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  1. We will be on the Magic in April. Your experience with the pool is why we dislike larger ships but this one had the itinerary we wanted so we just wont be in the pool. Usually on sea days we spend it on Lido getting in and out of the pool to cool off. We were on the Breeze a few years back and the pools were cloudy due to all the people in them standing there like sardines washing off the sweat and sunscreen.
  2. Great writeup! We will be doing this itinerary in April. Our late night is in Curacao, wish it were like yours at Aruba but we will make the most of it! Yours is the second time Ive heard about having to be ready to debark at 6:30AM! I am not a morning person and hate to get up early on my vacations, then have to find something to do until we can check back into our motel. Not real convenient but oh well!
  3. Ive been seeing alot of posts about being able to do everything with documents on the app. Im going to follow this to see what your answers are as I tend to do most everything I can from my phone.
  4. Ive been watching a couple other threads on HMC as we will be there in April. Apparently you cannot reserve them online, only at the island when you get off the ship.
  5. We are on the same itinerary in April. Glad I found your review! Grand Turk and HMC are new for us. Have been to Aruba and Curacao multiple times.
  6. Some of the nicest beaches you will find anywhere. We did a quick tour last year just to see the rest of the island but beach will be our destination when we are there on the Magic in April.
  7. You mean on land? It must be a brand new thing because not once when I worked back of the house at a restaurant years ago, and not when two of my kids worked just a few years back.
  8. We never remove our "gratuities", we just consider them part of the fare.....but lets call them what they are, Service Charges, not tips, not gratuities. Ive never gone into a restaurant and handed out tips to the chef and dishwasher. Ive given it to my server. Ive also never given them a tip and said now make sure you share this with the chef, dishwasher oh, and person that cleans the dining room before you open. Years ago before I started my career I worked in a restaurant in the kitchen. Not once did I ever get a share of the waiter/waitresses tips. I also never saw them passed out to the head chef, sous chef for dessert person. If Carnival, or any other line, would pay their employees a proper wage then these "gratuities" could go away and people could tip those that directly give them a service over and above.
  9. Neat seeing a flying fish up close. We see them all the time while on the ship but have never seen what they look like in hand.
  10. This is the Jade in Curacao on our Southern Caribbean cruise last year.
  11. So I know people do mock bookings to check for a price drop for OBC. Once the deck is sold out, does it ever open back up so there could be a drop or is there no need to bother with checking any longer?
  12. Great review so far. Will be watching for the rest. We sail on the Magic for the first time next year at this time.
  13. We love the Southern Caribbean and my wife is partial to Aruba so shes always in favor of any itinerary that includes it. But the Eastern you list has some great stops too.
  14. I thought I read you could opt out of the "free" prices and get a sailaway rate without all of that. Not sure what the price difference is.
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