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  1. Neat seeing a flying fish up close. We see them all the time while on the ship but have never seen what they look like in hand.
  2. This is the Jade in Curacao on our Southern Caribbean cruise last year.
  3. So I know people do mock bookings to check for a price drop for OBC. Once the deck is sold out, does it ever open back up so there could be a drop or is there no need to bother with checking any longer?
  4. Great review so far. Will be watching for the rest. We sail on the Magic for the first time next year at this time.
  5. We love the Southern Caribbean and my wife is partial to Aruba so shes always in favor of any itinerary that includes it. But the Eastern you list has some great stops too.
  6. I thought I read you could opt out of the "free" prices and get a sailaway rate without all of that. Not sure what the price difference is.
  7. Last year on our cruise on the Jade, one of the "perks" was the wifi. My wife used it a couple times a day to do an update on Facebook and had no issues whatsoever. That was basically posting a diary of our day and pictures.
  8. We did Cosol Tours at St Lucia. One of the best we have ever been on.
  9. Agreed, it really comes down to.... the cruise lines should pay all of the staff properly and then let people recognize special, good service on their own. The crew has no recourse as they arent governed under US law so can pay whatever they want.
  10. I always leave ours on. I dont necessarily agree with it but just count it as part of my fare. That being said, those of you that get on here and slam people for considering removal, and call them all sorts of names, I hope that when you go to a nice restaurant, when you are done with your dinner, you go the the back of the house and hand out money to the dishwashers, cooks, people that launder the linens etc. If not you are being ultra hypocritical here. I worked for years as a dishwasher when I was younger and never once saw the tips given to the waitstaff divided up with me or the cook staff, prep staff etc.
  11. The Dawn was our first cruise ship experience, before the last refurb. I was really disappointed that she is leaving San Juan as we wanted to do that itinerary and sail on her again and that is our favorite sized ship as well. Not interested in the Epic, even before her issues last week!
  12. I hear you on the Fascination, but if I remember right reading your reviews, you have done that itinerary multiple times. We have only done it once and loved it. I never thought of looking at RCL. Will have to take a look at their itinerary. We went to the ABC islands last spring when our Jade itinerary was changed due to the hurricane hitting your area. Love them! Just a heads up, looking at RCL, for the next 16 hours they are having a sale on the southern itinerary our of PR, 60%off second guest.
  13. Guess we have decided to hold off as we aren't seeing much about the Epic that is screaming to us to book. Really wish they would leave the Dawn there. Either we switch itineraries or we may go back to the CCL Fascination itinerary.
  14. Great live review. Dawn was our first ever cruise, pre-drydock. We prefer that size ships over the new big ones but its getting hard to find the itineraries we want on the "smaller" ships. Love the itineraries out of Puerto Rico on both NCL and CCL. They are trading out the Dawn for the Epic in Puerto Rico next year so we decided to look elsewhere. As the poster above said, we aren't locked into a specific cruise line, we base our choice on itinerary and price, however, when its just the two of us, we do tend to lean toward NCL.
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