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  1. Thanks for taking the time to post and for sharing your photos. Can't wait to see the changes to Oasis when we board in April. Until then I'll be enjoying reading this thread. 😀
  2. SF

    Is Hong Kong safe?

    mking8288: Thanks for the update. We'll be in Hong Kong next month so hoping things quiet down. Enjoy your cruise and safe travels. Your updates which have kept us informed have been greatly appreciated.
  3. SF

    Is Hong Kong safe?

    Will throw in some light long sleeves and a lined Fall jacket just in case.🧥
  4. SF

    Is Hong Kong safe?

    mking8288: Thanks for all the detailed information on how to get to the Big Buddha. As for weather how cold will it be there in the beginning of January? From your description it sounds like the temperature gets real cold. Guess we'll add scarves and gloves to the list.😁
  5. SF

    Is Hong Kong safe?

    mking8288: Thank you so much for your frequent updates and all the help you've provided for those of us visiting Hong Kong in the near future. We have decided to switch our hotel from Kowloon near the Tsim Sha Tsui area to one by HKIA. We decided to take the bus crossing the new bridge to see Macau and to visit the Big Buddha on another day. We do have a tour scheduled on a Friday but it all depends on how things are that day. Could you please tell me the best way to get to the Big Buddha from one of the hotels near HKIA. Also how far in advance do you think we need to purchase tickets? Is it better to just take a taxi to the top or go via cable car?
  6. That is the same tour company we are using so I guess we'll get in touch with them again and clarify.
  7. Has anyone had the experience of having to send copies of their passports when booking private tours with companies in Vietnam?
  8. Thank you for all the help and information.
  9. We will be staying near HKIA after departing our cruise so I believe it's near the HZMB so we figured it would be easier to just take the bus shuttle over the new bridge. Once we get off on the other side we are not sure if we should take the free shuttle to the Macau ferry area or the Taipa ferry area to catch the free shuttles to the hotels.
  10. mking8288: Quess we'll use the ATM at HKIA prior to leaving for the taxi. When we exit from the shuttle bus at Macau should we take the free bus to the Macau or Taipa ferry in order to get one of the free hotel shuttles? Are we better off going to Macau or Taipa ferry terminal?
  11. We were thinking of maybe The Venetian and some of the hotels nearby on the Cotai Strip.
  12. Appreciate the information. Glad to know we won't have a problem getting back to our hotel since we plan to return from Macau late in the evening. Yes, I have watched the videos showing the bus crossing from Hong Kong to Macau. Very useful information. From where you are dropped off is it best to take one of the free shuttles to the ferry port and then hop on one of the free shuttles to the main hotels from there? If so which ferry port is best in regards to buses to the main hotels? I believe there are two ferry ports nearby.
  13. We are thinking of taking the bus to Macau and are wondering upon our return to the Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities if there are taxis at night that could take us to our hotel which is nearby.
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