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  1. October is my favorite time to sail. I sailed the western caribbean in 2016 and it was warm enough for t-shirt’s/tanks tops but we also had several rainy days. Last year I did an Eastern out of NYC and the weather was beautiful. However going back, the seas were rough and the outside decks were closed for the last day.
  2. One thing I was surprised about when I was in the studios last year was how many people were not traveling solo in them. I met a group of 3 friends traveling together where they all had booked studios. There were several people in the studios sailing the 2 large groups on the ship. I met an adult woman who’s parents had her in a studio while they had some privacy in a suite. Also they had some of the entertainers staying in the studios. I think that is at least part of the reason the solo participation rate may seem low.
  3. Yes there are. Check the daily for the time. When I was on the Jade in January we met in the Spinnaker Lounge. Although I thought it was weird the did not allow the solo coordinator to book dinner reservations for the solo travelers.
  4. I really enjoyed the water from fount on the Breakaway during my cruise on her last October. It was really relaxing to sit and watch the waves with some reading or my knitting. On my sea days I generally went to the water frount and stayed there until lunch- I went to Modernos lunch buffet and Ocean Blue on the waterfront-then went back to the watefrount. Also I liked spending some time in the studio lounge, but presumably you aren’t booking a studio.
  5. This season it worked out really well for me-I cruised near the beginning of the season and during the all star break. I missed nothing super important that way. I have cruised during conference finals and the beginning of the cup finals. Next year I might miss the beginning of playoffs on the cruise I am booking, but I guess I’ll just have to tivo the games that I miss.
  6. I was on her in Feburary. I really liked Spinnaker at the top and frount of the ship. I found the decor was really nice and modern. The buffet was strange because it was only on one side of the ship, it was nice though that the stations weren’t a long line, I found it improved traffic flow. If you walk all the way through the buffet they have a part covered and part open dining area with a bar- this is where I had my breakfast on seadays.
  7. I really enjoyed the studios when I was on the Breakaway in October. Imelda was our solo coordinator and she was great. The one thing I wasn’t crazy about was a lot of the solo rooms have connecting doors to another solo cabin and if your neighbor isn’t considerate it can be quite noisy.
  8. I brought a yeti with ice water off at harvest caye. There was no food sniffing dogs or inspections like some of the ports do, so you should be fine.
  9. I actually preferred Shakers on the waterfront, because Maltings had smoking. But Maltings always seemed busier and rowdier when I walked by. Shakers definitely had comfy chairs right next there, and I spent a lot of time there on my october cruise.
  10. imho they are similar in quality. I like the brunch options and the lunch options more on Carnival. But I thought the specialty dining was better on NCL vs Carnival. For mdr dinner I found there was no real winner between the 2, although when I sailed Carnival I thought there were more seafood options.
  11. A couple of years ago on our Star cruise out of Venice they changed the itinerary by taking one stop and one sea day away and adding 2 different ports. But that was maybe 8 months out.
  12. Never sailed on the bliss but I have sailed in the studios just a few cabins down from the lounge. It was not used a lot on my sailing except for the nightly solo meet up before dinner which was the only time the bar was open. When people were using it was generally for a quite activity like reading, crosswords, drinking some coffee or I worked on my knitting there. The only thing I would worry about is if you are across from the door into the studios (on the breakaway there were only 2 entrances per floor with key scanners into the solo hallway) the door might slam.
  13. Hey guitarcrazy, I would assume that the costco trip takes the ferry also. When we went the ferries were full of tour groups, with people from cruise ships and non-cruising tourists also. The NCL tour we went on had us on the tour for an hour/hour and a half then took us to the visitor center/museum and basically cut everyone lose and said there is ferry coming at this time or you can get in the one coming after that which the tour guide would take. None of the tour guides we saw gave tours of the museum. One thing that was nice was all the tour groups were using head sets so at least the guides weren’t shouting. I would definetly say don’t do it completely on your own because the ruins were very spread out and it would be easy to miss things you want to see.
  14. Are you planning on taking the ship’s excursion? I did not think it was worth the money at all and wish we had booked a private or smaller group excurion. The groups on the ships tour were so large and that it was difficult to see things. Our tour guide lost part of our group multiple times while people were filing though narrow areas. And we were just on the regular ferry to Delos, so it wasn’t like their tour made it so we had more time on the island.
  15. Yeah all of those are on Mykonos which isn’t the same island as Delos. There is a small snack bar on the island of Delos and that is it for food and water (water from the faucets isn’t potable) and when we went to Delos it was very, very busy. We brought water with us on Delos but were very hot and hungry by the time we got back on the ferry.
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