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    Suite letdown

    Wow, I didn't experience that on my trip in late July but will remember that for our March 2019 cruise. Until I'm out that morning, they should not be throwing stuff out. Crazy they thought you would leave when it's something essential like hot water missing for 2 days! And it was easily restored!
  2. boltnut55

    Milk Based Hot Chocolate

    You'd think w/all the hot chocolate I drank and watched him make, I'd remember clearly... it's all fuzzy, but I'm pretty sure it was heaping spoonful(s) of cocoa powder and steamed milk from that machine that makes a lot of noise, lol. I got that from the IC on the Grand at least 2x day. He looked up, saw me, and said, "okay, large hot chocolate, no foam." It is free with the unlimited soda and more card.
  3. It makes me crazy that I was on the Grand, got a massage, and just learned that I get an hour in the Sanctuary... and no one told me about it when I was there. I asked for a tour, asked about what other services/perks came with spending money at the spa, etc. If I knew about it, I might have booked. I'll be back on the Grand in March for Mexico instead of Alaska. Maybe I'll book a half day at embarkation...
  4. boltnut55


    On the Grand, there were a lot of books but many duplicates... It made me feel like someone who didn't know too much about books (like an avid reader) was stocking them because there wasn't a lot of variety. Usually there is mystery, romance, science fiction, non-fiction, crafts, etc. There were a bunch of tables maybe 12+, and people played puzzles. I did some watercoloring and did art in my Bible. :( I remember when I was a kid, and the library was open for 8+ hours every day and maybe closed on Sundays. A while ago, I noticed that on some days our library was open for 4 hours:o
  5. boltnut55

    Why did you decide to retire when you did?

    I say this to myself every time I return from a vacation!
  6. boltnut55

    Why did you decide to retire when you did?

    I'm looking forward to this! I will be retiring on October 1, 2021. It's the first day I'm eligible to retire (the first of the month after I turn 55 and have at least 10 years at the company). When I was about 50, I thought, "what if I get cold feet when I decide to retire? I mean, I would have no income and I will be using all the money!" Fast forward a couple of years and my job turns to mush... things I get complimented for a year ago are now nitpicked at for needing improvement; projects thrown at me out of the blue and then questioned why I'm not the subject matter expert; given a client group and projects that no one else wants (we've shopped them around) and then asked why I'm having problems w/my work; oh and a load more. THEN I start thinking, "when's the first day I can retire?" While things have improved a little bit, it's too late because I'm now looking forward to retirement, so I'm not going to change my mind about that. I would actually retire earlier except I discovered how great our company's retirement medical benefits were. For every year after 45, they put aside money for me and my husband. This money would supplement a percentage of our healthcare premiums each month... by the time I retire, that pot will be around $135K. If it wasn't for that, I would have quit about 6 months ago. My mom died when she was 62. She was hospitalized soon after she decided not to work anymore, received her first SS check about a month later, went into a coma about 2 weeks after that, and died a month after. I hope to have some years where I no longer work.
  7. I'd say if it's affordable for you to do it, definitely do it. We are the Oceanview, obstructed view people :') Thanks for sharing this. <3
  8. boltnut55


    LOL, this is sometimes what I think as well, whether here or elsewhere. I have a question... on the last day, I had my "make a difference" forms filled out and brought it to the dining room w/me with the purpose of bringing them to guest services afterwards. They were too small to fit in my purse and I didn't want to fold them (actually what might have happened was that I hadn't finished writing them, so they were next to me). When our large group was done w/thank yous, photos, hugs, extra tip, and all, we ended up leaving in a rush, and I left them at the table. I quickly went back to retrieve them, and my head waiter said that while he will turn them in for me, they were "meaningless" and reminded me to fill in the survey instead! :eek: I was always told by other staff that those are what gives them extra privileges, etc. Not that they would ever say it's better than money, but they seemed to really appreciate us filling out cards! And I spend time with sharing detail of why they went beyond the call, so I'm now confused/conflicted. Do I bother on the next cruise?
  9. boltnut55

    Soda drink tumblers

    On the Grand this late July, I bought the package from a random bar along. Then I found out my brother-in-law bought it from somewhere else and got the bottles of water for free. I went back to the bar to ask and was told that they only redeem the bottles of water when passengers give them a coupon, but they have no coupon to give me nor water to offer. I went to the customer service desk and was told essentially the same thing, but obviously that wasn't true because my BIL did get his water. Next time I'm buying it from the official guy manning a table instead. Yeah, it's only bottles of water, but (1) we could have used them, and (2) everyone should really know what they're talking about.
  10. boltnut55

    REVIEW: Grand Princess to Alaska

    Go back to the OP's original thread, and at the bottom, it'll say Expand Signature. Click that; it's the last one at the bottom.
  11. boltnut55

    REVIEW: Grand Princess to Alaska

    You can take a taxi from the dock and pay with credit card. I don't know exactly where you're going, but it was $9 (without tips) to Empress Hotel. For anyone who wants to walk, I'll say it's a good 20+ minute walk. When you walk to the port area, there are many "ambassadors" who will provide you with map and instructions, but I know you said you didn't want to walk. There were definitely pedicabs, but we also didn't use one.
  12. boltnut55

    Boarding Time !

    There is a paragraph about that on the last page of my very long receipt, but I don't know if it shows up anywhere else.
  13. boltnut55

    Grand san fran

    Great, thank you for the replies!
  14. boltnut55

    Grand Princess- Dry Dock Mar 2019?

    We are considering the 3/20 booking as well, so this is exciting... we got off 8/4 and felt it did need some sprucing up. "Tired" is a good word for it.
  15. boltnut55

    Grand san fran

    It turns out that we may be going back on the Grand again. This past trip, we followed the rules and got on the ship when our deck was supposed to (1:30? 2:00?), but it really threw me off schedule (also traveling w/15 people as well). This time, I'd like to get on by noon but was wondering... we are gold class:'), will they still let us on the ship early if we arrived at the port around 11:30? I see the responses of different classes or waiting inside the terminal, but I mean actually going through the lines and onto the ship. We'd be traveling w/someone in a wheelchair and someone w/a cane as well, so that might help? I'd like to eat at the MDR the first day to get settled down as well. Thanks.