be the dock availability rather than the time needed to get there
  12. Dock 2 came from Portland Oregon I believe. There’s probably a way to find it’s history if you’re that interested
  13. Yeah I just checked, sorry, wrong change of clock direction... I’m tired (dry dock does that!)
  14. Bear in mind the clocks haven’t changed in the states yet, so they’re 6 hours behind UK on the east coast now
  15. Agreed, but how many years ago was that? How many ships in there since last time? How much weight lifted over and over on an antique structure? im not disputing they may well have lifted it the same amount. I’m saying to me it’s clear they put more weight that the dock bottom could cope with down the centre of it
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